• Published 6th Apr 2017
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Equestria X Zone - MetalJrock

Reality breaks for some reason and of course that obviously means a bunch of characters from different franchises show up in Canterlot High and Equestria. This will be fun.

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The team all dived to the side as the Green Goblin tossed a pumpkin bomb from his high vantage point. A small explosion occurred nearby the group as they looked up once the smoke faded, "Oh come on!" Sonic and Rainbow yelled at the same time in disbelief.

The Green Goblin cackled, throwing another bomb, but before it reached the ground, Sunset used her magic to hold it in midair, she gritted her teeth as she focused on throwing it back on the Goblin. Luckily, it hit the Goblin, and made him move backwards, his feet still firmly planted on his glider, but his armor was dented a little.

"You'll regret doing that!" Goblin cackled.

Captain Cold aimed his gun and shot it at the Green Goblin, "Oh yeah? It's you against us pal! If there's one thing I know, it's that numbers matter here!" he yelled.

Flying his glider upwards, the Green Goblin smirked, "Whoever said I was in this alone?"

It was at that moment, a blue blur tackled Sonic and then the Flash. Once Barry's vision stopped being blurry he saw a blue robot with red optics hold him and Sonic on the floor, using both hands to grip their throats as hard as he could.

"Me-Metal Sonic?!" Sonic choked out.

"This a friend of yours?" the Flash quipped, using a free hand to circle around, creating a whirlwind that pushed the robot away from them, allowing them to breathe.

Sonic inhaled, "Yeah. He's a real nasty bucket of bolts. He was created by Eggman to match me in every way possible in terms of speed and abilities." he explained.

Rainbow Dash revealed her transformation pegasus wings and lunged after Metal Sonic, driving her fist upwards to punch the robot as hard as she could.

"How did you get your giant green hands on Metal, Goblin?" asked the hedgehog.

Goblin raised a finger, "It was quite simple. A little modification here and there. It seems you've made an enemy of him already. Now, he will do my bidding."

He was ready to throw another pumpkin bomb, but Pinkie focused her magic and made it explode in his hand, destroying the metal glove on his arm. She fistpumped the air, "Yes! Score one!"

The Flash smirked, tackling Metal Sonic with his shoulder. While he was in midair, Sonic focused and curled into a ball, using the floating body of Metal as a stepping stool and hitting the stunned Green Goblin with a well-timed Homing Attack to the face. The hedgehog landed on one knee, a confident smirk on his face.

Metal Sonic got his bearings and threatened to attack Sonic, but Applejack stepped forward with a right hook, pushing the blue speedy robot aside for a moment.

Green Goblin gritted his sharp fangs, "I seek answers for what has happened, and I will gain the knowledge so I can destroy you!"

"That isn't very nice!" Pinkie yelled.

Snart smirked, "I agree." he aimed his Ice Gun upwards and shot a blue beam at the Goblin again, the force of the blast pushing him back slowly and surely.

Sunset managed to focus her magic into her palms and shot out a powerful orb that knocked the Green Goblin off his glider, making him faceplant the concrete floor. "You little whelps!" he yelled. "You seem to misunderstand, I am capable of ending all of you right now. Just beg and give up."

"Never!" Sunset said.

Captain Cold shook his head, "Nah." he decided, shooting the Goblin once more.

Once the beam subsided, Applejack decided to land a hit to the Goblin's face. "I've already darn had enough of ya!" she yelled, her knee colliding with the monster's chest, denting the armor a little. She was unprepared for the Goblin to grab her and throw her body on the floor as casually as possible, demonstrating his strength.

"Anyone else?" Goblin muttered with a smirk.

"Applejack!" Sunset screamed, pushing the Goblin aside with her magic, hoping to do some damage.

Captain Cold ran forward and drove the end of his gun to Green Goblin's face, but was countered with a headbutt, making the Rogue take a few steps backwards and held his aching head, "We could use some help here!" he yelled. "This Goblin is seriously grating!"

Sonic hopped over Metal's head, "A little busy right now, Cold!"

Using the Speed-Force, Barry managed to focus his attention to Metal Sonic as time seemed to slow down. As fast as he could, he dodged Metal's fist and grabbed his metal arm, tossing his body around, bringing it towards Rainbow Dash. The cyan girl flew and performed a high kick, tossing the robot again.

Metal Sonic beeped and slammed his fists downwards, creating a crater where he landed. "So, Metal. Seems you stepped up your A-Game since last I saw ya. Honestly, you're more of a challenge than the time you turned into that dragon thing. What was that about?"

Beeping again, Metal raised his clawlike hands. The Flash looked to the robot with a confused glance, "Can he understand you?"

"Yeah. He speaks every now and then." Sonic commented.

Metal began to wipe his metal nose in a snarky way, as if to brag that he is superior again while beeping. "I have no clue what he's saying." Barry whispered.

"Neither do I." Rainbow blinked.

"He's probably saying that he will destroy us and is faster than us. Either that, or he's wondering if we want a soda." Sonic replied. The hedgehog charged forward at the same time as robot and butted heads with him, his feet turning into a figure eight while Metal tried to boost his chest jet thrusters.

Sonic smirked, "You might know everything I'm gonna do, but that's not gonna help you since I know everything you're going to do! Strange isn't it?! Grr..." grunted Sonic, performing a backflip kick to Metal's chin, giving himself some space.

The Flash glanced at the hedgehog, "Was the boasting really necessary?" he wondered.

"It got him distract--" Sonic was cut off by Metal punching him in the blink of an eye. "Hey!"

"That's it!" Rainbow shouted she unfurled her wings and vanished in a rainbow blur, using her magic to catch Metal Sonic off guard. Luckily, Metal didn't have time to react to a foot to his back, pushing him onto the ground. Slamming a fist to the ground, Metal beeped again and moved his head upwards.

Rainbow pointed to the concrete, "If you had a mouth you'd be eating dirt right now." she commented with a confident smirk.

The Flash charged forward to kick Metal, but was pushed back by a sudden electric force. "What was that?" he asked, seeing a black forcefield surround the robot.

Crossing his arms, Sonic said, "Yeah, he can do that. Completely forgot. It's some kind of energy field programmed into him. It doesn't really last long and it causes him to short-circuit. Honestly, he's just letting us win at this point!"

"Yo, Rainbow!" the hedgehog called out. The rainbow haired girl looked to the hedgehog. "Distract Metal so that he wears down! After that, the Flash and I will deliver a good ol' finisher move!"

Rainbow saluted and flew off, "Hey, Metal! It's time you met a challenge! Me!" she yelled, getting the robot's attention. Coming out of his chest was a beam. The beam was aimed at Rainbow, who continued to run around in circles.

This prompted Barry to do the same, his familiar trail of yellow lightning following him. Sonic kicked the ground, readying to attack once the time came.

Then, sparks began to fly from Metal, his beam disappearing and his forcefield fading, Rainbow stopped, giving the Flash enough time to throw his lightning at Metal Sonic, causing him to short-circuit once the trail collided with his body. Sonic then ran forward and kicked his leg upwards, driving Metal Sonic into the air.

With a high leap, Sonic performed a roundhouse kick so hard that it caused Metal Sonic to explode. The blue blur landed and gave his fast friends a thumbs up, "Aw yeah! Now onto the big bad Goblin!"

With said Goblin, Captain Cold and Sunset combined a beam of magic and ice, hoping to turn his focus away for a minute. "Do you think these weak beams are enough to stop me?" he asked, clemching his enlarged hands into fists.

While he boasted, Applejack drove her legs upwards and kicked the Goblin onto his back. "Here's hopin' this will!" the farmgirl yelled, pushing her feet onto Green Goblin's chest as hard as he could, keeping him down as long as possible.

Pinkie Pie hopped up and used one of his pumpkin bombs to combust in his face, covering it in ash. "You... You..."

"You what?" Snart quipped, placing his gun over his shoulder casually.

"You will pay! I'll make you suffer like I've made the Spider suffer!" he bragged.

"Aw. I didn't think you'd miss me!" a young voice yelled out.


A ball of webbing covered Green Goblin's eyes, forcing him to yank it off. By the time he reached his face, a red foot collided with his jaw, pushing him backwards. "Honestly, Gobbie. You gotta stop with the drugs. You look all roided out." the stranger quipped.

Once he removed the webbing, the Green Goblin looked to the source of the hated voice, "Spider-Man!"

Spider-Man smiled under his mask, "That's my name! Don't wear it out, Osborn!" he joked. "This wasn't what I had in mind when I wanted a vacation, but I guess a good old fashioned Goblin butt-kicking will have to suffice."

"Is he your enemy?" Sunset asked the webslinger.

The webslinger folded his arms, "Yeah. But I've never seen him this buff before. Wait a minute... Who are all of you?" he finally asked, "And why is there a blue porcupine here?"

"I'm a hedgehog!" Sonic corrected.

Captain Cold chuckled, "Quite the oddball bunch, huh? Welcome to the club."

"Yeah... Definitely not what I had in mind." Spider-Man muttered before yelling out, "Just leave him to us. Goblins and Spiders don't get along well according to my calculations."

"Us? Who else is here?" Rainbow asked.

Before anyone else could react, another figure leaped down, pressing his palm onto Green Goblin's shoulder, creating an electric spark that threatened to shock his entire body. Once the electric pain subsided, he passed out. The figure landed, revealing that he wore a costume similar to Spider-Man's, but it was black with red webbing. "Another Venom Blast that works. Thank you spider-bite."

"Another one?" the Flash wondered aloud.

The black-costumed Spider-Man perched down, looking at the unconscious Goblin, tying his body up in webbing, "Another one?" he repeated, his voice seemingly younger. "I'm Spider-Man too, just like him!" he revealed.

Sonic raised a hand, "No offense, but you seem more of a Kid Arachnid than a Spider-Man."

"Hey!" the younger Spider-Man fumed.

"Okay. Now it's answer time. How many of you were either caught in a rift or suddenly found themselves here, raise a hand." once Spider-Man saw Sonic, the Flash, and Captain Cold raise their hands, he nodded, "Alright, I guess we're not alone in this."

"Another dimension? It's kind of getting old." the younger Spider-Mam commented. "But should we reveal our identities so we don't get our altar-egos confused?"

The older Spider-Man whispered, "We're in another world. Honestly, I don't think it would hurt considering what's happening now." the two Spiders coughed as they slowly removed their masks and showed their faces, "I'm Peter Parker."

"And I'm Miles Morales."

"Basically we're partners on our world, and got caught in a rift when we saw you fighting roided out Green Goblin here." Peter elaborated, gesturing to the tied-up Goblin.

Miles put his hands on his hips, "That's... pretty much it. What about you guys? This looks like the strangest Avengers team I've been apart of. And the one I'm on is weird enough as it is."

Once introductions were given, with a few comments from Peter and Miles, Sunset spoke, "I think we should meet up with the others. They might know what's happening now."

"Lead the way, Sunset!"

The ground began to rumble, causing everyone to look down, "Now what?" Barry and Peter asked.

"Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good." Rainbow added.

"No kidding." muttered Miles.

The Flash gestured, "Then we don't have any time to waste!"

"Still can't believe I'm listening to him..." muttered Snart.


Ryu's palms were extended, shooting out a blue ball of energy that hit the strange demon, causing it to vanish in ash. He placed his gloved palms to his side, focusing his energy into his next attack.

Snake pulled out his grenade launcher and shot a projectile, blowing up another demon instantly. "Where the hell are these things coming from?" he grunted.

These demons appeared as soon as the ground rumbled, seemingly appearing out of thin air and surrounding the heroes as they neared the other group.

Twilight yelped, ducking underneath a swipe of one of the armored creatures, before seeing it vanish thanks to Starlight Glimmer, earning a sigh of relief.

The Wandering Warrior exhaled and spun his feet around, yelling as he kicked the demons around.


Ryu landed and closed his eyes, punching a demon that was charging after Rarity and Fluttershy. Once the monster vanished, he spoke, "Are you injured?"

"No." the two said, unable to do anything for the moment, their magic powers not meant for combat.

"Then be careful. The path of combat is exhausting."

"...Okay." Fluttershy muttered.

The soldier pulled out his pistol and shot at the demons, "Damn. This wasn't what I had in mind."

"Same here." Starlight commented, teleporting away from an armored monster and shooting a beam behind its back, cuasing it to fall apart.

Ryu gave a demon a right hook and elbowed another, "These are quite arduous. Has anyone faced these before?" he asked the others, getting a shake from each of their heads.

Suddenly, a bright arrow sped through a line of demons, making them combust in a burst of light. Snake lowered his weapons, "Alright. Now what?"

Standing near them was what appeared to be a teenager. He wore a white robe, had wings and wielded a bow in his hand, a staff strapped to his side and beam gloves with claws on his hands. He lowered his old-timey weapon and smirked, raising a fist as he cheered, "Oh yeah!"

"Another stranger?" Twilight asked.

"He looks to be... Otherworldy." Ryu commented.

The angel chuckled, "Sorry to keep you waiting! By the orders of Lady Palutena, I will fight the Underworld!"

Author's Note:

And so, more heroes appear. At some point I may need a chapter just to properly introduce who is who.

Notes and References:

- Metal Sonic has his shield from Sonic Adventure 2. And the reference to the dragon Sonic mentioned was when he became Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes, which was the game where he was able to speak as well.

- The "Strange Isn't It" quote is from the Sonic OVA movie, where Sonic said this to Metal in their final battle.

- Peter Parker and Miles Morales are based off their comic incarnations, with Miles referencing the Avengers team he was on.

- The name Kid Arachnid stems from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, which is Miles' other superhero name when he and Peter become partners. Time will tell if I use it.

- The demons fought are from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

- Pit's debut was a reference to the beginning of Kid Icarus: Uprising. His weapons are the Meteor Bow, Beam Claws and Somewhat Staff.