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Claws And Hooves


After her failure with the clones Chrysalis decides that she needs to learn more about the element bearers, Spike and Starlight before she comes up with her next plan. To bad for her no matter what disguise she picks it seems to be a mistake.

(Warning: There are a lot of sexual base humor in this but not the act it self.)

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All Chrysalis will think of is the Double D like an aphrodisiac waterfall.

Running gag: Spike nailing Chrysalis.


As much as I want to like this, it needs grammatical fixes in several places.

This is interesting for sure. I hope when she get to Rarity it turns out she has a thing for Dragons or being dominated by big strong creature at least that is what her toy gives off, that just so happen to be purple and green lol.

Chrysalis has been permanently marked by Spike which means she's now the property of Spike.

I wonder how Spike will take it if he ever finds out he lost his V card to Chrysalis.

This reminds me. I want a Starlight/Wonderbolts episode.

Chrysalis wants to do it again with Spike? She's been corrupted by double dragons.

So it seems those the doll and plushy are linked… and they screw through them :rainbowlaugh:

No, only the Rarity doll has that link


So...Spike's Rarity fucktoy is actually a voodoo doll Rarity uses so she can feel whatever horrible, awful things he does to it. Does he know that?

And can't she use one of his scales to make the Spike doll a voodoo doll?

The joke he doesn't and she can't

Tell me what you think of Spike wanting to date Gabby?

I'm not sure why you ask sense Gabby isn't in this story but I have no strong feelings about it one way or the other.

Just asking a question?

Pinkie knows.

Did I already said some things?

Probably just as well as Rarity if she finds out Chrysalis has been stealing her nightly (secret) booty calls.

Maybe she even gets to feed some love from this.
Or at least lust.

And now the big question:
Does this count as an happy ending?

Wow. I have mixed feelings of pity and humor in this.

Lookin like ya need an editor/proofreader, m8.

Normally when you're having conversation in text-form (in a story, anyway), every time a different person speaks you start a new paragraph. Doing otherwise can make it a little confusing despite actually saying who is speaking after the sentence.

I don't get it- the first chapter was very well done, and then after that it's like you had ideas for later chapters, but hired the Flim Flam brothers and then they put it through one of their machines with the quality turned off! Grammar issues in form of an incorrect word being chosen abound (spellcheck only helps so much, dude), and it feels so rushed that it's not fun anymore.

All part of the plan! :pinkiehappy:

Lol it will be funny when Spike start to realize for some reason the doll is getting bigger and bigger not knowing he has knocked up the former changling queen lol.

And that is how dragonfile was born...

Chrysalis is in it for more than just the bed.

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