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Yarrr!! WeirdBeard be in the writing mood, or something. Idunno, probably'll edit this later.

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Hey Spike if you had a recorder you could show Rarity what you would do for her and maybe get some love back all well lets just hope you get some love later.

Besides I don't thhink he was that baaaaddddd for you. Oh god I made a bad goat joke someone kill me.


all my "yay" for this fic :scootangel:

Oh for the love of-


My body will never be ready.

In spite of all the problems, this was a rather funny little story. That shows you have potential. Just clean your writing up a bit so you can put it good use. First and foremost, your job as narrator is to tell us what's happening, not how we should feel about it. If you want to venture into that territory, adopt a 1st person perspective and tell us how the character feels about it. That shouldn't be a problem, seeing how well you kept everypony in character. Spike's overt theatrics were the only exception.

Grogar approves.

At the end I was like

WHAT A TWIST:derpytongue2:

I should shoot you for that Call Me Maybe line.

But I won't because this was TOO FREAKING AMAZING! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

What a ride, let me tell you...
One moment I'm having a chuckle, then suddenly, out of nowhere, a big, fat what.

KEEEENNNN... I mean, WEIRDBEEEAAARRRDDD!!! What have you done this time?! :rainbowhuh: :facehoof:

That was hilarious. Random? Yes. Confusing? Yes. But still hilarious nonetheless.

Whats The term For boy And Boy About To DO IT!
Wait Its The term GAY SEX
Just That Courtney Is A Boy Goat and iron will is a boy So That This comment Makes lots Of sense Now
Iron will Might find out early
Courtney knows That iron will is about to be gay after they DO IT

Poor Spikey wont live that down....nether will Iron Will . funny as goat cheese !:raritystarry::moustache::facehoof::pinkiehappy:

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