• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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Seeing Rainbows

‘That was a close one. I’ve got to be a little more careful with my magic from now on.’ Gina thought as she walked down the street.

"My my. What is an exotic specimen like you doing in Ponyville of all places."

Gina turned to see a blue stallion with a white mane smiled at her and giving her bedroom eyes.
The stallion walked forward and bowed in front of her.

“Allow me to introduce myself. The name is Pinprick. The handsomest stud in this little town." The stallion said with an air of superiority to his voice.

"Uh I'm just here on a bit of business." Gina answered as she tried to sidestep the pompous pony.

"Business? That’s no fun. How about we turn that into pleasure?" Pinprick said moved close to Gina and whispered the last words in her ear.

A chill ran down Gina’s back as she showily backed away from the stallion. "Uh, thanks. But I really shouldn't. This is a very important job. No time to waste you know."

Pinprick slightly frowned but did loss lose his cheery attitude. "Come now I'm sure you will find I'm a master at making kitties purr."

Now becoming a bit frightened Gina wondered if it would be a good idea for her to simply end all pretenses at pleasantries and bolt.

"I don't think she’s interested Pinprick so why don't you just go bother someone else."

Gina and Pinprick looked behind and above at the source of the voice causing to find the element of loyalty herself Rainbow Dash hovering above them.

"Now Dash I'm just enjoying the sight of feminine beauty. I know a gelding like yourself can't understand that but for real stallions it’s irresistible." The smug stallion said

"Gelding?!” shouted Dash. “For the last time you slimeball I'm a mare!"

"With a body like that? Who do you think you're fooling? Now where were we my rare-hey, where did she go?" Pinprick Said as he look around for the demigryph that was no longer there

Gina by now was a good three house lengths away from the pompous stallion. Having slipped away under the cover of the crowd that had gathered to see the ponies argue and now hid in an ally. "Wow what a creep, glad Rainbow Dash showed up. Although, I wonder if she knows where that Spike is?" Gina said to herself.

Gina watched as the blue mare left the blue unicorn in a huff and intended to follow her until she heard Rainbow Dash shout.

"Hey Spike!"

Gina stopped where was and looked in the directing Dash had been flying to see her target walking down the street toward Dash wearing some kind of workout uniform.

“Well that was easy,” commented Gina. Too far away to zoom in enough Gina walked until she was within earshot of the two’s conversation. As she did she noticed Prinpric nearby looking around. Likely still looking for her. She did her best to blend in with the crowd and make sure he didn’t spot her.

"So are you finally ready to really learn how to use those wings dragon boy!" Dash said as she hovered above the ground in order to be able to look the giant drake in the eyes.

Spike frowned. Clearing not anticipating whatever was coming next. "I still can't believe you talked me into training with you. Can we at least take it easy at first?"

Dash smiled and patted Spike in his head as though he were still the child he was before his molt. "Ahh, is the big strong dragon scared that the little mare is too much for him?"

Gina thought about trying her cloths destroying spell again while Spike was distracted but hesitated. It was one thing to strip the dragon while he was working in a field viewed only by a few teen girls, or in a bakery where he was alone with only a single lifelong friend. But to do so out here. Out in the open street. He poor dragon would be humiliated.

‘Then again. I shot of the Prince naked out in the public square might be worth more then him having private sex.’ The griffon in her stirred at the thought of all that gold and she made her decision. Airing on the side of caution she looked around till she found Pinkprick and did her best to stealthily place herself behind him. ‘At least this time I have a scapegoat if I miss,’ she thought, then weaved her claws and fired her spell for a third time.

Getting her camera ready in one talon and her spell ready in the other, making so no one was looking Gina jump behind Pinprick just long enough to fire spell off. Making it look like the unicorn stallion cast the spell as backed up into the crowd.

She watched as the spell flew through air like an arrow, aimed straight for the dragon’s crotch. She held her breath at what seemed to one of her most accurate shots ever and began zooming in on Spike’s crotch. Knowing she would only have seconds before he covered himself.

Once again her hopes were dashed as the small Pegasus mare stopped her hovering and landed in front of the dragon and right in the path of her spell.

Due to the size different spell hit Rainbow Dash right in the back and caused her shirt to fall apart in a flash.

"WHAT THE TARTARUS!? Rainbow Dash screamed as she covered her flat chest with her hooves.

"RAINBOW DASH!" The now red face dragon screamed as he used one of his large wings to wrap the much smaller pony in it, covering all but her head.

"Why are you bothering with that? No pony wants to see a topless gelding." Pinprick shouted out while laughing

"OH SH-"

That was all Rainbow Dash and Pinprick had time say as Spike with Rainbow still in his wing took a running punch at the blue unicorn. There was an audible crack as the blue unicorn stallion was send flying down the road only stopping when he hit a building, and only just barely at that.

"DON'T YOU EVER TALK TO HER LIKE THAT AGAIN!" Spike roared, "Come on Dash, let’s get you a new shirt now that that jerk is taken care of."

Gina watched as Dash and Spike walked off and turned her attention back to the unconscious unicorn. Creepy or not she felt a twinge of guilt at having caused the unicorn such an injury for something he didn’t actually do. Pushing her guilt aside she she rushed off after her target in order to both follow and eavesdrop on them.

"...Spike are feeling sweaty, hot, or tingling at all?" The blushing mare asked

Spike raised an eyebrow but shook his head. "No, why?"

"Damn it! When is that stupid h-I mean no reason but if you do feel like that, like at all just let me know ok," Rainbow Dash responded back.

"Well this may not be the shot I wanted, but a picture of Prince Spike the brave and powerful defending his, well one of his mare’s honor should still get me something. ‘Strange though. It sounded like Rainbow had asked pike if he was in heat? But males don't go through heat. I mean, pony and griffon males don’t anyway. Do dragons?‘

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