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And with that...


This is a tale passed down for generations, a tale of an age before there was peace between the Griffons and the Equestrians.

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I was thinking that would be the best solution, but I didn't think he would do it.

Hmm...a rather poignant and interesting tale, at that.

Wow, this story was pertty great

Author Interviewer

That was unexpected! :D I find myself very pleased with how that turned out.

I like this story. Great world building!

Exquisite in its tone as a fable, with a few brilliantly executed twists. Thank you for it.

Wow, affecting story.

This has the feel of a proper myth. It is melancholic and somber, referring to elements of pure survival. I approve.

I am reminded of Cold In Gardez's Carnivore's Prayer.

It is a similar tale, though yours is more succinct. Both are exceptional in execution.

You've certainly written something really good here.

I enjoyed the worldbuilding, the prose and the way it went. A good tale.

A world with multiple sentient species carries with it some ethical questions that we’ve never had to worry about as a species. At what point does hunting become murder? I love stories that explore that idea. This was really well done!

As Borat would say: very nice.

Apparently, this story's been buried in my "Read Later" list for quite some time. Your recent blog post motivated me to finally give it a look, and I must say, I wish I'd read it sooner!

Hats off to ya!

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