• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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The Big Show

Gina ran at top speed to try to keep up with the flying Spike.

After her missed spell with Fluttershy she had been so taken aback by the yellow ponies willingness to stay naked she had spent rest of Spike’s visit focusing on getting as many erotic shots off the yellow Pegasus as she could rather than undress Spike again. By the time she realized her mistake Spike was saying goodbye and preparing to fly off.

"My boss is going to kill me! Then again, these are some good pictures, especially sense she kept lifting her tail for Princess Celestia’s literal gift to females. Seriously why didn't they rut!?" Gina asked herself as she ran.

Lucky she didn't have to run far as she saw Spike landing by some old wagon. Panting Gina got near the wagon while doing her best to remain hidden.

From her position she saw Spike talking to two mares. One was a light purple pink unicorn with a dark purple mane with light blue steaks and wearing a show filly outfit. The other was a blue unicorn with a lighter blue mane. She was also wearing a show girl outfit but wore it better thanks to her more shapely body, along with wearing a wizard cape and hat.

"Is he seeing strippers? Wait a minute I know them, those are the two ponies that rescued everyone from Queen Chrysalis. What were their names again, and why are they dressed like that?"

Gina strained her ear to hear what the group was discussing.

"And then I'll throw the smoke ball and the crowd goes wild!" said the blue mare.

Spike smiled and nodded. "This sounds like it is going to be a great show Trixie. I can't wait to see it."

Trixie grinned and lowered her eyelids as she slid close to Spike. "In that case. How about I give you a private show then?" She practically purred.

"Trixie!" The purple mare said as she slapped Trixie's plot, making it jiggle a little

Trixie turned and frowned at the purple pony as she played innocent. "What? I was just saying we could do the show right here for Spike.” Her sly grin then returned. “Maybe have him join in?"

"Do I have to wear one of those outfits?" Spike asked jokingly

Trixie’s face lit up with a perverse grin. "Now there’s an idea. In fact why don't I help you get dress?"

"Trixie!" Starlight yelled, and added another slap to her backside

Trixie turned back to Starlight with a frown as she rubbed her slightly red hunches."I was just joking…maybe."

"Shame, I could have used the help." Gina thought.

"Anyway let’s get the show started!" Trixie said as she threw a smoke bomb and disappeared. Only to reappear on stage next to a box.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon with her lovely assistant Starlight Glimmer are here to amaze and wow you with our great and powerful act!" Trixie shouted, "And for our first trick we need a volunteer. Any takers?"

Spike smiled and raised his hand. "I guess that would be me."

"Well it if isn't The Brave And Powerful Prince Kenbroath Gilspotten Heathspike Solaris. First Son Of House Alicorn, Child Of The Sun, Spawn Of Chaos, Slayer Of The King Of Fear, Savior Of The Crystal Empire, Hero Of The Great Cockatrice Battle, Former Dragon Lord, Router Of The Changeling Swarm, Peace Maker Between The Yaks And Dragons, First Diplomat To The Dragon Lands, First Diplomat To The Changeling Hive, Cleaner Of Dragon Names, Assistant To The Elements Of Harmony, and Number One Assistant To The Princess Of Friendship and most handsome stud in Ponyville who Trixie would just love to take to her wagon an-"

Starlight slapped a hoof over Trixie’s mouth before Trixie could finish her sentence. Knowing full well what would happen if Trixie acted so brazenly perverse around the young prince. She also slap Trixie's backside before she could finish.

Spike blushed and rubbed the back of his neck in discomfort. "Was the full name and titles really necessary?" He wasn’t really a fan of ponies pointing out his lineage or accomplishments. It wasn’t that he wasn’t proud of all he had done. It was just he preferred to be judged on who he was rather then what he had done or who his parents were.

"Yes,” stated Trixie. “Now if you would kindly get into this box?" she said as a box appeared in front of him a puff of blue smoke.

"I know this trick. Spike is going to get in the box and then he’ll appear on stage in other box next to the blue unicorn” thought Gina. “This is perfect. Once he in that box I can make his clothes disappear then when the trick is over Spike will appear out of the box practically fully nude. It will be the perfect shot." Gina thought with a smile. As Spike entered the box Gina got her spell ready and fired it as soon as she saw an opening. As the spell flew through the air she grabbed her camera and zoomed in on the box.

"Now behold The Great And Powerful Trixie’s great and powerful trick!" Trick shouted as she pointed to a box in front of the stage which opened…revealing a fully clothed Spike.

"And who in the other box you are asking? Well it’s none other than my…” Trixie blinked as Starlight appeared from inside the box in front of the audience fully nude. “Starlight I thought you said we couldn’t do this type of show for Spike yet?!"

Starlight blinked and looked down at her nude body. Seeing herself completely naked Starlight let out a shreak and ducked back into the box as fast she could, but not fast enough to avoid Gina's camera.

"Well that didn't work, I guess mixing spells with slight of hand get weird results." Gina said

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