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Claws And Hooves


Gina is a demigryh, a tribe of wingless griffon, working for Diamond Heat the owner of the biggest manufacturer of adult goods in The Crystal Empire, and all seems to be going fine for her. Until her boss sends her out on a mission to get a mold of The Crystal Empire number one bachelor Spike The Dragon so they can flood the market with dragon dildos.

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Maybe it possible that Lord ember might want to get with spike too?? Could be interesting/funny to see how the girls fight over spike from a strong dragoness

Since Prince Spike is considered as her 'younger brother', is it safe to assume that Cadence is like a daughter to Celestia as opposed to her niece? Or does that still work, and it's implied that Sunset Shimmer could be considered as Celestia's daughter in the same way that she and Discord call Spike their prince and their son?

...BTW, I love CelesiCord/DisLestia, especially where it's implying that Spike is the result of one of their countless trysts....Come to think of it, it works so well that it's a surprised that they didn't officially make it canon that Discord and Celestia could (or maybe still do....hehehe) had a bit of a relationship in the past. That's just me though.

Also, it seems to me that I'm assuming that English is not your native tongue, but you doing fine. To really polish this though and make it shine, it needs an editor, or at least another set of eyes to go over with. The story is basic, you've got the plot and reason for it, but there needs to bit of depth in my opinion. For example, we get that Gina wants to get a model of Spike genetalia for her boss, but it's harder than just going to Spike and saying "we need a model of your penis to make adult toys of you". In fact, there are probably seven reasons it's not gonna be that easy--eight if you include Princess Cadence. But there has to be more than just that. What if Gina starts to have feeling for Spike other than just a celebrity or a prince? Make it worthwhile to come back and be looking for it. I'm sure that you will have more for it as it turns out,.

"Thank you Spikey-Wikey for all getting that. Now come we have a few other things to get before I open the boutique today." Said the white union mare who mostly purple mane and tail had streaks of blue, yellow, and a different shade of purple.

Now, THIS is new. I haven't seem much, if ANY, of the Mane 6 or Spike in Rainbow Power colors, but right there, you have described Rarity with her mane, that seems to be her Rainbow Mane , like this:

If that is the case, I really hope that the rest of the mare are in there Rainbow Power manes as well!! Also, since Spike has the wings now, I think it would be pretty cool to see him as Rainbow-fied as well...

Just an opinion...:twilightsmile:

Anthro means that the animals have human characteristics, like a female only has one pair of breasts and they are on the upper torso of the body--which explains why bras are there. Gina is not supposed to have three pairs of breasts.

I honestly think you may have forgotten that this is an Anthro story. You need to look at that again...

You need a proof reader and editor to help with the text, that’s the main issue.

Gina....I know you are trying to do your job/assignment, and you are aware that Spike's a very hot commodity---any puns not intended.

However, I have an idea....WHY DON'T YOU ACTUALLY ASK HIM??!!!?! I have a feeling that by the time this story make to it's conclusion, we are gonna discover that Spike is willing to agree to Gina's request to make a model of his 'equipment'...

Also, I'm starting to think that the whole 'the Mane 6 and Cadence are really protective' bit may be a bit exaggerated.

Off topic, does everyone on here have their clothing based on Rainbow Power or no, because near the beginning, it really seem that you were describing Spike's main mares--The Mane 6--as anthroptized as well as have Rainbow Power colors and manes (Personally I wish there should be more stories that have the Rainbow Power addressed, but that's just me)... But now it seems you are describing them as regular characters. So which is it?? If you are not familiar with it, by all means go to Derpibooru and type in "Rainbow Power", and you will see what I'm referring to.

Only the mane six has the rainbow power manes


First, wow, you responded quickly!! Secondly, thanks for confirming that, I was going through the previous chapters and it did confirm they are all rainbowfied, I just had to get a quick reminder of what they look like in Rainbow Power mode. You got the descriptions well..

Probably a good idea to reread these after they release, my editor seems to only be able to get to them after they been publish

Spikes gonna give Gina the mold, isn't he? For a price though...Gina goons be spike's first if spike hasn't smashed already...

EDIT: I honestly think that is gonna be the case where Spike helps Gina. Either that, or Spike's gonna go off on the Mane 6 for being so 'protective' for Spike. (edited as of 11/6/2018 10.00 AM EST). I think that Spike is surprisingly gonna go easy on Gina because that is his nature--and proven (in his mind anyway) how ironically unfriendly his friends can be to others when it comes to love/lust, and in his own way, Spike going all the way with Gina could be his way of teaching the girls a bit of a lesson.

Of course, there is still gonna be the point where Cadence find out what has been occurring, but I'm more interested in seeing how Princess Celestia and Lord Discord (Spike's parents, for all of you that were tracking) react to this. I could see them being a bit trollish and actually join Spike in an exclusive Royal collection set--adult toys based on Celestia, Discord, and Spike together. I bet that could be a HUGE moneymaking hit for Gina--even enough to possible start her own buisness perhaps?? :trollestia:

I actually have the last chapter don, I'm just waiting to hear back from the editor on it

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