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Lumineko Summer 2017 E-Magazine · 5:14pm Aug 30th, 2017

The brand new 2017 Summer ezine by @lumineko is here and is available for download here: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&ejc=2&cl=289821&i=1551839&amount=3

It is PWYW with a suggested minimum of $3 and believe me it is worth it. Over 100 pages and including SFW and NSFW pictures and comics AND an exclusive fanfic written by myself.

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Thank you for the watch! :heart:

Thanks for following!

2483473 Ooh, looking forward to it! :pinkiehappy: In addition to Sweetie Belle, I'm also looking forward to Big Mac, Spike, and Applejack having fun with Apple Bloom! :twilightsmile: But instead of just having Sweetie eat out Apple Bloom's ass, why not have them both eating out each other's asses at the same time, then inviting Spike and Big Mac to fuck them senseless by having them fuck their asses? Or have Spike fuck their asses while Big Mac fucks him, while Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle eat out Rarity and Applejack, respectively, alternating between their pussies and asses. That would be so hot!

Not working on it atm, but don't worry when the next chapter is done, that will definitely happen ;3

2480424 Are you currently working on the next chapter? Everypony but Apple Bloom has had their ass eaten out and like Rarity said, she doesn't want a single ass left dry. Sweetie seemed to want to have some fun with Apple Bloom. Maybe she should eat out Apple Bloom's ass. She certainly seemed to love eating out Applejack's, and Applejack didn't seem to mind returning the favor.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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