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Some part of me sees Aqua Star hanging herself with a noose. Whilst pregnant, because hormones'll run wild and cloud her judgement.

Oh hoo, that's dark. :P Never really thought of that myself. I went with the 'Too scared to disobey' mindset, but hey, who knows what happens next?

8822825 Well, you're speaking to an edgelord here, and one who's delved into the dark, DARK shit.

And now I pictured her trying to hang herself, but one of the guys finds her. Instead of cutting her down, he uses magic to give her just enough support to keep her alive and choking.

"See, honey? You're not getting out of things this easy! Promise to be a good girl and maybe I'll cut you down... sooner."

You guys are dark... I think I'm gonna like it here >:)

8823223 Were that to fail? A scalpel, to both herself and the unwanted child. That can end them both instantly, with just one cut after all.

I think I'm going to like you here!

Oooooooooohh Myyyyyyy

It was barely okay.
But I read it...

That would probably be after ensuring no the of stalking and gradually breaking down. When she reached the point of thinking it's the only way out.

Then he/his friends prove it isn't.


I think she'd actually have a much harder time doing that, simply because of the more active nature of it, and having to overcome the fact that it's a direct act of violence against her foal. Possible, but less likely while she's pregnant.

After, who knows.

Incidentally - a few thoughts on her attacker. This isn't his first rodeo; too well prepared, too well practiced. I suspect Sandy may be the very literal result of this happening before.

I also suspect her mother's dead, and that this is the MF'ers idea of dating/courtship.

Wondering if he's actually in business legitimately, or just a well-paid procurer for a larger trafficking ring taking on a "personal project."

8906274 The whole trafficking ring thing would make sense, as the twatwaffle has a plethora of "friends" to keep Aqua in line.

And yeah, he does have experience, that much I'll give him.

Does he?

He *says* he has friends.

She *thinks* he has friends.

We don't *know* he has friends.

What we know is that he poses as a businesspony, but has enough time to stalk a random mare. He has apparent money, and is exceedingly comfortable doing this, but doesn't present with a lot of the usual airs of wealthy Equestrians.

Which is where my theory comes in, that he does a lot of this professionally. He's half a step shy of being a serial killer, comfortable in both high society where his contacts and customers dwell and the slums where his prey do. A lot like Mark Dutroux from Belgium.

8906753 Which would also make sense.

Incidentally, not sure if you're planning to do anything more with this, but if you don't, would you object if I let any nibbles on my hindbrain keep going and work on an unofficial sequel? (See above for the fucked up shit that would be likely to develop out of *that* mistake!)

I will say this. I'm surprised you folks are still here talking about this story. Makes me happy knowing I put something lasting together :)

I have actually been writing a sequel and it's currently 2 and a half chapters long. I haven't made it public yet because it's unfinished and those first two chapters are all story development for Aqua and her attacker. I have the whole story in my head, what's going to happen, who else is going to play a part in Aqua's future. but darn it, I just so caught up in other projects that I just haven't had the time. I managed to complete two projects today that have been overdue for about two months so, go me! But I have two more important things to do. That can be done in a single day.

Honestly, I'd love to see what you would come up with, but I'd hate for you to do all that and find out that I'm just going to wreck it with my own. I mean, you guys did give me an idea with the whole noose thing, but that wasn't going to come until much later. What I'm worried about is the whole focusing more on the story than the clop. I'd hate to disappoint people but I will make sure that there will be plenty of that stuff in regular chapters ;) I just need to get to it. And I promise. It's coming.

Don't worry about it, I've got an abusive relationship for Rarity that's less theatrically fucked up on tap as is.

Poor Aqua...:fluttershysad:.

And holy HAY what a twist that was:rainbowderp:!

I enjoyed this story quite a bit. Kudos!

More! I want a sequel.

Also I like your profile pic.

Thank you. :) I was working on a squeal and so far I'm halfway into chapter 3 of it, but life is just draining, with work and other projects, I just can't find the energy. Maybe one day soon I can get it together and put it out there.

Is there a source for the cover art or is just made for the fic?

I'm still hoping this gets a sequel story.

I'm really glad to hear that there's still people asking for it :) and it's still a work in progress. I just need to get more free time to get back to it. Ugh, if only my job didn't take up so much of my time.

Actually there is a source for the pic on inkbunny.net Just Search for Aqua Star (must be logged in to see the Explicit art) and you'll see the drawing I made. I made the picture "Aqua Star's Nightmare" before I wrote this story and that picture is unrelated to this story. However you might see "Aqua's New Lord" and you'll see what our stallion in this story looks like. ;)

I look forward to the sequel. And hey if you like it then you should put a ring on it. It being the unicorn's horn. :raritywink:

Contains Rape, Non-Con

...aren't these two things pretty much synonymous?

Harder daddy

Depends on if its rape fantasy/rape play stuff. Some folks rp that scenario.

Well, that's not really non-con, is it? The BDSM community has the term metaconsent for that sort of thing.

Thanks :) Be sure to check out the sequel too, if you'd like to learn what happens next ;)

Wonderful; I happen to have a soft spot for non-con, and this is brilliant.

There should be more non-con stories, both pony and human; I'm of the opinion that having access to well-written non-con (and lolicon) stories lets people relax some of their more primal fetishes without harming anyone, and it's that last bit ("without harming anyone") that should be important. Similar to how having access to violent games can help reduce the likelihood of a person prone to violence actually going out and bashing someone up.
I've heard this referred to as being 'utilitarian', but it's honestly what I think.

I have to agree. Anything we do that hurts no one and KEEPS it that way is great, no matter your fetish. Just keep fantasies as fantasies then there is no wrong way to fantasize. ;)

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