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Okay. This is a test. While reading this, I'm going to listen to this.
The test is that I won't be affected by the clop in any way due to the cheerful song playing. It should tell you "I don't like clop, but I honestly don't give a fuck." and keep reading.
This test starts now.

Oh god, the test WORKED. I'm literally going to read the two more clopfics you have coming out, listening to this song. It WORKED.

Alright I GUESS its O.K.


Don't you think ponies would have evolved past going into heat?

What they didnt know is that i was watching them like this



Oh, this is horrible. You just know that Sweetie Belle is going to want to swap stories with Applebloom at the next CMC meeting.


Well the story is kinda disgusting, but right now I need to battle Hank.

I summon my AT-4 and shootificate you in the face.

:applecry: I DUNO WHAT I JUST READ! :raritystarry: :unsuresweetie: But i think i liked it.....

Not gonna lie, this story was very... descriptive. I liked it, but I also didn't like it. You still deserve a thumbs up. :ajsmug: Still, why Rarity, of all ponies? Why not like Rainbow Dash or Applejack? idk your story. :rainbowhuh: Have fun with your... wincest stories... :twilightoops:

906321 YOU'VE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD:trollestia:
whips out dual M529 saw's
your move >:D

I. Got no word to described this

Why? Why did I read this...:raritycry:

"Please note 2: I know that the intro scene seems rushed beyond belief. That is because I simply wanted to get to the sex faster."
I like the cut of your jib.

I loved it. I do so love the RariBelle pairings. I don't know if it has something to do with a dream that I had, or maybe that you really don't see much of it, but I loved it! And the fact that Rarity was still lady enough to pleasure her sister before asking to be pleasured...golden. I think it does wonderfully to show what I think she would do in a case like that. After all, she is the Element of Generosity.

TL;DR: Great story, I love RariBelle, shows Rarity's character perfectly in my opinion.

906311 Oh, you've just given me a horrible idea. :pinkiecrazy:


That Shitstorm was TREMENDOUS! Why I read it is mystery to me,

well played sir well played.:moustache:

907563 Learn what Lesbian Sex is, then come back.

906388 Because RD doesn't have have a sister, and Apple Family Clops have been done to death.

h nj knvm bvnfbncrgfcnvbvvvb :applejackconfused:

That was awesome:rainbowkiss:

Fucking hilarious!
...But on a more serious note, WTF.

Very Sexy.:rainbowwild:

Wincest indeed...:twilightsmile:

Somepony's about to earn a rather embarrassing cutie mark...:unsuresweetie:

"The Apple family does it all the time." I laughed. I feel bad. I'm a bad pony. Am I a bad pony?

907594 Oh jeezus :derpyderp2: thats... very quaint... :moustache:


before read: creepy smile:pinkiecrazy:

after read: bigger, creepier smile:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I need to stop reading these...

I am definitely going to hell for reading this:fluttercry: Absolutely hilarious:rainbowlaugh:
"Oh, It's okay Sweetie! The Apple Family does it all the time!" She lied.

You sure that is in fact a lie:unsuresweetie:

My boner is perfectly normal...

My Brain is Full of Butterflies. And they are all fucking each other!! >.<

yeah.. i read this...ok... WHAT?

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