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The Witching Hour

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In the first era of Displaced, two opposing forces fought and they were both gifted with Understanding. It was Auric, the Golden Sun, and his allies versus Makuta Teridax and those he, the Emperor of Shadows, had recruited. The story began and ended, but was never told.

This story is an AU version of the original War of Understanding and is nonapplicable to the characters or fics involved unless explicitly stated by the authors.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 14 )

So, the mythical War of Understanding, eh?

Thanks for providing us new readers with an answer to that forgotten part of those classics from the genre, no matter its word or chapter count. :twilightsmile:


There is a link to the original version in the Guide or the website, both are linked in the Important Thread Hub

Thanks for the heads-up, MidnightChaos.

Will check upon it, eventually.

AU, huh? This could be good for a laugh.

So... Is this the same story, but from a 3rd person omniscient perspective, instead of 2 stories with their own perspective, or is it a different plot?

Edit: also, it feels like you should add the comedy tag.


Same "event" with a few changes and a mildly altered plot from a 3rd person omniscient perspective.

The comedy is more or less an easer on the drama and such that will come to follow.


This has been up in my browser for around a week. I finally got around to reading the prologue and I have to say. I think it's bad. Not even not the "so bad it's funny" kind of bad like The Chase or TCB. Just bad. Your writing is technically fine, the entire setup just seems ludicrous to me.

I'll read it though. Never read the originals.


I will burn the planet with the power of my denial. (Actually, tbh, I was the last one writing this and the only person who didn't give up. IE I was fucked over by everyone that participated except Ssendam.)

8568558 Middy please pull and Elsa here and just let it go, man... its dead Jim

Neat! Another chapter!

Tracking now, to avoid forgetting how things will go!

8568728 Well then... I tried... best of luck to ya leeme know how it turns out. :ajsleepy:

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