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Phantom Dragon

I'm just a writer, who writes whatever pops into my head. I hope you enjoy the stories you read :)


After a Nightmare night soiree in Canterlot. On her way home, Rarity finds she is not alone.

Something is following her, But what?

Waring do not eat before reading this

Contains a rotten corpse

Also I couldn't think of a better title.

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Comments ( 4 )

Very heartfelt! I have to say I found this funny and kinda random, but still fun to read! I could see Rarity doing this too, so it fits her character very well! Nice work :)

it's wasn't suppose to be funny but I'm glad you enjoyed. This was my first attempt at writing horror and clearly my last, I'll stick to only reading/ watching horror from now on.

No, don't give up on writing horror, this fic was just funny to me, because of the build up of the ghoul being like it's some sort of killer ghoul was very strong, but then it turned out to be a lost soul, which is very heartfelt. This was more a comedic horror story, which is fine, especially for your first try. Don't give up, horror is tricky to write, that's no lie. The surprise that the ghoul was just a lost soul looking for help was definitely surprising, and in a way reminded me of Sleepless In Ponyville.

Well thanks for the encouragment maybe my brain conjures up an idea for a horror story. I'll take a crack at it but honesty I like reading horror more than writing it.

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