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I latch onto any media with good story and characters like a leech, spewing out stories when the flame of... Yeah, I write MLP stories, don't judge me.


In a sudden wave of chaos magic, Discord transforms Equestria, and it is up to Twilight to set things ri- hey, where's she going?

Twilight wants nothing more than to sleep until everypony stops acting crazy, but the universe has other plans, and she's sent on a quest to set everything back to normal...

Despite the fact that everything can be set back to normal if Discord would just snap his damn fingers!!!

Chapters (8)
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“-but you shall have your companions by your side for support. Do be wary, Chosen Killjoy, that I will be lurking in the shadows, waiting for my opportunity to strike. If you fail, then Equestria will fall to Anime forever… or at least until it becomes tiresome.”

It became tiresome when Americans and Europeans started becoming crazy over it.

Twilight's Bizzare Adventure! Sweet chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

That's a matter of opinion, I much rather watch Tom and Jerry than anime

6671168 Japan was inspired to do the whole Anime thing because of Disney animation

6671598 Indeed, as was every country which has dipped into animation. The best anime I've seen has consistently outshone every cartoon I've seen in terms of emotion and character development. It's no wonder MLP: FiM imitates the anime style so heavily.

6671904 I... really can't argue with that...

Classic disney was good, but dated...

Current cartoons just show a lack of foresight... especially *shudders* Uncle Grandpa... Really! Your Father's brother who also happens to be your father's Father!

But anime... how anime has entranced and endeared itself to me, showing amazing quality despite age or anything of that significance. One of my personal favorites is Full Metal Panic! because GIANT ROBOTS! WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED!?


Who is Star Secret?

Tracking this because it's insane enough to get my attention.

6671921 A character from my other story, Ambition. Reading that gives a better understanding to her... 'character'.


Yes, by the way.

So who will be the mecha fans?

I love stories where Twilight is the straight man

I was hopping to see Fluttershy as Alucard, or some Griffin version of the Hellsing series

This is hilarious. Go on, by all means.

Twilight's bizarre adventure begins. Now pose o great killjoy.

Break Twilight by putting her in Evangelion or Puella...something. Also, Twilight's Bizzare Adventure!

Pinkie and mikey sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
First comes love second comes marriage then comes a fillie in a fillie carriage.

Pinkie pie killing in a tree
She is going c r a z y...
(You get the idea right?):pinkiesad2::pinkiesick:

The Chapter After The First Chapter

6765499 Originally, I was going to call it 'The Chapter Between The First And Third Chapters'.

“Ooh, I’d like him to frost my cupcakes…”

Oh my, what a scandalous phrasing.

I'm impressed you didn't go for the much more explicit Pinkie Creampie instead.

6765592 I prefer a more subtle approach - re: I was eating a bare cupcake while writing and wished there was frosting on it.

I'm not an expert on baked goods by any means, but I think that just makes it a muffin.

6765777 I am sorely disappointed to discover that I can't identify pastries.

“Wonderful…” Twilight grumbled. “First Applejack suplexes the train to Canterlot-”

I approve of this

6897101 Lightning Dash's mom had unrealistic expectations of her and pushed her daughter to be everything she couldn't be when she was growing up. Eventually, the falling out led to a rebellious streak, an incident with the Cloudsdale officials, and a replacement of a sack of potatoes... The entire thing was just silly and left a lasting mark on Lightning Dust.

Fortunately, it was nowhere near as dark as I could have made it...

At least... not in this timeline.

“Gah!” Twilight had to look away from the blinding flashes that stung her eyes whenever Lightning Dust attracted another yellow bolt. Theoretically, a pegasi could survive quite a few direct hits if their Aura was particularly strong, but this… no, something was going down. “What’s happening?!”

Should be either "a pegasus" or "pegasi".

6897278 Found and fixed - thank you for pointing that out.

I spy a reference to Blazing Transfer Student.

“Ah have no idea what that means,” Applejack informed her cheerily. “But whatever fancy words ya’ll can throw out don’t change th’ fact tha’ so long as we believe in each other… we can do anythin’!”

Oh yeah? Then why don't you lick your elbow then Applejack?

anyone else hoping twilight just is like fuck it at the end and tells some villans to just take over equestria. "cause it would be less chaotic that way"

really love this fic man i havent laugh this much in a while.:pinkiehappy: im kinda half hoping u do a jojo`s bizzare adventure reference like the girls facing an opponent similar to the d`arby brothers or starlight and/or sunset doing a jojo pose.

If tropes stay true then there is a chance for Dust to show up later and save Dash during the final battle. Either to prove that she is better or to keep Dash from being defeated so she can defeat her later.

This story is still the weirdest and most hilariously stupid thing ever. I'm continually impressed by the all the random clever worldbuilding you do in your author's comments, by the way. Those are always almost as fun to read as the actual story itself - and that's certainly not something you see here a lot.

So, the FlimFlam Brothers are now bishie mecha pilots, and Pinkie Pie is a Stand user. Wonderful.

How are they bishie? This line:

Exiled from four towns, wanted in two, and known as mares of the night in one

I'm guessing a 'mare of the night' would require them to cross-dress, and a bishie would be well able to carry that off. Besides, where would an anime farce be without some token bishonen.

Twilight felt bad for using them as puppets like that; perhaps she’d get them tickets to Canterlot’s Museum of History.

That’ll cheer anypony up!

:ajbemused: "Er, what's this here?"
:twilightsmile: "Those are season tickets to Canterlot’s Museum of History!"
:ajbemused: "Oh, wow! Er, what are these worth by the way, just curious?"
:twilightsmile: "They go for 21 bits each."
:ajbemused: "Psst, Rarity, you reckon I can sell these to somepony for 15?"
:duck: "I should imagine so darling."
:ajbemused: "Well that's a mighty thoughtful gift there Twi!"
:twilightsmile: "You're welcome!"

7179543 Applejack is best pony - Rainbow Dash would just blurt out her intentions :ajsmug:

Of course they would have a mecha.

Only Twilight hasn't fought yet. And she refuses to play the game because she is a stick in the mud.

You know what, I hope Twilight chews out everypony for putting her through this. If they wanted her to lighten up a bit they could have found a better way. Twilight is far to rational for anime, send her to a science fiction place and she would unwind. However it would be nowhere this funny! Keep it up!

I kinda want to read a griffon courtship story now.

Your link for the 4th Movement is not working for my area. I blame silly people who hate classical music. Use this!

Your authors note made too much sense.

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