• Published 6th Apr 2017
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Equestria X Zone - MetalJrock

Reality breaks for some reason and of course that obviously means a bunch of characters from different franchises show up in Canterlot High and Equestria. This will be fun.

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-Aux CALL-

Two screens appeared, showing two different faces, one younger and the other appearing older and experienced. The frequency was 140.85. Someone got a transmission and they intended to listen in and get more information.

"Snake. Can you hear me?"

Solid Snake gruffed, his hand held up to his ear, "What is it, Otacon? I thought I couldn't get transmission here?"

"That's just it, Snake. The strange energy that's been detected must've affected you somehow. Even I thought the Codecs were fried, but it seems they're still working. Which is good, it means I can get in contact should anything happen." the scientist adjusted his glasses. "Unfortunately, it looks like you've passed some kind of barrier and I can't tell where you are."

Snake hummed to himself, "So, kept ya waiting, huh? Alright, then I should do a weapons check before I head out." he reminded himself.

"Wait... Where are you anyway?"

The soldier smirked, "Where the enemy would never expect."

"Um... Twilight? Wh-Why is there a t-talking cardboard box next to the statue?" Fluttershy asked, a little nervous and rightfully confused over what she was looking at. The girl could hear a gruff voice being muffled underneath the cardboard.

Twilight raised a brow, "Yeah... I'm not sure..."

Rarity folded her arms, "I've never seen anything like that before either. Perhaps we should investigate."

Popping out of Twilight's backpack was the head of a purple and green dog, "Oh come on. We should see what it is." he jumped off, and walked to the box, "It's right there? There's nothing."

"Spike..." muttered the purple-skinned girl.

At the dog's insistence, Twilight placed her hands on the box and lifted it. Seeing a tall, bearded man sitting, his knees hunched over and a hand still to his ear. They weren't sure, but the girls swore they saw an exclamation point over his head and a strange sound effect heard for only a second.

"Otacon, I've been compromised." the man told his partner.

Twilight looked down, "Compromised? What are you talking about?" she asked. "We're not going to hurt you. We promise."

Snake relunctantly stood up, "...Never mind. I'll get back to you, soon." he removed his finger from his ear and stood up, facing the three girls and talking dog. "Who are you?"

"I think the better question is, who are you?" Spike asked.

Raising a brow, Snake looked down. He had seen many things in his lifetime from psychics to professional snipers to vampires and even giant mechs capable of world destruction, but this was on another level, "Did that dog just talk?" he asked in his usual gruff voice.

Twilight picked the dog up in her arms, "Never mind that. I-I'm Twilight Sparkle. And he's Spike."


"Rarity. Now, were you brought in like the Flash and Captain Cold?"

Crossing his arms, Snake shook his head, "Never heard of them before. I was told of an energy barrier nearby Shadow Moses. Wondering what it was about, I followed it, it seems I ended up in some strange city. Where am I anyway?"

"Canterlot High, sir." Twilight answered.

Grunting, Snake spoke, "Canterlot High?" he repeated, "Definitely never been here before then. Hmm... Do you have an explanation as to why I was brought here?"

Rarity put her hands on her hips, "We were here to do just that. We are about to get in contact with an old friend, who should be here any minute now."

Nodding, Snake continued, "Alright then. I guess it's a good thing I made it here, huh?"

"I guess so..." Fluttershy gulped.

Then, the side of the statue began to ripple and falling out of it were two ponies: a unicorn and an alicorn. The alicorn spoke first, "Sorry about that, I just got your message." she groaned.

"A talking pony?" Snake asked. "Message?"

"It's quite alright, Twilight." Rarity replied, "Who is this with you?"

The unicorn cleared her throat, "Starlight Glimmer. Her student..." she paused, "Wait... You mentioned that you changed in this world before. What happened?" she realized.

"The magic surge." Twilight reminded her student. "It seems you were affected as well."

"Magic surge?" Snake repeated again, "Can you explain?"

"Is he new?" Pony Twilight asked.

"Solid Snake." the man greeted, "It seems I came here as a result of whatever you were talking about. And from the sound of it, I wasn't the only one."

Pony Twilight hummed, "...Okay."

"So, you know what's happening here?" the teenage Twilight questioned.

"K-Kind of. Starlight and I were testing the portal to travel to other worlds beyond this one. It caused a spark to light up and opened a rift in our world, and even brought someone. He should be here any second now." the alicorn revealed. "It seems we created only one rift in Equestria while the mirror boosted the effects from this end."

"So, a magic surge?" Snake said, "In a world of horses. That's new. And somehow sounds cliche."

"Magic is nothing new in this world, Snake." Rarity added. "But this... This is on quite a different scale. You said someone else came to your world?" she wondered.

Starlight nodded, "Yes. So far, it seems you've gotten the worst of the effects. That's why I want to stay until things clear up. Is that okay, Twilight?" she asked the alicorn.

"It's alright, Starlight. I'll be back in Equestria trying to clear this up from my end. It sounds like you'll need all the help you can get here moreso." the alicorn agreed.

"Sure seems that way." Snake muttered. "I have no clue what the hell is happening."

Then, the side of the statue began to ripple again, and stepping otu of it was another man, wearing a white gi, red boxing gloves and a red bandana strapped to his head. "I take it this is where I am needed." he called out.

"That's right, Ryu." Twilight said.

Ryu nodded, "Very well. I will best any challenge you have for me." he saw the girls and Snake. "Now who might the rest of you be?" he wondered.

Once everyone said their names, Ryu spoke, "I see. It seems we will face a tough battle ahead. It will be an honor to fight alongside each of you, should you prove strong enough to face what lies ahead."

Twilight smiled, "Well, I think I should head back to Equestria for now. I have to figure out how to close these rifts now." at that, the alicorn stepped into the portal and left Starlight, giving her a nod of assurance and good luck.

"I think we are." Snake commented to Ryu. "Now, where should we start?"

"Our friends are in the city. Perhaps we should check on them now." Rarity suggested.

Ryu replied, "Alright. Let us be on our way."

"A talking hedgehog?" Snart asked, "And he also looks like he has superspeed. This your pet, Flash?"

Sonic frowned, "Pet?" he jumped from the roof and landed perfectly on his feet, surprising the girls, "I'm no one's pet. I'm just a livin' hedgehog free as the wind."

The Flash blinked, "But you have superspeed. Do you have the Speed-Force as well?"

Sonic shook his head, "I don't have that Speed-Force, I've had this speed for as long as I can remember."

Sunset looked at the hedgehog, "I guess you were brought here by a rift?"

"Yep." Sonic answered, "But don't worry about that. I've dealt with stuff like this before."

"If you say so." muttered Rainbow Dash.

Sonic put his hands on his hips and looked at the unconcious aliens around him, "Huh. Looks like you were fighting the Black Arms. I thought Shadow wiped them all out when he destroyed the Black Comet."

"You know these things?" Applejack asked.

"Kind of. They invaded my world before a friend of mine stopped them. But they shouldn't be here. Unless..." the hedgehog paused.

"Unless this magic rift or whatever affected time as well." Barry commented.

"Bingo!" the blue blur exclaimed.

Sunset pursed her lips, "You don't sound so surprised."

Sonic adjusted his gloves, "Like I said, I've dealt with strange stuff like this before. It's no stranger than rescuing genies in magic books or rescuing aliens from an inter-stellar amusement park."

"Now that sounds ridiculous." Captain Cold muttered.

"But it's all true." Sonic replied.

"Sure thing, sugarhog." Applejack said, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Pinkie looked around, "But this is so cool. Two speedsters and a guy with a cold gun! Our team is awesome!"

"I agree." Sonic commented. "I think we can make do against whatever's happenin'."

"Are you sure about that?" a voice called out.

Pinkie blinked, "Was that any of you?" at the shake of her friends' heads, she continued, "Oh."

Rainbow groaned, "Now what?"

Hovering above them was a giant green creature riding a hover glider. He wore armor and crouched down to balance himself on the glider. "Now, all of you will explain what's happening here or I'll have to use lethal force to get it out of you."

Captain Cold pointed his gun upwards, "Now who are you?"

"The Green Goblin."

Author's Note:

So, more heroes have arrived and the reasoning has been explained.

- Snake's Codec call was originally going to be like his trailer from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but that would've affected the fourth wall to where he knows the characters so I cut it out.

- Solid Snake in this story comes from in between Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots.

- Snake's habit of repeating comes from the remake of the first Metal Gear Solid game, Twin Snakes, where he did that a lot.

- Ryu is his Marvel vs. Capcom 3 incarnation.

- Sonic's comments on past adventures were a reference to Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Colors.

- The Green Goblin in this story is based off the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon version in design.