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Can you see the world like I do? Can you smile away the pain? Can you feel the cold wind blowing? Can you smell the coming rain?


It is Nightmare Night. The annual party — hostessed...ed(?) by Pinkie, naturally — is in full swing. There's dancing, games, snacks, happy ponies... the whole nine yards. Possibly even TEN yards. While touring the crowd, Pinkie sees a strange glow and hunts it down, finding somepony dressed in the most realistic ghost costume she'd ever seen (if she'd ever SEEN a ghost, that is - odds are it would probably look a lot like this if she had).

When midnight comes and all the costumes drop, who will this mysterious figure end up being?

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Hilarious story this is!

I just knew that Twi had something to do with this.

Pretty good, I enjoyed it, although you like to use italics a lot. Some minor errors, but hey, stuff.

thumbs up for you.

I saw this on...Fanfiction, was it? Loved it there, loved it here!:twilightsmile:


That's just the way Pinkie is. She puts emphasis on almost every third word she says.

Because she's so excited, see?

That was very well done. I must admit I did not see that coming.javascript:smilie(':derpyderp1:');

Haha! Good use of the story, following the plot mountain! It'd be awesome if Twilight had nothing to do with it, and the ghost was a creature from another dimension, sent to destroy Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! That could be an awesome sequel to this story, but hey. This is your story, that was just a suggestion.:heart:

Somehow, I knew it would end like that. Great build-up, though. You could have doubled it's length and it still would have been great.:pinkiehappy:

965196Yeah I remember seeing it there as well, nice to see it finally made it's way here though.:twilightsmile:

Aw. Now Pinkie's going to die after Ponygeist 3...

/shot But great lil' story. You sir/ma'am deserve ten moustache Spikes.


Oh you Twilight, scaring everypony like that:derpytongue2:

Good story dude, I enjoyed it--keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

hahah Twilight the Troll, excellent! This was exactly thee kinda of laugh I needed today. Thanks robot.

Everyone's gonna KILL Twi when they find out it was her! oh man, you GOTTA do a sequel when everypony find out about the magic thing!

lol that was a good read XD
and i so wana see what happens afterwards

The Next Day

"Come on guys. Let me out. Please? I promise not to do any more pranks like that ever again. Pinkie Promise even. Look, it's cold in here. Guys? Are you out there? Anypony? Oh, come on! At least throw a book in here or something."


Yeah this was a fun one to write - it has over 14,000 views on Deviantart, and it got about a thousand in less than a day.

I still have no idea what I did right.

I may be sick :pinkiesick: today but even THIS made me :rainbowlaugh:

I can't write Pinkie at all so hats off to ya pal :ajsmug:

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