• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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The Napping

After a few more failures to get Spike naked at the magic show Gina yet again didn't get a crotch shot of Spike. Though she did get a naked photo of Trixie.

"How did all her clothes come off with that bottomless handkerchief trick? I know she pulled them out of her cleavage but I'm not sure if my spell tired her clothes to the end of that chain or not." Gina pondered to her as she once again found herself running as a flying Spike.

Gina huffed and puffed as Spike approached the castle of friendship. “After…this trip…I don’t…think…I’ll ever have to go to the gym again.”

As Spike landed Gina managed to find some to hide in bush’s and got ready to cast another spell. ‘I just hope the Princess doesn’t come to the door to fast. I need to get that photo before he gets inside. No way will I be able to get it once he’s inside the castle.’

Gina’s bad luck held as she before she could fire the castle door opened and Princess Twilight stepped out. Gina immediately put out her spell. She Gina dare not cast it around Twilight Sparkle the alicorn of friendship and element of magic.

Gina took one look at the Princess and couldn't help but compare her to the other adult alicorns. Princess Celestia was giant, easily twice as big as any stallion and the very ideal of feminine beauty. With her giant breasts and her huge ass that came with huge hips, thicc thighs and perfect legs. Not to mention her huge bottom breasts which while not as big as the top ones but were still huge, with just the right amount of chub. Combine that with her rainbow color ever flowing sparkling ethereal mane and tail, sparkling rainbow feathers, extremely long horn, and large soft feather wings. Her body was truly that of a fertility goddess.

Then there was Princess Luna. While not as big as her older sister in either height or thickness she had the body of a god of the hunt. Toned legs and chest, washboard abs, large firm breasts. Hers was the body of a warrior. And even with her shorter statue she still towered over any normal sized pony.

Then there was Princess Cadence who was smaller then the alicorn sisters but being as big as a tall stallion and was a perfect middle ground of the two sisters. Where Celestia was the manifestation of old world beauty, Cadence was the manifestation of new beauty. She may have lacked the ethereal flowing mane of the two other alicorns but her multi-color hair and feathers still sparkled like theirs.

Twilight was far different from all three. While her longer than average horn and wings where and obvious marker of her alicorn status, the rest of her was not. She was barely taller than a normal mare and had a build that was best described as average even with her mane that was dark purple with steaks of yellow, a different shade of purple and another shade of purple with feathers that match her mane. She was largely plain looking really, of course Gina saw photos of her back when she was a unicorn and Gina could tell she did grow some and got a little bigger in other areas as well but it wasn't by much. It made Gina wonder what the alicorn sisters looked like thousands of years ago when they were earth ponies.

"And I'll be back soon, enjoy your nap Spike." Twilight said before she teleport away, which was follow by Spike entering the castle.

"Twilight is leaving? That means Spike is all alone in the castle?! Without any of those other mares nearby!” “I don't believe it, this is my chance!" Gina screamed in joy as she jumped and briefly popped out of her hiding place. Realzing her mistake Gina slapped her claws over her mouth and looked around to make sure no creature had seen or heard her. Once she was sure the coast was clear she quietly snuck toward the door and entered the unlocked castle. “You would think a royal castle would have better security.”

Gina quickly decided that if Spike was taking a nap he must have gone to his room, and that the bed rooms must be on one of the higher floors of the castle. After going through a few dozen rooms, including one that had a lot of kites in it, Gina found a bedroom door that was wide open; a bedroom with a large bed and a large purple sleeping dragon on it.

Gina’s eyes went wise excitement ran through her. "I don't believe it, he’s just right there. Fast asleep with no creatures around to get in the way. I can get the photo and the mold at at the same time!" Gina squealed said with a huge smile.

Doing her best to temper her excitement Gina pulled out the mold clay from her bag and carefully and quietly approached the sleeping dragon. With the mold in one talon and garbing the blanket in the other, she slowing started to remove it stopping to look at his plantigrade legs; which she found odd as she always thought dragons had digitigrade legs like griffons.

Gina shook her head. "Enough playing around. Let’s see that dragon." Gina pulled off the blanket in on motion and her eyes went wide. "Holy guano! He has two?! And they’re so pointy and so, so, big." Gina looked down at the mold in her talon and then back at the twin dragons. "I'm going to need a bigger mold for both of those." Gina said as she grabbed her hanging camera from around her neck and quickly took a photo of the twin dragons.

"Well let’s see if can get one of these big boys to fit." Gina said as placed her camera in her bag so it wouldn’t get in the way and reached out with the mold. However her talons were stopped she as they became covered in a magical.

Gina started to panic she found herself being lifted into the air and pulled out of the room in a flash. Once outside she was spun around and came face to face with seven angry mares and a rage filled alicorn.

"Every sense Cadence warned us about some prev coming out to get a mold of our dragon we have been looking all over for some crystal pony trying get into his pants! But instead we found you trying mold him in his sleep!"

Gina felt her blood run cold and she began to shiver. The pony in front of her had defeated nearly half a dozen god like bearings, and now her full wrath was directed at her. "I can explain everything!"

"Start talking NOW!" The alicorn screamed and burst into flames.

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