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Twilight accompanies her friends on an outing. During the outing, she hears a voice that she shouldn't have heard.

And the voice hears her when it shouldn't have, either.

Written for the Rage Reviews: F*** this Prompt #16 (characters breaking the fourth wall)

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Ok, this was officially awesome as hell!! But it felt a little bit short.....of course, I've never seen something like this before so it is it's own thing anyways. What would've been awesome though is other 'creators', 'creations', and the readers lending the two a hand!! That possibly could've drawn this out a little bit longer, but this doesn't feel like it has to much 'meat' in it either. Maybe you could write something like that later? I dunno. This is still awesome though!!

I love how you used the Author's Note to add to the story!

This feels like the intent behind Unus Annus: death is inevitable.

Oh wow that was cool

Well, at least it wasn’t Rarity getting traumatized by the eldritch Tartarus-spawn. :raritywink:

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