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When Twilight is sucked into the illusion of the dark magic door in the Crystal Palace for a few seconds longer than canon, it leaves a lasting effect on her. The ripple effects of this causes her to seek out dangerous magic and put an end to anything that could be abused by the wrong hooves, not realising she herself is falling to the effects of dark magic.

Day 7 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

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Twilight Sparkle had grown past that, she was certain of it. She had mastered every lesson Zecora had thrown her way. Princess Celestia had trusted Twilight to head to the Crystal Empire and fight Sombra, even trusting Twilight enough to demonstrate she knew dark magic! Twilight alone had resisted Discord’s powers and turned things around when she was at her lowest, sealing the spirit of chaos away once more.


Actually pretty decent as far as Twilight falling to darkness fics go, I'd love to see you revisit this with a longer version that is more fleshed out after you are done with your month of madness.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

But what if it is Celestia who has fallen to the allure of dark magic? :trixieshiftright:

This story didn't come out anywhere near as well as I was hoping for it to. I feel like there should be an extra scene to more reasonably show Twilight's steady fall into darkness, and instead the effect at the end is that she sort of suddenly out of nowhere turns nuts, making the ending feel like it was shoehorned in. But it really reads like a lot of loosely related scenes that sort of ramble on to link into Twilight's fall.

I agree with the points you brought up. Alas, to see this one-shot turned into a longer story would please a great many people.

It may have fallen short of what you wanted , but it’s not bad. I liked you writing Twilight for a change. You have her voice down. I agree with you that a little more could have helped that, ”and suddenly crazy” effect.

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