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Nathan Hon

Hi, I am Nathan, and being a fan of My little pony for 4 years, I decided to dive deeper into the community and check out fan fictions.Hope you enjoy my stories! :)



One day, Tempest came to Ponyville from a far away home, just for a tiny surprise visit for one of her first friends, Twilight Sparkle. To her, she was a savior; Being one of the only ones to have trusted her, forgiven her for everything, and treating her as an equal.

With this valuable chance, Twilight wanted to clear a question out of her mind: 'What happened?'

Inspired by The Sentence. Check it out!

(Note: This story takes place around a year after the events of the movie. Everything you need to know prior to this story will be explained. Oh, and there may or may not be cheesy scenes between the two, so if you're a Twilight x Tempest ship hater, brace yourselves!:derpytongue2:)

Edit (1/11/18): Oh, Excuse me! I did not realise the two friends that Tempest played with in the past had official names! Gotta correct that!

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Comments ( 13 )

It started out good but once it got to the confession it all felt so rushed and was really hard to read. Enjoyed it none the less.

Was it rushed? I dunno😂 Oh and what do you mean it’s hard to read? I’m confused

Good story overall. One of the things I didn't like so much, though, was putting actions in asterisk (the stars). But apart from that, it was good! :derpytongue2:

So is it recommended that I mention the action out of the dialogue?

Yeah, preferably. I think it just looks better with the actions out dialogue. :3

Aw lovey feel sorry for tempest backstory

You can blame princess Luna, but I don't think she'll do this often. Back to the point, it's just... I feel so bad that she decided to leave, even though the princesses allowed her to stay in her judgment.”

not sure why this is a thing lately, it could have been just a dream.

I have to take a break, I continue my comment later so far I like the story.

“Sure! I don't have much planned today, actually. I know, a very rare situation for a princess like me,” She replied, laughing to herself and closing the doors as her friend entered. “Come with me, Fizz.” she giggled.

I like the shipping, but it is always a bit to typicall if both of them are in love with each other or want that. I nearly expected to Tempest only wanting to have a common visit and Twilight making more out of it, then an akward moment and a heartwarming one to follow.

She teleported the two to her bedroom, both sitting on her queen-size bed. Twilight wanted to make this a little... Romantic. Tempest noticed this and felt a warm blush on her face. She wanted to confess something. So did Twilight, whose face was also tinted pink.

while this was nice so far, it feels a bit rushed for me. I know the background appareantly is they both couldn't forget each other but I'm not that fond of love at first sight always.

You did it pretty good, but not enough for me to just accept it like that or to really convince me.

Hhhmm I can't really explain it, I'm not happy with my current explanation, but I probably feel like it happens a bit out of nowhere.

Yeah I think I could’ve done better on explaining their affection towards each other before they confessed. Thanks for your opinion!😉

Oh and random question: Were you the one who disliked this...😂😂

Rad story bro. I was happy when I found this, because I could not find a single templight fic on fanfiction.net. Keep it up :pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

Really? That’s odd, how could you not find one?

Sorry, I meant to type templight and it autocorrected to twilight.

This was very cute, good job

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