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I latch onto any media with good story and characters like a leech, spewing out stories when the flame of... Yeah, I write MLP stories, don't judge me.

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The desire to sail was in Fancypants' blood. His father spent more time on the ocean than on land and his best memories as a colt were on his father's yacht. With the recent boom of ships able to sail through the air, Fancypants wasted no time in purchasing two or three and taking them on a trip past Equestria's shores.

During one voyage, severe weather strikes, and Fancypants is thrown overboard in a terrible accident. Expecting to drown in the cold waters, he is saved by a rather exotic creature.

But by gum, she is gorgeous...

Written for Robipony

Chapters (1)

Twilight accompanies her friends on an outing. During the outing, she hears a voice that she shouldn't have heard.

And the voice hears her when it shouldn't have, either.

Written for the Rage Reviews: F*** this Prompt #16 (characters breaking the fourth wall)

Chapters (3)

One day, Rarity forgets to turn the faucet off.

Then, everypony else begins forgetting things.

Chapters (2)

Set a few months after the events of Twilight VS Anime, Twilight is content to relax now that she has seen the appeal in the animation that she thought would once threaten Equestria's way of life and can now focus on her personal life. However, she is called back to duty once more after it has been discovered that anime was suddenly stolen from Equestria's broadcasting stations. Along with the help of her friends, Twilight travels to the birthplace of anime to uncover the identity of the thief and return anime to TV screens across the world.

Once again, Discord could have just snapped his darn fingers and...!

Chapters (2)

In a sudden wave of chaos magic, Discord transforms Equestria, and it is up to Twilight to set things ri- hey, where's she going?

Twilight wants nothing more than to sleep until everypony stops acting crazy, but the universe has other plans, and she's sent on a quest to set everything back to normal...

Despite the fact that everything can be set back to normal if Discord would just snap his damn fingers!!!

Chapters (8)
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