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And with that...


A pony with no memory awakens in a strange facility.

New chapter every three days until the story is complete. More on that here.

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I read your blog. What do you mean you can't write? Stop that. You are a good writer. Your brain is not crappy. This is good. Write more stuff. You are good at it.

I like the disjointed thoughts in the beginning, how she can't even parse together what species she is or whether she's supposed to have hooves. Then slowly thoughts come together, and words she doesn't know she knows come to mind.

I'm guessing she's in a sort of hospital, though whether this is a padded room I couldn't make out. I like Lemony, though hearing it makes me want to respond "Snicket". Will this be a bad end tale? That would be interesting.

All in all, I will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

087 104 097 116 032 105 115 032 121 111 117 114 032 102 097 118 111 117 114 105 116 101 032 099 111 108 111 117 114 063

Huh. Some type of code. Makes me wonder if she's a robot that's not supposed to know. The odd look Shower gives her later certainly would suggest it. Plus they're surprised she knows the word retcon despite knowing enough words to have a fluent conversation. It's as though they knew she shouldn't know that word.

Come to think of it, that code almost looks like... Huh. Fancy that. Yep. I'm going with the android theory.

You can't- where do you hear that word?


That's very kind of you to say! I find writing extremely difficult, but glad to hear it's come out alright so far
Fixed the typo, cheers!

Just read what's been written so far and it looks really interesting, although I can't figure out what code/encryption/whatever is being used at the top of this chapter. It looks like base64 but I know it's not.

It's Base32.
The clue is that there is no lowercase. Base64 would have about the same amount of lowercase as uppercase, so it has to be Base32.

I tried that already, but I just tried it again and it turned out the reason it didn't work was because there were spaces added after it that I didn't remove and now I feel like a fool.

Man, you’re gonna run out of ciphers.

Interesting start. Interesting clue. Not much to go off of by that one itself but I'm sure the others will make things clearer.

Huh, this is really intriguing! Loving the mystery and how Retcon makes you question everything. Looking forward to the next chapter!

also I'm way to dumb for these cyphers lmao

Spoilers for the code at top of page:
Code appears to be decimal, converting to ASCII results in "What is your favourite colour?". Code appears to change every chapter along with decoding technique. Am going through all and decoding while reading.

Same. Lmk what you got for chapter 1. I couldn't get it

Well, I was planning to wait for more chapters before I actually began reading, but when I saw there were encoded messages at the top I'm like, ok I'm reading this here and now to hopefully find recognizable like hexadecimal to decimal or something.

Welcome! If it helps, the story has all already been written and is just being released gradually with a new chapter every three days, since I think mystery stories are more fun when you can't binge them!


Currently, I'm trying to binge three different stories... I've still got a long way to go... But I'll agree when you say binging makes it less interesting. I tend to binge a lot of stories, which I stop halfway in because either I gradually lose interest, or quality changes or drops.

For incomplete stories, I tend to forget, and find an update and read, but by that point, I've slightly forgotten about the last chapter. So what I do is a mix of reading an incomplete story, then leaving it alone for a while, maybe a month or two so I can binge the chapters, rinse and repeat. On the rare occasion I'm reading a story that I've put 5 stars out of 5 I'd probably just read the newest chapter as soon as it's out.

For right now, I'm reading a ton of different stories, which I can switch to before I start to lose interest in one. Having another story on the side helps add some diversity.

And I've done it again. Oof, I have a habit of being quite wordy when chatting with others.

No worries, this was interesting to hear your process :twilightsmile:



encoding: hex
message: I always liked the rain

encoding: decimal
message: What is your favourite colour?

encoding: Base64
message: What's wrong, sweetie? You've been out of sorts lately.

Comment posted by dark_samus3 deleted February 6th

encoding: hex
message: Don't talk to me about those things.

encoding: hex
message: I don't think I've ever seen you eat. Don't you get hungry?

encoding: Base64
message: Can you hear crying?

Comment posted by dark_samus3 deleted February 6th

encoding: morse code
message: don't remember me?

encoding: caesar cipher
message: Get away from me insect

Comment posted by dark_samus3 deleted February 6th

encoding: Base32
message: Bug zapper, keeps the flies away from the food.

encoding: Base32
message: Do not mistake me; after what your Hive has done, the only reason you yet live is because the Queen wants to watch you all starve.

encoding: octal
message: A person is defined by their memories, the sum of their experiences.

encoding: octal
message: I was there. Still have nightmares about it. Were you?

encoding: hex
message: Did you see it? Which way did it go?

Ah shoot. I forgot to track this after the first chapter came out and now I'm far behind.:facehoof:

Well, I've gotten two of the codes by myself so far at least.

“For somepony who started at zero yesterday, you’re already doing really well. We’ll have you acting like a pony in no time!”

Wonder if I'm reading too far into this...

Haven't figured out a link among the encoded messages yet.

“Why are the runes glowing?” she asked.

Lemony’s expression brightened. “Haven’t a clue! They just do. I mean all that's written appears to be a poem. But you see this?”


Still no link, I suppose the encoded stuff will fit into place when it fits into place.

Ah okay, this one got me. I legit hadn't heard of Base32 encoding before. Makes sense though.

Nod, mark. “Alright. Favourite colour?”

First possible link to one of the encoded messages? Gonna keep an eye on this one.

Filed by: Flt Lt Light Shower


Yeah, maybe I'm just reaching here.

Also, Retcon is adorable in how she seems to miss just every other social nuance.

Hmm...wonder if Lemony's hiding a really sore point about her not being good with magic.

Also, continuing my spitballing in trying to find a link to the encoded messages I wonder if this links back to chapter 2.

Uhhh....that's potentially not good.

Consequences will never be the same.

Okay, this code was tricky to figure out, but I got it. Harder part was nailing the key.
At this point it seems like the messages can't be nailed down to specific story points anymore but I don't know. I feel like they're there for a reason besides getting the brainfruit going.

“You are a changeling.”

You know, when she was talking to the orb earlier I started having this thought cross my mind. Seemed all too suspicious the way they were acting, the timing, and all that change of activity in the lab just for an amnesiac pegasus. I guess I'll say I nearly called it.

...Damn...that encoded message the internal thoughts of Lt. Showers? Yikes.
Or maybe...maybe there's another? Just who is the speaker of this one?

She blinked, flicking an ear as a fly flew too close.

Had thoughts back to the message in 5 but eh.

Kinda surprising that a Wonderbolt is here, yet at the same time kinda not.

Oh crap. Shower is not happy.
Also, she's in tune with her Changeling emotion sensitivity again. I bet by the end of this it's likely that, despite her resistance to it earlier, she will figure out how to transform and will do so.

49 20 68 65 61 72 64 20 74 68 65 79 20 6b 65 65 70 20 70 6f 6e 69 65 73 20 69 6e 20 63 6f 63 6f 6f 6e 73 20 61 6e 64 20 73 75 63 6b 20 74 68 65 20 6c 69 66 65 20 6f 75 74 74 61 20 74 68 65 6d 21
I h e a r d t h e y k e e p p o n i e s i n c o c o o n s a n d s u c k t h e l i f e o u t t a t h e m !
I think maybe these aren't much more than collections of thoughts and opinions on Changelings from around the facility's staff after all.

Well, like earlier, the decision is down to Recton's own choice with what she wants to do with her new life.

encoding: hex
message: I heard they keep ponies in cocoons and suck the life outta them!

Loved reading your speculation through each chapter, cheers! :twilightsmile:

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