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Motion pictures impact individuals in different ways. The Exorcist, for example, scared audiences to the point that some ran out of the theater screaming.

However, every now and then, a film comes along and impacts individuals in a way that's much different than simply scaring them.

Sometimes, the film scars them.

And Rainbow Dash has just rented one of those films.

The Human Centipede.

Edited by James Fire.

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Is the human centipede really this bad?

Poor Fluttershy.........

8472532 I, personally, have never seen it. However, I've read the plot synopsis to each film on Wikipedia (I know, I can truly judge a film by doing that) and from the sound of it... it sounds very dumb.

The premise is interesting. I don't mind mad scientist stories at all. But in this case? It sounds dumb. And the films get progressively weirder. The second one is just flat out gross sounding and the third one is...

I honestly can't tell if it's trying to be self aware with how far it goes with its tastelessness or if Tom Six was just trying his absolute damnedest to make the dumbest thing possible. It's odd to say the least.

8472531 Hah.

8472533 Yeah. But hey, at least she can say she sat through The Human Centipede trilogy...

I dunno if that means anything, but she can say it!


Thank god I never seen them now

Wouldn't it make way more sense if this was in the EQG world?


“Fluttershy.” Rainbow rested a hand on her friend's shoulder. “Did you forget what you said to me after about fifteen minutes?”

Hand instead of hoof? And you got on my case about the tense swap?

8472552 Hah. Funny thing is, I was gonna do that, but opted for the regular world thanks to the cover art.

Guess that hand part slipped under me radar.

As for it making sense? Eh, mayhaps. Though I'm of the opinion that humans aren't unheard of in the land of Equestria, mainly thanks to the existence of bipeds. I imagine that, at the very least, they'd be creatures of legend.



:unsuresweetie:... I still think it should have been EQG.

8472562 To each their own...

The cover art was too good to pass up. :trollestia:

What's next? You gonna do sequels?

Applejack and Rarity watch A Serbian Film?

Pinkie and Maud watch The Devil's Rejects?

Twilight and Spike watch The Twilight Saga?

um.....i havent seen them go through the third one....i wanna see them suffer through the entire trilogy....what could go wrong?

8472579 Oh, the time lapse at the end of the story is the combined run time of the second and third films. :twilightsmile:

Just looking at the cover of the Human Centipede made me want to puke.

8472578 This was a spur of the moment story. As amusing as that'd be, I'd rather not make a sequel.

Though the thought of the Pie sisters watching The Devil's Rejects is very funny. You autta try that.

Hmm... I guess characters watching a horror movie could be part of my October stories thing. Alright, I'll do it! And I'll even bring Limestone and Marble for the ride.

8472590 I'd hope so. I can see Limestone yelling at the characters and Marble...

Well, Marble will definitely not have fun.

Technically speaking she only watched 2 of them....

Yeah, I know very little about it myself.

Ok, good to know.

That was the tagline that adorned the DVD case in front of Rainbow Dash. The image of what appeared to be a human crawling up a glass door was eye-catching,

It was eye-candy. :trollestia:

I have seen all three Sequences, and I have read your story. The Human Centipede was funnier.

...That sounds like an insult, but it isn't massively - it's a surprisingly funny film. I doubt that comes across from the Wikipedia synopsis though - and I think you could have made your story a lot funnier if you'd seen the actual thing to draw on.

Maybe not the second one, though. That one's plain terrifying.

8472769 You know, I was expecting someone to say this (that I should've seen it to write them watching the actual thing). And I... thought that after I posted this. I realized I could've done that with the horror film Sinister (which I absolutely love and I'd love to see how the Mane 6 would react to it).

However, I'd argue that writing an entire fic of them reacting to it would be... a tad dull. Granted, it'd depend on who wrote it, but I doubt I could pull it off in a way that would feel fluid. I write very fast and very loose when it comes to comedy and in the case of writing a story like that? I'm afraid I'd either A: not do the reactions justice or B: would linger on them for FAR too long. That said, I don't disagree that that would be funnier as it'd allow for more depth and commentary on the film.

Alas, I wrote this very impromptu and because I was talking w/ my girlfriend about what Fluttershy reviewing horror films would be like. So, I do apologize for its lack of depth and... well, not being as funny as it could be (I mean, I'm very proud of it as I spent about 30-50 minutes all together on it).

Also, I don't take offense to you saying the films are funnier. Truth be told, I can believe it. The premise is very... out there. I just don't think I could stomach watching a film like it.

I will say though: the inspiration for the first film is actually rather amusing. If you don't know what it was: Tom Six got the idea when joking about how a child predator should be punished. He (or one of his friends, I forget) said that they should have their mouth stitched to a fat truck driver.

I personally find that funny.

8472780 Yeah, I'm not saying a commentary as a story would have been better, you're right in that it would have got old fast. And it would probably have a tiny market if it was trying to appeal to those on the site who had seen the films. Just that the odd observation like that might have fit, and it was quite telling from things they didn't mention that they hadn't really seen it (like how the vibe/mood between the three films is so different).

The main thing is the massive overacting from the villain in the first film. He's hilarious. There are three-way exchanges between him (ham-tastic German), two whining American college girls, and a Japanese man who doesn't speak a word of English. I wouldn't say it's scary, but the atmosphere was quite well done.

The second one is horrible, with a black-and-white grainy picture, the villain played by someone who looks so unsettling his only other acting job has been on children's TV. The centipede is probably the least-disturbing bit.

The third one ramps up the tastelessness just to see how far it can go, like if Frankie Boyle were a film. It's the same German actor playing the villain as in the first one, as the most deliberately-offensive character they could write. Eric Roberts is in it too, somehow.

The centipede idea is mostly so far outside of our imaginations that it's not too scary in the films. There are some flinchy moments, but it's mostly the little details that add some of the bite. Part of the surgery involves cutting the segments' elbow and knee tendons, for example, so they physically can't get up and run away :pinkiesick:

Sounds like a good output for 30-50 minutes, though!

Reading the wikipedia page of that movie was enough to scar me.
And no, there is not supposed to be an e in front of scar.
I was scarred.
But I loved this story.

8472801 I'll forever remember a friend who watched the second one. His reaction was basically "wtf did I just watch...?" It was enough to make me not want to watch ANY of them.

Still, glad that you didn't hate the story. I... well, I did as best I could to make something out of an idea that was very much spur-of-the-moment.

8472861 You poor, poor soul. Take a heart. :heart:

I saw all of the human centipedes but the second one

But...why is it the human centipede? Humans don't exist.

8478295 That boiled down to a personal choice. I was going to have this be an Equestria Girls story, but opted against it.

However, I decided to keep the movie's name as it just felt... odd otherwise. Stupid reason, yes, but... hey, the story itself is rather stupid. :derpytongue2:

Do not seek the truth. It will destroy you.

Ok, I won't. I don't think I want to.

I'll call Dr Wolf and set up an appointment for fluttershy, poor thing never even stood a chance.

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