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Batman wakes up in a new world far from his own after stopping Ra's Al Ghul and his League of Assassins from going through with his plan to purge the world.

Now with a powerful artifact in Ra's possession, Batman must make his way through the strange new world without drawing any attention to himself, but that will prove difficult for the Dark Knight in such a world like Equestria.

But the fact that they're in another dimension hasn't stopped the Dark Knight or Ra's. With the assassin allying himself with a powerful threat of this world, can Batman put aside his stubbornness and learn to trust others for help in his battles?

Chapters (27)
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Fear the Knight! :rainbowdetermined2:

...okay then. Uhm, I am gonna stick with the Rock one for now, instead of this one.

So this take place after Arkham City game. can't wait.

Will other Batman villains appear in this story?

7296043 I don't want to spoil much, but other Batman villains will pop up throughout the story. Who they are is a surprise though.

......rainbow gets hurt first

Awesome chapters. You are doing a amazing job. I can't wait to read the next chapter.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Those girls are in WAY over their heads on this one:facehoof:

Yeah! Love dis!

Yeah, keep going this story is epic

I admit that I'm not the biggest Batman fan, but I kind of loved him as a kid, and this story isn't bad till now.

This is interessting, but I would rather like to see more of Batman than switching between him and Ra.

7296087 sometimes I think it's not a good decision if the story is overflowed by to many extra characters, but till now it's interessting enough, and it depens only on how you write I guess.

7304080 I understand where you're coming from. The story will focus more on Batman than Ra's and any other villains or characters from the DC Universe will only pop in for a chapter or two. The main conflict will still be Batman, Ra's, and for a while his inability to trust the ponies. I only switch to Ra's in order to establish his plan and when he's bringing in a villain.

7304097 Well okay, that sounds good enough right now. I guess I can live with that, but like in those displaced storys, maybe he should have enough time between such chapters, to achieve stuff on his own too.


That Bane can be a real... Bane in the ass:trollestia:

7307786 *Removes sunglasses* YEEAAAAHHH!


...it's going to be bane

what the heck is a "detective vision"?!:facehoof:
anyways cool story dude!:moustache:
cant wait for more new action packed chapters for BATMAN!:trollestia:

7310815 Thank you.

Anyway to elaborate, Detective Vision is a feature in Batman's cowl, basically X-ray vision for Batman that allows him to see people from a distance, their vitals and whether they're armed. It's primarily used in the Arkham games for stealth sections and to find clues in a crime scene.

Okay as I maybe already said it, I like it.
I think that I even have no problem with that Solar guy, but to be honest I think I'm a bit biased about characters like him, that are acting like an OP Creature guiding their special pupils. (Much like a dead Lauren acting like a ghost teacher for any Human turned Pony.)
I guess I don't like it if I get the feeling they have no choice but to do what they have been told to do.

This Rainbow is what happens when you think with you ego instead of your head(again), you prove yourself wrong.

7317552 I keep seeing Rainbow getting squashed like a pancake, hit after hit and keep hear her saying "I have everything under control!"

Everyone is a Idiot, everything is screwed when act like a moron.

Poor Freeze, hope they don't go too hard on him.

ok, i was avoiding saying it but, you really should take a little time to proof read, theres been some major mistakes that can really hurt your story, in this and on previous chapters, trust me i write a lot, it gets easier as you keep doing it.

Just a nitpick, Batman usually refers to Victor as just Freeze, not Mister.

Interesting and very creative way/plausible way to get Batman into mlp, love it,

I don't know what it is but something feels off about this chapter, otherwise it good

No matter what crime or cruel deed he's done, I can't help but feel sorry for Freeze. He didn't choose a life of crime, his life was ruined by the acts of 1 selfish man, even if he cures Nora he still can never be with her, or even hold her hand because of his condition.

Again, pacing, the story is goin way too fast, there is no build up to the upcoming fights, the grammar errors dont help either, take it slow.

so, the Demon's Head plans to use Scarecrow to defeat Batman and the Mane 6 with fear...
:rainbowderp: :facehoof: ...Ra's, you don't know your opponents at all, do you?

We shall head into his mind and stop it before it damages his psyche!

BIG mistake on 2 points, 1: Batman's mind isn't for the weak willed or minded, and 2: His psyche is already messed up.

I can't wait for the, "you don't cheat death you wimper in fear of it," line that's coming.

7343534 true batman is not weak mind. and remind me how batman's psyche is messed up again? Im sorry im a noob

7343750 He watch his parents die at the age of 8, he's had to endure the Joker killing and torturing his friends, loved ones, and innocent people just to make Batman kill him, AND he's been exposed to Scarecrow's fear toxin for YEARS. Nobody can still have a stable mind from all that, the Batman maybe, but he's just good at suppressing, or masking the insanity.

Before Red Hood could pull the trigger, Batman leaped up and held down his former sidekick, "If you truly are alive... Let's hope our encounter is nothing like this." he pleaded, causing the illusion to vanish from the recesses of his mind.

:rainbowderp: is that a Chekhov's gun I see?

I get the feeling that the tides turn next chapter.

So what Batman continuity is this?

will we see more of red hood :)


I know what you mean, for me it was Batman dosen't fight law enforcement. He dose only what he needs to to disengage and escape.
That and I have a real hard time believing ponies in plate armor could get the drop on Batman.

Chrysalis groaned, "Why did you let him reveal our plan? We had the element of surprise!" she scolded.

Ra's: (starts using cheesy German accent) Ah, Herr Chrysalis, but that is the plan. Now that they know our plan, they will plan around our plan, and so we shall in turn plan around the plan that they are planning around our plan!

Chysalis: ...Wat?

Ra's: And regardless, we have one advantage that they sorely lack.

Chrysalis: ...You're doing the reference thing again aren't you?

Ra's: Zeppelins!

Chrysalis: (sighs, turns around, and starts walking away) I'll take that as a yes.

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