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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'. Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date. Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.


Twilight finds herself in the cellar of an odd green unicorn she's seen around town with a camera... or did she see that? She must have. She's here now, and he's been caught red handed! Or, hooved. What's a hand? Why's he saying such weird things?

Written post Season 2.

Cleaning through my archived, I found this. I had thought I had deleted it because... well, I'm not really happy with it. There's actually a bit missing from what I remember. Still, it's a neat idea but I just don't think I can do it right. I'm an editor more than a writer, to be honest, but I finished up the story... three years after I wrote it.

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Comments ( 6 )

It was amazing!!!

A nicely disturbing bit of metafiction. Could use a few fewer said-bookisms, but still a lovely example of character meeting author and the dangers of uncollapsed wavefunctions. Thank you for it.

Author Interviewer

Huh. Different.

You've got an "everybony" in there. :B

But was it intentional?

>>Insert commonly used advanced emoticon here

I couldn't find the import from GDocs button. I assume it's gone. I can't even get it to indent.

Indenting style is now a user-side choice, not something the author does. Click on the "Formatting" button in the top-right corner of any story and you can choose between "Double Spaced", "Indented", or "Both".

Surreal little story. I'm guessing the inspiration came from way back when The Last Roundup first aired?

It was actually started after Feeling Pinkie Keen in S1, and then edited heavily during S2 after abandoning it for shipping stories after The Best Night Ever. There's actually a little bit missing because I found an older copy than the one I almost posted before the Canterlot Gardens convention, but I was pretty wrapped up in trying to retool my Conversion Bureau story than I abandoned it for feeling too... Samey? I don't remember everything perfectly.

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