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We all know Rarity was not happy with Rainbow Dash after being left stranded in the desert with Pinkie Pie. So how exactly did things go when they returned home?

I admit, this isn't exactly a style of story I'm USED to writing, but hope it turned out okay!

Commissioned by Alexwarlorn!

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

Cover art by icantunloveyou

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Didn't you already reference this in Getting Back On Your Hooves?

Thank you dude!

I read this twice back when it was just on deviantART, and I wasn't sure how to feel about it even after a second reading.
I didn't REGRET reading it, since even then, I felt it was actually pretty good, but I wasn't sure if I actually enjoyed it or not.

After reading it a third time on here, I'm definitely enjoying it more, enough to fave it, though I don't think I'll be rereading it all that much.

It's definitely among the better post Last Round-Up fics that deal with Rarity, since she doesn't actually seek revenge.

Though I don't really think it needs the Comedy tag, since it's not really all that funny.
And the ONE part I disagree with in the story itself is that RD would not be able to get together with Soarin, though that's more the SoarinDash shipper in me than anything else.


I like RD+Soarin' too for the record.

i liked it
but it feels unfinished

Heartwarming story, clever set-up, and I like that we also get to see Rarity under the effects of the potion.

i don't really know maybe it should have been expanded on more
or a sequel or something

i said it feels unfinished
not that it is

Rereading this for the first time since I faved it on here is kind of weird, Mostly because of a particular episode that came out recently.

It's still good, though.

“Oh just a little potion from Twilight,” the fashionista replied, still still maintaining her cheery tone.
“That does what exactly?” Applejack questioned, giving a suspicious eyebrow.
“Oh, just brings out 'the part of ourselves we express the least.' Or the 'light hidden in our shadow' or so on.

1. That sounds more like Zecora than Twilight. 2. RAINBOWDASHALWAYSDRESSESINSTYLE! Ok, out of my system.

It may also contain 'trace amounts of past life regression,' whatever that entails.

And here we-WHO'SASILLYPONY! Whoops. Forgot about that one.

“The only one I really would be interested in is Soarin', darling,” Rainbow Dash replied, giving a bit of a look that would decidedly be out of place on her normal persona's. “But it is against Wonderbolt protocol to be romantically involved with a superior...My only real...suiter is...” the cyan pegasus gave a shudder. “Zephyr Breeze...”

NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE NOPPITY NOPE! I refuse to entertain this abomination in my mind!

“...Okay, I did have some fun...” muttered the stunt flyer. “...And I guess it's cool to understand mom again...” she admitted, not daring to mention some baby pictures her mother had of a little cyan pegasus filly trying to be 'pretty like momma'. 'They must never know.'


This was pretty good. I'm surprised I did not encounter this before. Love it though. 👍

At this point, this is now one of those fics that I don't know if I enjoy or not, but occasionally come back to anyway.

I think it's the whole "Dash channeling her G3 self" thing that prevents me from enjoying it as much as I should.

It just... feels kind of weird, even though everything else works more or less.

I can imagine Pixie Cut, having only met Zephyr Breeze after he's finally done something with himself, would react by asking what was so bad about Zephyr Breeze.

I'm sure Pixie would.

an usually dirty, sweaty, and frazzled
an unusually dirty, sweaty, and frazzled

“And then get a job as dancers in Dodge Junction to get money for the tickets to get home! I've missed several days of work, I'm absolutely filthy, and...and...”

She was that plug dirty when she took a job at dancing, and there was no wash room at whatever they were sleeping at? (You think Cherries Jubilee, if she wasn't willing to loan them the money for the train ticket, would at least board them up. Since this is early in the series, back when the writers still played the 'nobody knows they saved the world' card, I can understand why they weren't given a free train ride.)

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