• Published 16th Jul 2017
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Broken Hearts - Silver Inkwell

Flurry Heart's life has never been the same since her father passed away, she's been trapped by her own mother and kept away from other ponies and she has been isolated for years until she meets a very special pony that will change her life...

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Chapter Fifteen: The Celebration/ The Betrayal/ The Nightmare Attacks

Chapter Fifteen: The Celebration/ The Betrayal/ The Nightmare Attacks

The day of the celebrations to start finally came and everypony was happy, well, all except for a few that lurked in darkness around the city edges waiting for their orders to come in, and yet despite their patience there was still nothing yet.

Flurry had the honor of starting off the celebrations off this year as she unfurled the flag of the bright and glorious blazing sun with the moon in the bottom half taking up way less than the half space it was allowed, it was more like a quarter instead, but that fact was ignored by almost everypony that was currently there.

After that was done the celebrations officially began and then chaos broke out.

Flurry and Cadence walked back to the throne room where they saw the other princesses there (since the Crystal Empire was the host city of it this year) and everypony was smiling, but Celestia seemed to have a fake smile on her own face, but Flurry had no idea how or why she could tell this, but the closer she got to the two royal sisters the stronger that her sense of something going wrong got.

Interesting, why did her sense get stronger around them? She had no idea, but she could swear that one of them had two shadows around them and her face paled as she looked up at them and coughed awkwardly for a bit to catch their attention and when she finally did she smiled nervously at them.

“Yes, what is it?” they asked.

“Are you two supposed to have two shadows around you?”

Luna’s face paled in turn as they looked down in horror as a cold cruel laugh echoed about them and the windows of glass blew out a cold chill air blasted into the room making it feel like winter time. And the shadows in the room slowly started to form into a very familiar form to all of them, there stood a perfect image of Nightmare Moon standing directly across from princess Luna herself.

“Everypony get behind me!” Luna shouted as they did so in great fear.

Nightmare grinned, “Well hello there my little ponies, did you miss me? I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed you most of all my poor little Luna, how have things been without me there to guide your way? I bet it feels so lonely deep down inside, you miss all that power, you miss me, don't try to deny it.”

“You have no power here, go away!” Luna screamed.

“True, but my servants do have power here, and they are very real,”

“What servants?” Luna asked.

“There will always be ones willing and ready to serve the darkness,” Nightmare said with a laugh as she smiled and then the doors opened to reveal a pony dressed all in black and once they got close enough they took off the hood to reveal a beautiful mare. “Tempest here has been working with for a very long time now, and I am grateful for her help, but she doesn't want to take me in, but I know that one of you ponies in this room does,” Nightmare said with a smile.

“We will never bow to your power again and your servants and shadows cannot defeat us, your only talent is illusions and lies!” Luna said.

“Ah, but you forget who I am and where I come from, I know every little secret of your hearts and I fed Tempest here the truth, she loved Shadow, but he chose a princess over his own friend, how weak and pathetic and typical of a stallion. And in her pain, she called out to me and I comforted her in my own special way.

I gave her my strength and power and dried her tears away, and I gave her my love, and I gave her something special so that she might destroy you.”

Nightmare smiled as Tempest pulled out a very long dagger and the princesses eyes lit up with shock, “Surely you didn't give her that, no, you couldn't.”

“But I did, go ahead Tempest, show them what you’re really made of.”

“You hurt me Shadow, and now I’m going to hurt you back!” she cried out with fury and anger casting her cloak off teleporting right above Flurry Heart as she dived down ready to plunge the knife into her body. Nopony had time to react, but the plunge was barely blocked by a very well-timed spell from Luna.

“Tempest! You don't need to do this, Nightmare has only ever lied to you!”

“How would you know that?” she asked still trying to kill Flurry as Luna expertly blocked her as Celestia watched from the sidelines unwilling to help.

“Because she lied to me too once way back when, and I was foolish and I made a mistake, I believed her lies, and I paid the price for my crime, don't make the same mistake as I once did, don't believe the lies that she has told you!”

“She never told me any lies, she has shown me the truth!”

“Truth or not there is no need to act out in violence and anger, killing Flurry will not bring you joy, you wanted love and couldn't get it, but if you really want love you have to stop right now and let us help you, don't be a monster!”

Tempest looked torn apart on the inside and pressed her attack hard as she could before she was broken under Luna’s own force as she started to cry.

“You’ve grown up and have become more powerful than I thought Luna, but even you cannot stop what is about to come next, the age of villains to return has come yet again, and we will continue to rise up each and every single time that you make us fall, and no matter how hard you try you will never get rid of us.”

“We may not be able to get rid of you, but we will always try to stop what comes next if it is bad,” Luna said plainly flaring her horn up.

“You cannot fight the darkness in you forever because I live inside of you.”

“Fine, go to Tartarus and rot there forever,” Luna said.

“I'll see you there myself,” Nightmare said with a smile as she vanished.

Once she was gone Luna’s horn died down and she walked over to Tempest to comfort her and everypony had the same question in their minds.

What will they do now, and who was going to be the next villain to attack them? They didn't know, but they did know that they could get through it.

Together they could get through it, and so more repairs were made, Tempest was forgiven and got some love advice from the others, Shadow and Flurry slept together that night, but no sex because they were still afraid.

And as for Luna, she didn't want to sleep for fear of nightmares, and that was the case for Celesta too, and as for Equestria, the ponies remained oblivious of the real case and were only ever handled out details as the need might be.

But in the darkness shadows lurked as they put the final pieces of their plan together ready to strike again very soon only when the time was right for them.’

And when it was, all would suffer and pay the price. �L� �