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7950091 Thank you! I'm currently writing the next chapter, but it might take a while. I need to practice a bit, and I want to try out a few ideas!

7950104 *throws a follow at Coenogo*

I think im going to like this Coen! :twilightsmile:

After announcing his plans to Eric, John grabbed a knife from one of the nearby tables, which he held firmly in his hand. He was ready to slice Eric to pieces, starting with cutting of his head. He had it all figured out in his head. He was going to hold Eric's hand up by the hair, to make a statement to anyone else who dared to oppose him. With this plan in mind, he started running at Eric, knife in hand, ready to kill.
Without flinching or looking up from his drink, Eric went for his pocket.

I like how this ended:pinkiecrazy:

7963871 This has to be the most interesting comment I've ever received on anything! :rainbowlaugh: As for the ending of this chapter, I had rewrite it several times, all in all taking atleast an hour to complete! :facehoof:

7966428 Oh, and remember, if you want your character featured, let me know! :raritywink:

Conflicts of the past, huh?....


So... now to wait for the native population to arriveat the crash landing site:trixieshiftleft:

He might be close to Ponyville or not... i do not know:applejackunsure:

*steps back into shadows and disappears*

7991364 I changed the ending of the chapter slightly. You might want to read the last 2-3 paragraphs... :raritywink:
I wanted the landing to be a bit more... dramatic.

7991390 that is way too much there with the heart being pierced:facehoof:

that is so fatal that even healing magic can't really fix it in time unless it is done fucking IMMEDIATELY!:ajbemused:

so i think you really should change that to be different... like impaled through his chest with the metal bar piercing his lung:applejackunsure:

7991415 Don't worry, just wait until the next chapter. :unsuresweetie: Remember, it's the year 2232 we're talking about!

7991428 he gets resurrected i presume?:duck:

or something to that effect...:facehoof:

*comes in expecting a resurrection or something like that*

*sees Authors note*

Author's Note:
I don't do resurrections.

you cheeky bastard:pinkiecrazy:

so his heart wasn't completely pierced, only a major vein connecting to the heart....:ajbemused::trixieshiftleft:

f:yay:king troll author got me:twilightblush::rainbowkiss:
he be like:

Soo.... when are they gonna find the crash site?:rainbowhuh:

8000849 Patience my dear, patience... :scootangel:

So... next chapter or the one after is the one where the ponies meet our unlucky human?:unsuresweetie:

8008531 Probably! :twilightsheepish:
Why, are you excited about that or something? :duck:

Comment posted by Coenogo deleted Mar 9th, 2017

8008823 There you go! Happy now? :scootangel:


He speaks german:applejackunsure:
That is unexpected:rainbowderp:

But... if he got blasted a bit by magic, shouldn't that have aggravated his wounds to the point of him crying out in pain?:trixieshiftright:

8010594 Actually, it was supposed to resemble Dutch, but now that I look at it again, it does look an awfull lot like German! But that's just what it sounds like to the ponies. He is actually speaking English. Also, the blast was more of a push, rather than an explosion of sorts. It hurts a bit, but he's fine.

8010714 Equestrian. I'll probably get into more detail in the next chapter(s), but for now, just know that they have no idea what the other is saying! :pinkiecrazy:

8011075 What do you mean? The fact that they have Storm-Trooper-like aim? :derpytongue2: You try aiming a rifle with just hooves! :rainbowwild:

8011512 you know very well what i mean....

There is paranoid.... and then there is this idiocy that the guards show:facehoof:

hmm... i feel like this doctor is a very powerful figure who can put some gears moving:trixieshiftleft:

8017964 You might be on to something! The question is, just how powerfull is he? :rainbowhuh: Only 1 person knows!

8018101 more like 2...:raritywink:

remember the wife of said doctor?:trollestia:

Like the idea but this feels a bit disjointed to me slow down a bit and give us a bit more into the characters it might help. Keep up the good work though.

8018677 I'll try to think about that! Thanks!

Hmm... i have a feeling that GenBTech doesn't have clean records... they possibly sabotaged the warp drive of Erics ship:trixieshiftleft:


It is a combination of two highly advanced systems: The Alcubierre Drive, and the Energy Deflector. The Aclubierre Drive was invented long ago, but it was never put to use back then.

8021607 Whoops, I'll fix that as soon as possible! :twilightsheepish:

And when they get to him, eric is gonna be like

A loud sound could be heard troughout all the ships, and amy of the civilians began to be scared

Should be throughout and many

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