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Equestria X Zone - MetalJrock

Reality breaks for some reason and of course that obviously means a bunch of characters from different franchises show up in Canterlot High and Equestria. This will be fun.

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Get Over Here!

The group tried to focus their attention on the invading demons and the arriving angel. "Who are you exactly?" Starlight asked, holding back another demon with her magic. Solid Snake grunted, elbowing another as Ryu Shoryuken'd a mook in armor, launching it into the air as hard as he could.

The angel huffed, "Name's Pit. These look like demons from the Underworld. I thought they all vanished when we stopped Medusa and Hades, but I guess I was wrong." the person, now known to the others as Pit, ran forward, shooting light arrows from a nicely designed bow, turning them to ash immediately.

"Well, Pit." Rarity began, "I assume you know the origins of these creatures?"

Pit nodded, revealing the Somewhat Staff, "Yep! But like I said, I thought they all hid when we took down the big bad final boss!"

Solid Snake growled, "Damn video game logic."

Ryu folded his arms, now recognizing who their mysterious helper was now, "It has been a while, Pit. How did you end up in this world?" he wondered.

The angel put a hand to his head in disbelief, "Ryu? Huh, I haven't seen you since the Smash Tournament."

"Smash Tournament?" Snake repeated, thinking for a moment, "Oh. Now I remember. That giant hologram tried to destroy our worlds. Forgot you were there as well." he reminded himself. He looked over his weapons, shooting another sentient suit of armor.

Twilight put both of her arms out, "You three already know each other? How is that possible?"

"Epic crossovers!" Pit replied, shooting a light arrow from his meteor bow, shooting a beam of light through a few more monsters, finally clearing up the streets. "Yep. This looks to be an instance of that. I think I've seen you girls on TV."

"You have?" Rarity asked with great wonder heard in her voice.

Solid Snake shook his head, "Kid's just speakin' nonsense. Said the same thing to me when we met."

Starlight raised a hoof and rubbed her mane, "I don't remember recording anything."

"Well..." Pit began to say.

Ryu closed his eyes and meditated, tuning the angel out. He tried to focus, but a loud sound caught him off guard. The sound of something coming towards him caused him to snap his eyes open. In the blink of an eye, he spun his entire body around.


The Wandering Warrior caught the end of a kunai and glared at it before turning his gaze to the source. The voice also got the attention of the girls, Snake and Pit. "W-What is that?" Fluttershy gulped, taken aback by the frightening demon looking man.

He held his arm out, which revealed a chain connected to the kunai Ryu was holding. His armor was black and had yellow cloth, as well as a yellow metal faceplate. His eyes were pupil-less and his mask covered his entire head. Ryu released the kunai, seeing it retract back into the stranger's gauntlet. "What are you?" asked the warrior in a stern, threatening tone.

"I am Scorpion, and I will have my vengeance yet!" yelled Scorpion, lunging after Ryu. The warrior held up his elbow, deflecting the demon's punch. "Are you a being of Outworld?" he asked, his deep voice echoing for miles.

Starlight tilted her head, "A being of what?"

"...Enough of this!" yelled Scorpion.

Snake sighed, "The hell do you want anyway?"

Scorpion curled his hand into a fist, which a flame grew out of due to his hellfire abilities, "Vengeance. Quan Chi has the soul of my family. Only by doing his bidding can he restore them. I hate being his puppet, but it is for the greater good!" he opened his hand and flicked it outwords, revealing his kunia. "Your souls contain the necessary strength to become Revenants."

"Get over here!" he yelled in a gruff voice again.

The kunai almost hit Starlight, but luckily Pit stepped forward and spun his bow to make it look like a propellor. "You look like a demon. As a warrior under Lady Palutena I have to stop you from hurting my new friends!" he declared. "We can help, you know! Plus, if you can't tell, the entire world is falling apart!"

"I do not care. I only seek salvation!" growled Scorpion, reaching for one of his swords. Pit dashed forwards and blocked Scorpion's blades with his Meteor Bow.

"C-Can y-you help us at least?" Fluttershy wondered. "There's no reason to fight us."

Ryu stepped forward, "The few of you can take care of the demon army. Allow myself and Pit to deal with this intruder."

Snake gritted his teeth, "Fine."

Scorpion lunged forward, striking Ryu with a flaming fist. The warrior's elbow deflected his limb and he held his arm down before tossing him over his shoulder, causing Scorpion to hit the ground on his side. "Grah!" yelled the undead assassin as he pushed himself upwards in a moment's notice. "You are stronger than I anticipated." he swung one of his swords down.

But Ryu dashed back, his feet sliding on the street. Pit leaped and shot some light arrows directly at Scorpion, "Wow. Some street fight right, Ryu?"

Ryu lunged a fist forward and proceeded to knee Scorpion, "Perhaps it is. Now, this is not the way of a warrior, Scorpion." he scolded, watching the assassin stagger backwards.

Scorpion clenched his flaming fists, "I do not care for your words, warrior. I shall have my family back through any means necessary!"

Pit held up his Somewhat Staff and shot some orbs at Scorpion, "But why us? Don't you have, I dunno, bad guys you can harvest souls from?" he asked.

"You are all powerful." answered Scorpion.

The angel blinked, "...Of course..."

Ryu held his arms back and let out a familiar orb of blue energy as he shouted, "Hadouken!"

Scorpion blocked the projectile, but was unprepared for an uppercut delivered by the Wandering Warrior, "Shoryuken!" the undead warrior's body was launched into the air, where Pit was able to shoot some more arrows through his armor. Scorpion grunted and then crashed onto the ground.

Getting back up, Scorpion watched as Pit sprinted forward and used hus Beam Claws, lashing out on the assassin. But Scorpion got his bearings and backflip-kicked Pit in the face, launching him in the air. He tossed his kunai and jammed it into Pit's robe, "Oh crud..." gulped the stunned angel silently.

"Get over here!"

Ryu elbowed Scorpion in the cheek, "This isn't the way of a warrior! Stand down!"

"I cannot now!" Scorpion declared.

"U-Uh, can we please? The entire world's gone to crud..." Pit whined, removing the weapon from his clothes. "You can get your soul thing or whatever later." he added. "Your family can't live in a demon infested world now can they?"

Scorpion looked around, seeing the demons and aliens attack the innocent and the others fending off the creatures. For a moment, something flickered in his mind, recalling his family and what would happen should this invasion succeed. He grunted and faced the team with a scowl, "Very well. We shall join our forces for the time." he agreed, realizing what was at stake.

Ryu nodded, "Very well. Come, we have work to do."

Starlight levitated another demon away from Snake as Scorpion used a Doom Blade combo instantly. The soldier spoke, "Got 'em on our side now?"

"We have a mutual enemy." Scorpion declared. He burnt one of the demons as they vanished into ash.

Snake shook his head, "I gotta bad feelin' about this."

Starlight agreed, "You and me both. That was a little overkill..."

Scorpion pointed to the pony, "I was given the flames of Hell to control. You cannot judge me, mare. For it is a curse I must bear for eternity." he scolded.

"W-What?" Fluttershy whimpered. She ducked as a fireball came in her direction, aimed for the Black Arm soldier trying to attack her from behind while distracted. Scorpion then kneed a demon heading for Rarity, who shielded herself with her magic as the undead assassin drove his fist directly into their armored chest, turning them to ash as his palm burst into flames with ease.

Scorpion folded his arms, "As I said. We share a mutual cause it seems. Quan Chi will not have this world."

Twilight sighed to herself, "I hope the others are having better luck than us..."

Flash Sentry wandered the halls, unaware of the chaos going on outside in the city. After staying to clean the gym, he headed to his locker to get his stuff. He turned a corner, seeing that nobody had decided to stay with the exception of faculty.

The teen finally reached the hall where his locker was at. But he looked down, seeing something unlike anything he's ever witnessed in his life at Canterlot High.

Three people were sleeping right next to his locker, seemingly unfazed by their location. One was a green dinosaur with a large round nose. The second was a boy wearing a green tunic and hat with a couple masks strapped to himself. The third appeared to be a shirt, scruffy man with messy black hair and a black shirt that had the word 'JERK' written boldly in white.

Flash scratched his blue hair and muttered in a confused tone,"I don't think this is normal."

Author's Note:

So Flash Sentry is jumping into the chaos as well as Scorpion. We'll check on the other team before they meet the others next time.

Now some references:

- Pit, Snake, and Ryu were all in Super Smash Bros at some point. Snake references the Subspace Emissary story from Brawl.

- Smash Bros is canon in that there was a fighting tournament, but they weren't trophies. Master Hand is a canon Kirby character now so I don't think it's too farfetched.

- Pit breaks the fourth wall like he does in Uprising and Smash 4.

- Scorpion is based off his MK9 incarnation and motivation. He'll remain an anti-hero.

- The people Flash Sentry found were Yoshi, Young Link and Dan. Yoshi and Link are there as a reference to Sonic Lost World. But Mario will appear at some point.

- Young Link has his masks from Majora's Mask. He will not speak, but Sonic can translate Yoshi.

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KO awesome chapter, well things are getting crazier for everyone as well as those who already know each other. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Great to see an update! Scorpion, one of the most popular kombatants, and the list just keeps growing. I hope Flash Sentry is given a good role in the story, I really like him, especially when he's with one of the Twilights.

Will the Eds appear soon? I love those three, and I bet they might actually be able to help with their strength, brains, and scheming.

Okay! That last scene is already showing that there are going to be funny scenes with Dan. Great to see a chapter update!

A part of me thinks Dan is here as a reference to Humans Assemble, but I like that he's part of this :rainbowlaugh:

Dan...As In Dan hibiki or Dan as in Dan vs?

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