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I love pones.


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What did I just read?

porn with horses?:unsuresweetie:

7910352 the fact I liked it and you made it drives me to seek help... thanks a lot. I'll be leaving a like and fav

I'll leave now

I dont see anything wrong if you dont

Sorry rarity is just to creepy for my mates in this :applejackunsure:Then agin maybe its just because i just started watching 12 years a slave

im in love with this fic

Derpibooru image 1334680

I can't post the link because of the rules. search the artist on derpibooru

Right, but you could provide the id number. That's fine though, I missed the artist's name the first time and that should be enough. :twilightsmile:

7910352 Isn't it weird how often readers ask that question? I mean they just finished reading it; you'd think they'd know! :rainbowwild:

About to read this, but I was wondering if you could direct me towards to full picture you used for this story.

so, sweetie belle was forced to taste a penis and now she's ok with it? um..............................


and now she's ok with it?

No. She's fucking thrilled. It's much tastier than Rarity's dildos.

7961508 oh. Okay!:twilightsmile: sorry about that!

Damn, this was so hot...
where did you find that pic?

"I soiled your private parts and it's my duty as a lady to clean it up. Please, use my throat as your cockwasher."

Well shit. How do you say no to that?

I took a look on Fancy's groin. His cock, previously hard as a rock, was currently flaccid and limp. His balls, previously plump and heavy with seed, were shrunken and completely drained. All of their contents were now mine, splashing against the walls of my stomach. I stroked my bulging belly as if claiming my new possessions.

What a good girl...

I wanted to read just one foalcon story, because I Did not know what It was.:fluttercry:

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