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Nice! Surrised that you did a story based on that picture/animation

The idea came to me and I rolled with it. :)

Congrats on being the first contest entrant! I won't read this until the end to remain impartial, but I'm excited nonetheless.

Also, the title reminds me of this. Intentional?

You are... My Fire
"Number 2 keep it going."
The one desire.
"Number 3"
Believe, when I say.
"Number 4!"
I want it that way.


I love this song! Plus the band for that song is one of my favorties.

tell me why


"After he composted himself" - oh, that's just too mulch! :P What a great typo for "composed himself".

Sweetie Belle: Are we going to dance again?
Spike: Yeah, the dance with no pants.

now i have to hear that song, you evil

Nice. You should color more Tricksta (no relation) art.

Is Sweetie pregnant now?

True love never gets old.

Most excellent.

“I think… you’re going to need… a new apron.” Sweetie said letting out a giggle.

RIP Apron:fluttershyouch:.

This was interesting I hope she bring in the other CMC and fillies to be Spikes. I think him going to the club and all the girls getting a go with him would be epic. I can so SO see these three in a herd for sure.

A little rushed in places but good for a one-shot. :pinkiehappy:

Finally, someone who enjoys the concept of heat as much as me!

This looks very good, but I will put this on the read later for now. It's currently 1am and i need sleep

lol, whoops. Good spot. Thanks! *fixed*

Well, it is tempting, I mean I really like how the edit came out. But I've got other art pieces I'd like to do first :)

I'll leave that up to you and the other readers :) Maybe it took or maybe they are incompatible? How would you like it for yourself? :)

That would be a fun little romp in the orchard, no doubt. ;) And yeah the three in a herd would be fun, if not exhausting for the poor dragon, haha.

I decided to start reading this at about 1 AM.
I should have just hit Read Later. Now it's 2:30, and I'm tired AND turned on.
And I don't have a cute little cuddledragon like Sweetie does! I'm very jealous.

I'm sorry. We could all use a snuggle buddy at times :)

That is such an awesome song. Now it is stuck in my head. :)

And that is when AB and Scotaloo reveal to have the same problem and SB, being the friend she is, lets them borrow Spike, ending the day in a big foursome!

Nicely put together story. Your really did well with characterization for Sweetie, Spike, and Rarity.
Really enjoyed Spike's reaction to Rarity's response to him, and his internal thoughts on the matter.
Sweetie Bell's, and Spikes reaction really felt like it was their first time. Poor Sweetie really suffered for the initial entry.
Loved the classic Rarity reaction at the end with Spike and Sweetie ignoring her, and leaving Rarity behind.

Thank you :) I'm glad you liked it :)

Maybe a bonus chapter with AB and Scootaloo joining Spike and Sweetie Belle as part of the Youngest Harem.

Lol, I'll think about it, but 3 girls 1 colt has been done a lot and I feel it wouldn't add anything but sex :P

Could make a good idea for a sequel.


lol, there seems to be a desire for a sequel from people XD Maybe if the wind blows that way, but I have three other stories to work on first. :P

You could always add a couple more colts, and have Spike teach them how to do things. Ya know, AB & Scoot need relief too, they look for some friends, come across Rumble or Tender or some such, sex Ed taught by professor Spike ensues lol.

But it seems you have other stuff on your table regardless.

Good job! Though, is it still foalcon with her in heat. Maybe slight foalcon. :moustache::unsuresweetie:

This is adorable.

Although reading the subtext Rarity seems like she treats Spike as a slave which is... concerning.

Still, loved it. Spike romance is very either or in quality so it's nice to see one that works well.

lol, having spike teaching other colts how to please a filly? Yeah, i can only see this going well XD

This was so sweet I love this ship way more.

Lol probably not. But I can totally see him preening himself as some sex master to impress his friends. He'd totally get in over his head as usual, but things always work out for Spike in the end. Right? :moustache: :facehoof:

“It burns a lot inside me and it’s really itchy and it’s frustrating and it’s like I want to… just… just…”

*Sweetiebelle slowly turns toward Spike and says in a slightly deeper, and somewhat growling voice* "It makes me want to make babies!"
Spike's thingie *chuckles* "I'm in danger."

first excellent story and would like to see a sequel if one is made but, I don't wat to follow as this is the only story of your stories to grab my attention (sorry had to be honest ) advice?

Who's to say the Heat Buster doesn't stop with 3?

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :) And yeah, Rarity has been having Spike act like his personal slave since season one anyway, lol.
I mean, remember that time she made him take out her garbage and then he stank of her garbage and she told him to go home and pushed him away? :P

Absolutely. I can imagine Spike bragging about it to Big Mac and Discord, with Big Mac taking vapid interest while Discord is... Discord about it. XD Then it ends with... Oh no. My brain! XD I just pictured Big Mac and Spike having to teach Discord about how to make love to a pony cause he doesn't know what sex is XD

Spike teaches sex ed to all the fillies and colts in the school. One at a time. XD

welp I guess that means sweetie is pregnant now. I mean their first time unprotected while she is in estrus. and with his instincts acting the way they are then their biology might just be compatible


Why need any other colts? I believe our Spike can take down all three by himself alone! :pinkiecrazy:

the writing just eewww incoherent this needs tore down and started over.
a editor is needed.

Wait until Spike realize that you can actually have a herd and looks at the two other Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Well we do know that Spike has high endurance for working hard. I'm sure he could take care of them as well as given them an equal share of love. But that's not for this story. :P

Why call it foalcon if you can just say what it is: pedophilia

Why call it pedophilia if you can call it what it is : beastiality

See das how stupid you sound. This is a classic case of dont like dont read . I can juat imagine how fucking excited you were when you saw a foalcon story . Yes i can finally post a comment thats been made hundreds of times before that noone gives a shit about anyway because its in the fucking tags . I can just fucking imagine you posting this comment and just fucking cumming in your pants because this is the only enjoyment that you get out of life.
So fuck off
If you dont like it go away
Simple as that

two teenagers = pedophilia?

Since when and in what reality?

Found the pedo

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