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"I could not help feeling that they were evil things-- mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss." - H.P. Lovecraft, At The Mountains of Madness

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Holy shit, the native ponies reduced to common mindless horses, huh?
Interesting turn of events.
I’m assuming that since Altair yet lives, that this is a sort of alternate ending?


INfinite universes, I did the math that eventually someone else would get sucked through a portal into a certain wasteland. I’ve been doing a lot of work on this, concept art and such.

Oh yeah, forgot about the whole infinite universes thing.
The human twilight part was off-putting at first, but it’s a great story so far.


Yeah, I realize the human part might be a little off putting, but honestly it felt like I would’ve been re-writing Coming Out of It with Twilight in Dominic’s place if I had kept her as a pony.

That's a damn good song.

Bloody good chapter as well.

I don't really see any problems in this story.

It gives a profound sense of loss to me in knowing that so much tech and life was lost even so long after a cataclysmic war.

The ponies, the poor ponies were finally coming to terms with real liberty, all of it stripped away by some mad princess with delusions of freedom.


Thanks man. I really appreciate the support at the moment.

I can see, why some may dislike it, due the change from the previous stories and period in which the story takes place comparatively to our history, or they could just be disliking because they disliked the thermo-arcane apocalypse the last story ended on. But I digress, I enjoy the story so far and not just because of the world you've made with the previous stories. Dominic's story was awesome, but this is Altair's story and it's shaping up to great. So in short just keep working on the story to how you want it, this story is yours. We, the readers, are only recipients to what you produce. You shouldn't have to bend the story or your writing to our demands.

Is it just me or is there afor Honor vibe here?

I want more and I want it now XD

And so the book closes, and with that the end of Occisor's journey and tale. While this story seems to be least received of the series, it seems fitting that it ends this way. That it was all kicked off with Dominic ending up in Equestria, away from his home plain. Ends with a Twilight from a different plain coming to set things right. I have enjoyed these stories since the first one, and still reread them on occasion, to say nothing on how you have improved you're writing and world building since would be a massive disservice. And I can confidentiality say that I will be happily waiting for your next story.

It has been a most wonderful time reading your stories my friend, God speed and Bless you.

well fuck.

i remember sitting down to read the first book, then getting up after finishing collision war a couple days later!

thanks for the ride!

Thank You !!! With all my heart I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. I( have read this series over and over many times, and I never tire of Dominic's adventures. I hope you have some more stories to tell.

Cassidy’s mate had a clearly deformed cheek from bullet wound… As if he had shot himself and missed.

......Just like when his father shot and missed his mother

So Dominic and Maria finally met their end

So Altair has a son....it went from his grandfather going to an American high school to him fighting in an apocalyptic wasteland offworld.

I guess Twilight came from a different universe, where she is human, but she came for one objective, and ended up doing something entirely different in the end. In the end, she changed a timeline, that shouldn't have been.

In the end where did Twilight wind up ? She was in a library with Celestia. She was still human which says, she returned to a different universe than the one portrayed in your series of stories. Are they in a different Canterlot ?

I wish that someone would read this series on youtube.

Okay, I'm lost.
Onorus equines turned into animals. But what happened to bipedal furry Queasies?

It said they weren't affected. But were they unaffected or gradually went down to sentient pony since Twilight called them quadrupeds?

Or was she referring to horses back then, since Razorbitch said to be taller then humanized Twilight?

A-a-a-and it's over.
Won't pretend that I know anything about writing.

I know I enjoyed it.
I liked the characters. It drew a lot of different emotions out of me. It made me think about things I didn't pay much attention to before.
What else is there to have?

Thank you for sharing your work.
Hell of a ride, Just sad it's over.

The portal still exists. But this time the 2 worlds will meet, not as enemies. Their meeting could be a whole new story line.

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