• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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New Problem

Gina watched silently as the tall well-muscled purple dragon easily carried the rolls of silk that had to be at least as big as she was.

"Dragon puberty does a body good," she thought as she drank in the sight in front of her.

"Thank you Spikey-Wikey for getting all that. Now come we have a few other things to get before I open the boutique today," said the white union mare who mostly purple mane and tail had streaks of blue, yellow, and a different shade of purple.

"No problem Rarity." Spoke the strapping dragon in a deep voice.

"Wow, even his voice is dreamy.” Gin furiously shook her head to get herself out of her daydreaming. “No. I need to focus. I have to get that cock.” Gina blushed, realizing what her words sounded like. “For the boss, I have to get that cock for the boss so I can get paid. But there is no way that mare is going to let me anywhere near that tall drink of water’s crotch.”

Gina frowned and considered her options. “Maybe if I'm stealthy I can follow them and wait until he is all alone to get my talons on that....paycheck."

As Rarity and Spike walked off Gina tried following them without being noticed. Which despite being the only bright pink demigryph in a town full of ponies worked surprisingly well. Probably because her targets were busy talking about something she couldn't really make out to well. Finally they stopped in front of some store and started to head in before they and Gina heard somepony calling their names.

"Hey Rares hold up I need to talk to you!" Gina look up to see a blue pegasus mare with a rainbow mane, tail, and wings and wearing some kind of running outfit flying toward the two.

Gina at first thought that the pony was a filly with how small she was, and how flat both her backside and front side was. But after a second she realized it was the element loyalty.

‘I know pegasus mares are normally small and not well endowed but I didn't think a grown one could be that small,’ Gina thought as try to get a little closer so she could hear them.

"Do make it quick darling I have to open up my boutique soon." Said Rarity

"Hey Rarity I'm going to run it and get the stuff while you two talk." Said Spike

"Thank you Spike-Wikey." Said Rarity as the stratodon drake walked into the store. Gina couldn't help but notice that both Rainbow Dash and Rarity seemed to be watching him walk into the store.

"So what do want to talk Dash?" Ask Rarity.

"I was just with Twilight when she got this message from Cadence. Get this, that business that makes those Spike toys is sending somepony out to get model of him." Said Rainbow Dash

"Which business darling there are about a dozen different ones that I know of that make toys of our dear Spike." Asked Rarity, and as soon as see did Gina saw the blue mare start to turn red as her wings move up a little.

"You know the ones that make the naughty things that go in your, you know your cookie." The now red face mare said nervously.

"Cookie? Darling what are you-OH you mean vagina. Darling we really need to work on this shyness of talking about se-Wait, what do you mean that business is trying to get a model of Spike?" shouted Rarity.

"Well they what to get a model of his, you know weewee, to make naughty things." The glowing red Rainbow barely said.

"They're trying to get a model of our dragon’s dick to make dildos from!" The marshmallow pony almost screamed.

‘Damn it! How did they find out. Also weewee and cookie? What’s up with that mare?’ Thought Gina.

"It’s true, one of those spies Cadence has working there found out about it, but they don't know who they sent over here to get it." Spoke Rainbow Dash.

Gina blinked. ‘We have spies? I guess Ms. overprotective big sister princess wanted to keep an eye on us. Great this is going to make my job harder and not in the fun way.’ thought the pink griffon.

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