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Sombra loves the night. It's calm and peaceful, and helps him relax from the stress of the day. He knows that somepony out there controls it, and wishes he could find him or them and thank her, but he dares not leave the empire to it's own devices.


Written for Ice Star because he dared me to.

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Before I read This, I totally ship luna and sombra.

Prepare for feels or something then

I ship Luna and Shadow, (Shadow is from Magpiepony's Princess Trixie Sparkle) who I believe are Sombra's parents.

Now I read the first chapter. D'awwwww!

No. Just the one I'm afraid

You did a good job with this story. Very emotional and worth reading. :)

This is wonderful! :heart:

I dare you to write more. > : )

Sombra might be fun to write for you but for me it's more troubling than trying to write Discord XD

So sombra is the hero of his own story and the villain of histories story.

This is good. I feel sorry for this sombra.

Thanks. I worked rather hard on this (harder than I should've- it was just a dare XD)
It depends on how you view Sombra. I've seen multiple interpretations (though my fave (that isn't mine haha) is Ice Star's)

8390992 You are very welcome. Keep up the good work with your writing. :)

Your favorite is mine? My precious snark babbu?


Of course

Haven't I told you this >_>

I don't think so, actually.

There was an odd feeling of melancholy throughout; I enjoyed the way you presented Sombra's thoughts here. And the realistic thoughts for someone in a position like that worked well as a parallel to Luna too.

Though I'm a little confused why Sombra would mention birds wings since I'm pretty sure that there were crystal pegasai

This is an interesting look into Sombra. For to his perspective. He is not a tyrant but being treated by one. Quite fascinating indeed

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