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An attic dwelling animator who decided to start writing pony fanfics. Let's see how this plays out.


The Combine are invading Equestria, and it's up to Twilight Sparkle to put a stop to them! But there are plans for Twilight that she was not made aware of.

Yes, it's a crossover with Half-Life.

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i have a question should this rated teen or mature because it based on half life 2:rainbowderp::duck:

Sure, this could be good. :twilightsmile:
But the tag should be at least "teen".

And what we are up against really are all of our nightmares combined. The Combine...

Yet they can be defeated with a simple tool used by most carpenters.
Also, their army is called "The Overwatch"
"The Combine" is used only when addressing their "government".
Just telling you so that there are no mistakes.


Actually, I'd forgotten to put a rating on it!

"By simple tool used by most carpenters", were you referring to Freeman's trusty crowbar? The thing is, they also invaded Earth in 7 hours...

Also, I just thought "The Overwatch" was just the name for their military presence on Earth. Although, if they did invade Equestria they would most likely set up an Overwatch there, too.

3328162 Overwatch refers to their militia on earth. It might be a name for all of them or an individual and unique name.

No, I was referring to the Tau Cannon... :facehoof:
Of course I meant the Crowbar. :pinkiehappy:
It's surprisingly good for bashing the heads of aliens and brainwashed humans.

Hmmm the only stuff of the Combine known is what was sent to earth so for all we know they probably have even bigger and deadlier things lying in wait to kill and conquer. What took earth was also overwhelming forces and surprise but in this instance the surprise is gone but the resistance is lessened by the fact sun butt doesn't seem to have warned the other races so all there is are ponies that are prepared and they aren't exactly the best fighting force. I'm really curious as to how this'll turn out... Well it's almost guaranteed a win for Equetria but I'll be surprised if they lose... And not just for a little I mean fully wouldn't that be different? XD cool story and I hope for more

3356461Ah yes, it's pretty intriguing to think about what else the Combine have, and what planets they've conquered other than Earth and the Vortigaunts' home world.

3374711 heh yeah really you could take an alien species from anything and just slap some mechanical stuff on them and bam you've got more combine things! Hmmm actually that's really cool try it maybe?

3377309 I might consider doing that.:twilightsmile:

But no promises!

Couple of things:
1. I loved how you wrote the zombification of Applebloom, it was a powerful moment that spiced up the story, and you should keep up with moments like those, not necessarily deaths though.
2. "Come with us if you want to live".
Really? You managed to at least put this Terminator quote in a good place, but it's just too big of a cliche to overlooked.


1. Oh, thanks! I'm glad at least one person found it it powerful!!
2. Eh, I thought it would be cool to put in a reference like that. I guess some things work, some don't! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm I've always wondered how the elements worked. They usually seem to work in favour of Equestria but I wouldn't think that they'd know it understand what the Combine are. I mean for all intents and purposes, the Combine work in harmony with each other and as such shouldn't be affected. So I'm just curious if it's HARMONY or just some random crap that only benefits Equestria itself... Which wouldn't surprise me. They're really racist in Equestria ._.

Wow I really want Pinkie to Equestria's Gordon Freeman

Also couldn't they just break the Headcrabs legs then pull them off?

G-Man! Heh gotta love him and his helpfulness to those who can get the job done

So your turning Ponyville into Ravenholm, nice... And Canterlot into city 17, also nice... The equestrian landscape is gonna start looking a lot like episode two, and or highway 17... You know long with sand traps, loved that chapter. Where are they going to erect the citadel... Maybe you should make a make shift nexus out of the Canterlot castle, and the citadel right in the middle of the city. Then the combine start making changes to the streets making them look a little more like home, or at least, what they call home, (city 17). Then if twilight comes back to Canterlot... The railway systems are already under there control, and other major cities are being converted too. But first, she has to go through Ravenholm, (Ponyville), and soon she finds a combine train that she somehow gets working, she rides it all the way up to Canterlot, or at least she hopes so, for the train gets shot down by gunships. You decide what comes next... Your welcome for the next 15 chapters...

Lets just say your hour has come again, Ms Sparkle.

The right pony, in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

So, wake up, Ms Sparkle. Wake up and, smell the ashes.

4006801 ...is probably what he would say after the hiatus! :rainbowwild:


Indeed. I also found listening to this encourage the sadness even more.

4006832 Awesome soundtrack there!

I decided to read this because there will be a part later on in my story when the Combine will invade Equestria, (though it's primarily a Portal fic) and I need some Half-Life related inspiration for then. This is good, but there are minor issues (mostly grammatical and the annoying use of the phrase "began to") that keep it from being exceptional. So, you could really use an editor.

There were no points for guessing who the man with the briefcase was, but I liked what he revealed to Twilight. And I found myself rushing through his dialog, when reading it should be slow. You have put ellipses and hyphens throughout his dialog to break it up to really get the effect.

For example:

"Time? It appears as if you have… all the time… in the world. Now, I… took the liberty of dis–abling your magic. You’ll get it back in good… time. But my mo–tivations are no concern… of yours. But, if you would… rather me… cut to… the chase, then… so be it."

3743811 MLP MacGuffins aren't effective against shit outside of their world. I mean everything about them SCREAMS 'we are weak please exploit us!'

England during the Hundred Years War could just curbstomp Equestria three times in a row!

5011384 I personally considered overwatch to be a type of synth. Because synths are aliens that have been weaponized by The Combine, and Overwatch are humans that have been pretty much weaponized by The Combine that would put them in the same category.

5018269 Really hungry people could curb stomp equestria if you deprived them of their packets of crisps

Did the Combine invade EQG?

Look it ends just like hl2... On a cliffhanger.

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