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"I will forge my own way, then, where I may not be accepted, but I will be myself. I will take what they called weakness and make it my strength." ~Rarity, "Black as Night"


Twilight has gone through the kitchen door of her family home in Canterlot hundreds of times. Next to that door is the family tree, which Twilight rarely took notice of. But when she looks at Applejack's family tree, she recognizes the phrase beneath the dead ponies' names and realizes an anomaly that she had forgotten for a very long time. There's a third name on her family tree, and it bears that phrase.

Written for BaeroRemedy's "I'll Never Forget You" contest, and inspired by a similar experience regarding my own family tree and one of my aunts. Rest in peace, Jean Marie.

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:fluttershysad: Sad, but a sweet sentiment. Very nice.

Very lovely, now I kinda wish there was a side story where she survived and had her own adventures with twily

It's got that good sentimentality to it. Even though Twilight and her parents don't believe in the "Forever Home", they did everything they could to honor their foal. A sad, yet affectionate story.

The feels...they make me cry.

Aww, what a touching story. :fluttercry:

I'm kinda interested to know more about Harvest Moon now. Twilight and Shining growing up with another sibling is a concept with so many possibilities.

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There's a certain... discomfort, shall we say, I have in inventing an OC relative of the mane 6. In my mind, I get away with it here in that she only lived for a short while (my aunt lived for four months, so let's Word-of-God say it was four months), and only lived while Twilight was young, so I can feasibly say that canon Twilight simply forgot about her. My adding her to the family tree doesn't cause a cascade of faults in the canon. (Y'know, just like what happened when it was revealed she had an older sibling. :derpytongue2:)

So... sure, I suppose it could be an interesting idea to explore. It's just not an idea I'm comfortable exploring. (Though, if you go read my account page, you'll see I've offered up all of my ideas as free pickings. That means if you'd like to write a story about Harvest Moon, by all means, have at it. :twilightsmile:)

8070256 between work, video games, and trying to find a new place to live (lease is up soon) I don't really have the time for writing, besides I get writers block incredibly easily, but I thank you for the permission to use harvest moon. And I am sorry to hear about your aunt

I mean, she lived and died before my dad was born, so I never knew her, but I noticed her name on my family tree one day and decided she deserved to be remembered. So this is my way of immortalizing her. But thank you for your sympathy nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

8071041 damn good way of doing it, its a good one-shot

Thank you! :pinkiehappy: Now I just have to win the contest. :twilightoops:

8071046 loss and remembrance make for a powerful story!

Sure, but that's literally the theme of the contest, so... :trollestia: I'm not gonna win based on that alone.

8071058 fair enough, still good luck though!

Requiescat in Pace or Blithe Cwealm

Is the second one Welsh? I'm pretty sure it's Gaelic, judging from Cwealm, but I'm not up on the differences between Gaelic family languages.

The first I recognize as Latin, but then I actually took Latin.

Admittedly, this story cribs a little bit from some of my other fics, which makes it a tad opaque to newcomers. In "Mother and Child," I established that Unicorns speak two languages: Latin (Starswirl uses it to curse) and Unicornish (a pseudo-Old English I make up as I go). So for that I reason, I decided unicorns popularly write the messages beneath their dead's names in either Latin or Old English. The second is Old English, for "Good death," roughly. (I don't know any Old English; I looked it up in an online dictionary beforehand.)

8071833 Doh, Old English! I wasn't even really in the right language family. I now realize I recognize the phonemes from names in Beowulf. Blame time. It's been over a decade since I read that in school.

What a neat little story! I liked it!

sequel where twi goes back in time and saves her

This is so heartwarming and tragic. That poor little life... gone and forgotten in a flash. Why couldn't she have lived?? Now every time I see Twi I'll feel like something's missing. :raritycry:

Blithe Cwealm

What does that mean?

Also, this took me on a feels trip.


It means "Good Death" in Old English.

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