• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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After a 26 hour train ride Gina arrived at Ponyville station with a camera and magical molding block guaranteed to make a prefect mold of any phallus put in it in her saddle bag. Energized on how easy and lucrative her job was going to be she didn't pay attention to the ponies walking around her as she fell forward from the force of a body ramming into her.

"Ow!" Gina said as she fell,

"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't see there."

Gina rubbed her head and looked up to see a turquoise green unicorn mare offering her hoof out to help her up. Gina took the hoof and rose to her claws. "It’s okay. I wasn't paying attention." Gina said as she took the unicorn hoof.

"Still I-Wow you have very nice claws. What kind moisturizer do you use?" asked the unicorn,
"What I really don't us-"

"Lyra, are you bothering creatures because of their hands again?"

Gina turned to see a cream colored earth pony with a purple and pink mare walk toward them.
""I'm sorry about whatever weirdness she caused. She just has a thing for hands and claws."

‘Another hand fetish? Why do so many ponies seem to have this kink? Then again maybe if had those weird hoof hands I would understand it.’ Gina thought as she looked down at her talons.

"Bon Bon I was just helping her up is all. I'm sorry about her. She just likes tease me. So what brings you to Ponyville?" said Lyra.

"Oh nothing much. I just have a business proposal that I would like to talk to the Prince about without the elements if possible." While she knew it was a long shot Gina had decided asking Spike to model would still be the best option. At least then she wouldn’t have to resort to breaking and entering and voyeurism.

"Spike? You want to talk to Spike without the elements? Good luck with that," spoke Lyra,

"You clearly don't know what you're getting into, the elements haven't left Spike out of their sight since he went through the molt," said Bon Bon.

"I have heard that, but I thought it was just exaggeration." Said Gina,

Bon Bon shook her head. "I'm afraid not, they are so worried that some mare will come and swept Spike off his feet before they can mark their claim they wouldn't let him leave the castle without one them with him at all times."

"Well can you really blame them? He cooks, he cleans, and he plays the piano, and you know what they say about a stallion that plays the piano." Lyra said while making some strange flicking motions with her hooves.

"If that’s the case why don't they just make a move then?" asked Gina,

Lyra shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows? But good luck with that. Now come on Bon Bon the triplets are spending the night with my dad,"

"Oh you," Bon Bon said while blushing.
Gina left the two and walked along the streets of Ponyville as she tried to decide what her next move would be. “I don't know why they are all fawning over the prince? I heard he grew but the last photo of him he was just a chubby whelp, and I don't think he could have change that much. Could he?’

"Spikey-Wikey don't forget the silk!" Hearing this Gina turned around to see the element of generosity coming out of a store.

"Well at least finding him didn’t take long didn't take long. Now all I have to do is follow them and talk to the little dragon as soon as-HOT DAMN!" Gina’s thoughts took a different turn as soon as she saw the purple dragon leaving the store. Instead of the small slightly chubby dragon she be expecting to see.

What emerged from the store was a creature measuring higher than even Princess Celestia. The chubby baby fat had given way to taught powerful muscles that put the finest stallion to shame. He sported an impressive set of leather wings that where each big enough to shelter a pony under.

Gina stared in awe as the muscular dragon walked behind the ivory pony carrying two large rolls of silk. His once small green fins and grown outward to the point they resembled a green slicked back mane. His biceps bulged and radiated as the sunlight glimmered off his scales as though they were made of crystal. "WOW, no wonder every creature wants to rut him."

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