Broken Hearts

by Silver Inkwell

Chapter Thirteen: Returning Home

Chapter Thirteen: Returning Home

The next day they awoke from their night of romance and the both of them blushed and giggled and grinned a bit realizing that they had spent the entire night at the park, but they were also completely dirty too. “I cannot imagine that your mother would be very happy if she saw you like this,” Shadow said.

“No, I imagine that being covered with dirt, grime, filth and your own cum would not be a welcome stench, not to mention the smell, I just hope we find a way to bathe ourselves off before we get back home,” she said still smiling.

“Well there is the pond, not the best option I know, but it might be the only one we have, but if you wanted me to I could give you some more sweet hot sex.”

Flurry giggled and grinned some more, “Perhaps, but I would like clean water, so how about we go over to the locker rooms of a pool and wash off there?”

“Sounds like a plan, well then, come on princess, it’s time that I corrupt some of your innocence some more if you know what I mean,” he said.

“Oh, I certainly do,” she said with a smile as they looked around for a pool and soon found one and washed off in the locker rooms before going to the train station and headed back home. As they went home Flurry decided to sing a little bit, after all, this was the last time that she would be here.

“I saw the light fade from the sky, from the wind I heard a sigh, I will say this last goodbye, night is now falling so ends this day, the road is now calling and I must away, over hill and under tree, under cloud, beneath the stars, over snow, I turn to pass the way back home, and where the road takes me I do not know.

What can I say except this final goodbye? Night is now falling, so ends this day, the road is now calling, and I must away, over hill, under tree, I must go.

We came all this way, and with your blessing I will go, for now the day has come for me to finally say goodbye, I bid this all a very fond farewell.”

Shadow looked over at her with his jaw wide open, “Wow, that was truly awesome and incredible, you have a wonderful singing voice, that was simply splendid, you should consider joining a band or something like that.”

“Thank you, but no, I never have tried to be in theater, band, or anything else either, I just guess I have a natural talent for singing,” she said.

“Perhaps, but would you mind singing to me some more?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” she said with a smile returning his own, and on the rest of the way back she sung whatever tune popped into her head to keep themselves entertained, and once they were back Shadow clapped for her.

“Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore! On with the show!” he said.

“Thank you, but honestly there’s no need for that,” she said.

“There is every need for it, an artist should get what they’re worth, and I feel you’re worth whatever I give you, and I won't try to hold back anything either.”

“Well then, I would certainly love to see you give it your all in the future then,”

“As you wish,” he said with a smile as Flurry pondered those words.

“Does as you wish secretly mean I love you?” she asked.

“If you want it to,” he said still smiling at her.

“Well maybe I do, maybe I don't, I'll never say,” she said.

“Very well then, be that way, but let’s take you home, shall we?”

“Yes, of course,” she said taking his hoof as they slowly walked back to the castle only to see that everything around them was in complete and total chaos. “Well, Discord probably didn't waste any time having hid fun, but I am glad I am back to stop him, after all, chaos can't always last forever because there must be harmony,” she said looking at the upside-down houses and the castle that was still literally made out of cheese and was now rotting like a dead cat on a street.

“Oh my gosh, that smells so bad, I hope everypony is okay,” she said.

“I trust that they will be,” Shadow said casting a spell to block out the smell. Slowly they went inside the castle and looked around and saw Discord sitting on the throne chair of Cadence with a crown on his head and a Twilight scepter.

He looked slightly bored as he was playing card tricks with the royal guards who were chess pieces, and he took a sip of glass from a glass of chocolate milk and turned a cloud into pink fluffy cotton candy and yawned when he saw Flurry.

“Oh, great, it’s you again, have you come to ruin my fun?” he asked.

“I’ve come to put you in your place and I command you to restore everything back to the way it was,” Flurry said as he yawned and snapped his fingers and did so. “Wow, that was surprisingly easy, why didn't you put up a fight?”

“Because there’s no point of being an ass if somepony can turn you into stone,” he said getting up from the chair and walking towards them.

“Fair point, well, have fun wherever you go now,” Flurry said.

“I'll try, but something strange has been bothering me for weeks now, it’s like an itch at my back except worse, you see I am a spirit of chaos and I have this ability to sense when an upset in magic is going to occur, basically something very important, it was there before Sombra, Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis too.

It has never failed me so far and something big is coming, and I’m only telling you this for Fluttershy’s sake, I know she wouldn't want anypony to be hurt, but whatever is coming I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get through it.”

“Noted, but how do we know that you’re lying to us?” Flurry asked.

“I may be many things Flurry, but I would never lie about this, after all, I don't want another villain coming in and ruining all the fun for me, honestly why make ponies your slaves when you can endlessly torment them my way?”

“Uh, okay, well whatever you do, just please don't come back soon.”

“I won't,” he said snapping his fingers as he vanished away from the room.

“Do you think that he was telling the truth?” Shadow asked.

“I think so, I honestly wish he was lying, but I don't think he was, but it would make me feel safe to know that he was lying, but I suppose that’s not the case, but I do hope his ability is wrong this time around because I am not a pony that holds to the belief of fate, only destiny which we forge ourselves,” she said.

“I couldn't agree anymore,” Shadow said as Flurry looked around the castle for her mother and found her where she expected, in her own room all alone.

“Hello there, mother, I’m back, did you miss me?” Flurry asked.

Cadence turned to her daughter with great fury and anger, “Yes, I did, but you had me worried for weeks on end! I didn't know where you were or what you were doing, and I couldn't send any guards either because of Discord!

And do you want to know what the worst part was? It was the fear that you were dead, or worse! And every piece of news I heard made me worry even more!”

“Mom, relax, nothing happened, well, except for a changeling attack.”

“Wait, what? Ha-ha! See I was right, the world out there is dangerous!”

“But I got through it, if it was so dangerous then how come I am still here?”

“Luck?” Cadence asked.

“No, through my own power and strength,” she said.

“Oh, well you still could have been hurt!” Cadence shouted.

“But I wasn't, I’m still here, but if you can't accept me making my own choices and doing what I want then I don't think you can tell me what to do, besides, I’m an adult now, you can't control me, I moved on from dad, the only question that still remains now is this, can you?” Flurry asked loudly too.

Cadence blinked in shock and surprise, this never had ever really occurred to her before, but now that she had time to think, yes, Flurry was right.

Cadence had been a terrible mother, and she had made so many mistakes, turning away from Flurry her anger faded away as she started to cry.

“I’m so sorry Flurry! I have only tried my best, but I never thought about what it was doing to us, and I didn't know it would hurt us this much and I’m just so sorry for everything I’ve done, I was selfish and tried to keep you safe rather than happy and I wish I was there for you, but it’s too late to change the past anymore, I just hope that we can work together to improve things for the future.”

“It’s okay mother, I trust that no matter what happens next we’ll get through it, but there is something you do need to know first, me and Shadow, we’re in love.”

Cadence blinked with shock and surprise wiping her tears away, “I guess that’s okay, I mean it’s not like I can stop you anymore, but just try not to take things too fast okay? I need time to recover, and time to make things right, this place, it needs something, a spark of life, after all, a celebration is coming up soon, is it not? I think that we need a party planner and a few friends.”

Flurry smiled, “I’m sure that we can arrange something, but until then just rest and relax, and once you do just trust that things will work out in the end.”

“I guess so, thank you Flurry, thank you for showing me the way,”

“You’re welcome, I love you mother,” she said.

“I love you more and the most,” she said with a smile as the three of them hugged not caring about the problems of tomorrow and instead focused on the now.