• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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Cream Filled

After failing to get a photo of the dragon's scepter, but succeeding in getting one of the red rod, Gina walked back into town to think of a way to get what she came for. "Okay so panting him didn't work out. There has to be way to get his drakehood out." Gina spoke to herself as she walked through town.

"Come on Spike I need your special cream in my pie!" Gina stopped and turned around as quick as she could on hearing this. Walking down the street she saw both the dragon she was after and a short plump pink earth mare with a darker pink mane with yellow, orange, and blue streaks in it, and one of the biggest plots she ever seen.

"That butt is almost as big as Princess Celestia's. So he likes mares that are bottom heavy huh. I guess guys do like girls that remind them of their mother." Gina said to herself as she followed the pair.

Soon the two of them entered a building that reminded Gina of a grinder bread house. She tried to follow them inside only to find that the place was close. "Hmm. The Pink mare is obviously Ms. Pinkie Pie. The info said she worked at a bakery. I guess this is it. I wonder if I can get n though the backdoor. Which is probably what Spike wondering right now as well." Gina said she laughed at her own joke.

Sneaking around back Gina was about to pass a window when she heard voices from inside. "Oh Spike be careful. We wouldn't want to waste any of your delicious cream."

‘Are they doing it right here?’ Gina thought.

"Don't worry Pinkie when I'm done I will have filled your pie several times." Spike’s voice came from the room.

"They are doing it right here! If I can get a picture of them doing it I bet the boss will pay big time for it. Plus I can probably get that dick shot." Gina thought as she made her way to the window.

"That’s it Spike. Fill my pie with your thick cream, and please hurry I need to put some buns into my oven."

"Holy guano am I going to get photos of a new royal heir being made!? Forget Ms. Heat. The tabloids will pay millions for this!" Gina screamed in joy with in her own head.

"Don't worry Pinkie I'll put the buns in your oven, just as soon as I'm done filling you pie with my delicious cream."

Not wasting anytime Gina crabbed some nearby crates and scrambled up on top of them and took out her camera to the now at the window to take the million bit photo of Celestia's grandfoal being made.

Her camera and hopes immediately dropped as she did not see the rutting of a lifetime taking place, but instead a full clothed Pinkie and Spike baking in the kitchen.

"Ah come on!” screamed Gina in frustration. Gripping her camera in her claws to the point it began to crack Gina took a deep to calm her nerves. “Calm down Gina. This isn’t a total loss.

With a little bit of magic I can still get that photo." Waving her talons Gina cast the same spell as she earlier at Spike's pants. And just like before a bigger target to got right in the way.

Pinkie was shocked when she felt her pants and ponies suddenly rip themselves apart; exposing her bare bottom.

"I might need a wide angle lens for this." Gina said to herself as took a photo of the pink mare. Even if she had no use for it her boss might like it.

"Why does this keep happening to my pants! My booty isn't that big." Pinkie said as she looked down at her rear end.

"And I better get going before they notice the spell work." Gina said as she walked away.

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