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Hi! I'm sonic3186. I enjoy writing about random ships that I like! I hope to improve on my writing skills later on, and I appreciate any constructive criticism! ^-^


Twilight can't stop thinking about Tempest. Tempest can't stop thinking about Twilight. What does this result in? A slightly "more-than-friendly" meetup between friends.

Contains Twilight X Tempest and will have a lot of snuggles and fluff in!

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Did you copy my story, Opening Her Eyes? Literally half of the story is the same as mine!

I can assure you that I definitely did not! My apologies if it seemed that way! I've PM'ed you in regards to this.

Sorry for the confusion! ;-;

8738142 Having read both I can assure you these are not the same. The vague plot of Tempest meets up with Twilight,Talk about her past and snuggle is similar but key things like the back story in yours is just fannon and the backstory in this is accurate to the movie.

Its fluff about fluff with a vague plot as an excuse for fluff. Dont read to much into it.

This is great. The world needs more Tempestlight.

I agree! ^-^

hhhhmmm nice, but it could have been much longer, it feels like it just needed to be slightly longer, maybe around 2.500 words instead or (1500?)
I thought I would ask for a sequel and maybe I would still like one, but it would have to be a bigger story and maybe something lighthearted and nothing to serious to continue the feel of this story.

The way you ask I have to say, not the half is not copying the story. It probably happens far to often that a similar idea is used and some even are written similar.

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