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Flurry Heart's life has never been the same since her father passed away, she's been trapped by her own mother and kept away from other ponies and she has been isolated for years until she meets a very special pony that will change her life...

Come along a journey of magic and love as Flurry starts to discover what it means to truly be her as she not only finds a place in her own life, but also to heal her mother's heart.

But, will she be able to do so before the old villains and nightmares of the past return to take away their joy? Is her life doomed to misery, grief, pain, and strife?

Find out if you dare, but beware of the darkness and the eternal nightmare...

The Nightmare. There is no other proper name for it. It is old as time and darkness itself and it feeds on the fears of ponies and it will stop at nothing to take hold of the mind of its host and use the body for its own pleasure and control.

The Nightmare will slowly take hold of the mind of its host through any means possible and it will stop at nothing until it achieves its ultimate goal, complete and utter darkness and control over the entire land and maybe even the world too.

The Nightmare is unstoppable, immortal, and it also cannot be killed, ever.

The Nightmare plants its dark seeds in every single life form since the moment they are born until the moment they die and nopony knows how to stop it.

(from Chapter Nine)

NOTE: Contains scene of gore and mentions acts of sexual activity/ sexually suggestive.
These are minor and underplayed, the tags are a safety measure and nothing more.
This was inspired by the Rememberance series by Ashley H on YouTube, if you have not seen it yet please go check it out in the link below.
Rememberance Episodes

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Everyone, I hope you enjoy this story!
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just read the first chapter, story looks very promising.

The "Other" tag includes Princess Celestia, Luna, Discord, and the Nightmare/ villains/ changelings/ Chrysalis

The other tag is actually for non-original characters with no tag. This would include: background characters, characters adapted and used for crossovers, characters that simply don't have a tag, numerous comic characters, and real people. I'd remove that tag and just leave your tagged characters to your main characters, such as Flurry, any main antagonist, and important supporting characters, like Cadance (who according to your description, appears to have a large rule in your story).

You're welcome. I'd suggest making the same change if you did this on other stories too.

this fic remember the lastest chaps of the Ashley H, Remembrance series

Fun Fact this WAS Actually inspired by that, I just haven't gotten around to saying it yet.

Well that issue was resolved quicker than I though it would. Course given that the story's just began, either the problem will relapse or another problem is just around the corner.

Okay, So Flurry just left her empire at the hands of Discord while she's out there enjoying her freedom.

She said on many occasions that it was “A waste of time and resources, ponies should be concerned about protecting themselves and others and not waste time playing games and having fun and talking and wearing silly dresses that make you look ‘cute’, it’s all just a bunch of pointless rubbish and nonsense.”

Oh Cadence...:applecry:.

Good start to this story, I cant wait to see what happens next:scootangel:!

“OR ELSE WHAT? You’ll ground me? I’m already stuck inside the castle and I can't go anywhere without your permission and worst of all I have no cutie mark because of you! How do you think that makes me feel? It makes me look like a fool, everypony else around me laughs at me and mocks me, maybe not directly because they know who my mother is and that I am royalty, but I know what they do! And all I want form my birthday isn't these silly stupid gifts of books and mane conditioner and board games and puzzles, I just want time away from you on my own with no supervision or guars, three months, two, a month, three weeks or two or one, hell, even three days, maybe even just one I'll take what I can get, but no! You would never allow that even if it was my birthday wish because that would mean your precious little father could get lost and crumble away and wither away and die on a dangerous and perilous quest or even on just a simple picnic in the park because you NEVER know where danger might lurk, sure that bush MIGHT be dangerous and whatnot, but I don't really care! I want to live life, not spend it stuck inside a cold stone castle for the rest of my life!

Nopony wants to be contained...:ajsleepy:. Eventually, they will snap, and will break the very bars of the cage they're in to escape the confinements:applecry:.

“Your father’s trip was a miscalculation! And if I knew what was good for me I would have gone with him because maybe then I could have saved him, or at the very least died alongside with him to spare my own pain and suffering!”

There was no way you could've know Cadence:ajsleepy:.

“Oh, so it’s YOUR pain and suffering that matters now, does it? Well guess what, I have my own too mom! I just decided to move on rather than stay behind in the past! Did you ever think about what hid death meant to me even just once or were you too busy crying and moping around in your own little safe world? Because guess what, maybe you should have died because then at least I would have the freedom to go wherever I wanted to without you looking over my back!”

Too far Flurry, too far...:twilightoops:.

“Mother, I think I can take care of myself, the real question here is this, do you trust me enough to risk losing your daughter physically, or do you not trust her enough and wish to lose her forever emotionally and otherwise?”

Tough question to answer:applejackunsure:.

“I suppose that I can trust you to take care of yourself, but how will I know that you can and still be safe? What if what I have taught you in magic and history and math and science and well everything isn't enough?”

Then trust her friends to look after her:twilightsmile:. If she has any...:twilightsheepish:.

“Please don't repeat what your father said to me, and don't you even dare trying to make a promise either, your father couldn't keep his in the end.”

Oh Jeez:fluttershysad:.

And then after that, what it did to Starlight Glimmer’s mind, she couldn't speak for months and could barely cast a spell without killing somepony or destroying something! She almost went insane even saying that she saw shadows on the walls and strange scuffling noises, she even swore she kept seeing Chrysalis even in the reflection of her mirror, she even tried to cut herself to end the pain!

Which begs the question: why has she not been sanctioned yet?!

Well, this has been one baffling chapter! A minor grievance at the party suddenly shifts to a mother/daughter long, long, long argument on who's life sucks more. And THEN Cadance decides to let it all go and let Flurry live her own life?!

I don't get it.

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