• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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In the fields

After getting a few new, very expensive bras from Rarity, damn designer prices, Gina raced out of the Boutique. Now she really needed to get that picture of she was going to have to tighten her belt a lot this month. She asked the first pony she saw which way it was to Applejack’s and raced there as fast as she could. She hoped that she might be able to catch up to the dragon on the secluded road before he arrived at the farm.

"How am I even going to ask him to model for us? It isn't like I can say ‘HEY DROP YOUR PANTS. He doesn't need any money so a cut of the sales won't work. Maybe I should try being sneaky about this, but that would only get me the photo, how can I get the mold?" Gina spoke out loud to herself as she tried to figure out a plan for getting what she needed.

Suddenly she a couple of teenage mares running by her.

"Come on! We got to hurry!" A pink one said.

"I'm trying!" A little silver one said

"Where they going?" Gina said as she started to follow the two mares, making sure they didn't see her.

Maintaining a safe distance Gina watched as the two teens joined a group of other teenage all mares, as they were staring at something in the fields. "what are they sharing a-‘OH SWEET MOMMA BEEF CAKES’ Gina screamed in her head as she saw what the teens were ogling.

Just on the other side of a small fence the girls were all leaning against was the dragon she had been searching for. Only said dragon was again without his shirt as he carried large bags alongside an also shirtless bright red stallion.

Said stallion while dwarf by the starodon drake was far more muscular, and still tall by pony standards. It was clear even from the distance she was at that the stallions bulging biceps, washboard abs, and thick thighs were not the result of simple puberty. They were the result of years of hard muscle toning manual labor.

Gina felt her body heat shot through the roof and had to cross her legs as she bathed in the sight of what had to be the two more gorgeous males in Ponyville, if not Equestria, sweeting and working shirtless out in the open. The scene was only enhanced by the fact both were wearing thick workers gloves. Giving a true man at work feel.

"No wonder those fillies were in a hurry." Gina thought as she looked at the filles. All were leaning as far over as they could and while all she could see was the back of their heads it was clear by the fact some had their legs cross likes a few had their hands in awkward places that there were all even more excited than she was

Suddenly a tall muscular and bottom heavy orange mare with a blond mane with red and pink streaks marched up to the teens. "What did I tell ya youngins about watchin my brother and my dragon."

Gina recognized the mare as Applejack and did her best to hide behind a nearby tree. She had studied up on both her target and his guardians on the train ride over and her info said the orange mare was the most likely to get physical when being protective.

The teens all turned and did their best to look innocent. Some whipped droll from their mouths while others quickly put there hands in their pockets.

"But Ms.Apple we were just enjoying the sights." The pink teen said in what sounded like an almost rehearsed innocent voice.

"If we agree to only watch your brother and not your coltfriend can we stay?" A grey unicorn asked.

"Really? You’re going to scold them for ogling over beef cake like that , that are just sitting out like that. You can't get mad at them for having good taste. In fact I think I know a spell that can somewhat help me out and give these fillies a little show." Gina thought as she held up her talon, Gina, like all demigryhs, could cast spell’s like unicorns. Of course unicorns just used their horns to focus their magic. While deingryh’s had to use talon to perform complex gestures and hand signs to do it.

"Just got to aim this right and down goes the pants out comes my paycheck!" Gina thought as took aim and release the spell right at Spike who was completely oblivious to what was going on around him. Of course so was the red stallion who walked right in front of her spell at the worst possible time, or best if you were one of the teen fillies watching it happen.

"WHAT JUST HAPPEN!" The red stallion screamed as his pants and underwear ripped apart.

"Big mac what-OH CELESTIA COVER YOUR SHAME!" Applejack screamed as she tried to cover her face with her hat.

"Oh he doesn't have anything to be ashamed of!" The grey earth mare screamed as all eyes went wide and the girls went back to leaning as far over the fence as they could.

"I agree but I don't think I’ll get paid for this." Gina thought as she took a quick photo.
Spike frowned. He had lived with Twilight long enough to know random magic when he saw it.

"That had to be a spell. Who cast it!" he said, as he glared at the group of girls. The 4 unicorns present all turned white as their eyes widened.

"Uh-Oh. I better get out of here before they find me. I don't think that muscular mare will like the fact I stripped her brother naked. Or the fact I was aiming for her dragonfriend." With only a new picture for her personal private collection Gina was forced to retreat from her mission.

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