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I'm a guy who's watched the show, yet I'm neither a Brony norr an Anti-Brony. I merely watch, that I might better understand, and provide a bridge betwixt the two. I am the Knight of Space: I see all.


So, there Ian was, trying to catch up with his sister at ComicCon San Diego, when he ran into a strange vendor...

Now, he finds himself in an alternate version of the Bionicle universe that he loved as a kid, but things are different this time: namely, there are literal ponies running around amongst the local populace. Not to mention the sister dimension, where Equestria's been overrun by hostile forces, and all may very well be lost already...

Pretty soon, feces hits the thresher, and it's all this guy can do to keep the timeline playing out properly as he tries to find a way back home.

Yeah, he's gonna die.

Oh, and he has to master his new Toa powers, lest he accidentally destroy everything.

So, yeah. No pressure.

This is a Displaced fic, set in a Bionicle universe. Inspired by what I've read of this story, in addition to the others in it's group.

If you decide to leave a dislike on this story, please let me know how it failed to live up to your expectations, so I can have an idea of what I could be doing better.

I know it'll never be perfect, but hey: shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll still land among the stars.

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Aaand he steals first place...

Stole first again...!

Stole first yet again!

How far will he go? Nobody knows!

Hah! That bit with the Nerf gun was hilarious!

Activating tracking beacon! And looking forward to the crossover!

7748851 No one cares if your comment was posted first.:facehoof:


Neither do I, I'm mostly trying to deter the folks you sometimes get who are obsessed with commenting first. It's childish, but hey, it works.

7760358 So being childish consistently results in people not being childish? (I'm not being sarcastic I'm genuinely asking)


I'm pretty sure it doesn't, to be honest. I'm just a bit wierd that way, and it was a bit late when I (re)submitted the story and put the comments on.

I've been considering turning the "first" comment into a sort of supplentary Author's Note later... Or maybe not. Who knows.

Yayyyyyyy, I smell bullshit and traps in this chapter. I just hope you call in the big guns when you let "freed" Discord to your location.
Oh are you going to call in any of the displaced Bionicle in to help when SHTF happens?


All 14 of us will be going in. The Big Six, Spike, the Toa Mata, and Caldoric. I don't (yet) have any tokens from any of the Bionicle Displaced, though I'll eventually be involved with the Piraka Displaced.

But yeah, drastic measures may have to be taken when we encounter-- whoops, spoilers!

7760794 care for help from my obscenely large army


Maybe, just... Let us take back the Castle and/ or Canterlot first... And maybe Ponyville will be up for re-taking.

What's your Token, out of curiosity?

7761074 what, oh no the army thing is just a joke.... or mabey it's not. I've been think up a displace with no story. One you can only find a crossovers. He's a bit of a troll and a deadpool 4th wall breaker. He was displaced in the void and now just bugs people he thinks as friends. He doesn't have a token due to not having a world of his own. He mainly pick out words at random or that what he teal you but he just following the crossover, but if he finds your world, then he'll always find his way back and seem to know if your in trouble.
He main looks like this
comes from a nice back round. Lived in a small mining town in Minnesota, had a big family, and a faw siblings. He can't remember how he got displaced. Which is why he goes from world to world. To see if he can find his displacer. His name is Jackson Alexander, but you can call him Jack.

If he thinks you as a friend that may the doom marines have mercy on your foe, for he won't.... So how was that?

7761320 same as discords but with a bit more of oufff to them. His power can be blocked but he can summon some things that can't be blocked. They have to be something he puts a lot of value into. Not money value, but emotional value. Like stuff from his past and verse things his friends give him. He's very clingy to his stuff.

As for right now he has a phone, wallet, a picture, and a incorruptible soul. This will grow in time.

7761451 I actually did a thread about it if you want to look. mostly the same thought

7761451 Hey, if you don't mind I'd like to cross this with my Fourze Displaced. By the way, if I have the option, I'd like to help beat Discord, as I have the perfect thing for the job.


I'll consider it... Lemme just look into your story first. I mean, I had my own idea for beating him, but... it seems a bit unbelievable that it would work. So I'll have to see what your idea is, first. So again, I'll have to read your story to see what you can do.

I'll also have to finish my first crossover before I start another...

Edit: oh, hey, wait! You're that guy with the Applebloom Transformer story! Very fun, that. Nice work, can't wait for more!

Edit 2: And you did the Caboose one shot, as well as the KND story? Dude! Respect! Totally reading your story now!

7783700 Um, I didn't write the Applebloom story, I just comment on it a lot. As for how he'd beat Discord, 2 spoilers for my story. 1: Jack'll gain the ability to create Legend Rider type switches based on Displaced he meets. Second: this chapter. I assume you can see where I'm going with this.


Whoops, my mistake...

Also, your plan is to summon... him?! Mata Nui protect us! Also, I may have to see if I can find somewhere to watch Kamen Rider. Hopefully it's on Netflix.

Edit: it's not. :...(

7784648 Actually, I was going to use a Mask Switch, which is basically gonna amount to basically the same thing.

By the way, here you go

Had a lot of fun doing this chapter! But the fun's just getting started...

Shit. Ian was right; bitch laid a trap for them.

*Me watching this*
Chrysalis: WHO ARE YOU!
Me:"I stand by the rest that feel. I am the defender of Tamriel. From Morrowind to Hammerfell, i'm sending you bastards BACK TO HELL!!!"

Chrysalis: ummmmm
Me: ummmm fuck.


Ah, K... Still not sure what a mask switch is, because the fan-wiki page is a bit derpy, but I assume it has something to do with the switches with faces/helmets on them?

Also, though the link you provided works, the videos don't want to play. And I just bought a golden gate switch off eBay (the recolored "launcher switch," apparently,) so that I have that IRL. I imagine it'll be nice and clicky...


Yes, I was very subtle about that whole thing... (he said, sarcastically.) The words in the letter were still true, they just were worded such that they could be taken either way.

7785445 Pretty much, I made up the Mask Switch, but yeah.


So... You're gonna walk away from our encounter with a Kanohi Kualsi mask switch?

7785477 Was gonna call it the Toa Switch but yeah.


I meant it'd have a Mask of Quick Travel on it... Though I'd heavily suggest going with a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding. It's the most widely recognized mask in the franchise.

7785496 It would be the one he wears, so if it's the Hau, sure.

Let me know when you're ready.


He wears a Kualsi. I was just thinking that the switch would unlock Jack's/Fourze's inner Toa power, which might not necessarily be the same as Caldoric's, or a certain array of Toa powers. There's a page or two on Biosector01 that gives a list of the Canon "pantheon" of elements, if you think that might help.

As for the whole "being ready" thing, it might take a while. Still figuring out the order of how I want to do crossovers...

Edit: not to mention, I'm in the middle of one now, quite obviously. But I will let you know.


Ok. So, I finally found a link that worked, and I watched the first two episodes. I've gotta say, it's weird, but... in a good way. It's the kind of weird that leaves you wanting more, so I'm content to sit back and watch the madness unfold.

At least it gets straight to the action, unlike DBZ. I'll definitely keep watching it, and maybe look at the other series if I can.

Cool, they get lightsabers. Great chapter, on both fronts. If you know what I mean.


Understood. I thought it'd be a nice touch.

Yup, it's up.

It seems there's another crossover about to happen... but with whom?

7806821 I'd say with me, it was Jack's token you found, but that would be in this Verse.

By the way, glad you like it, I've got something special planned for our cross now.


Well, yes and no. He did find Jack's token, but he didn't "call upon the power of the stars" before activating it. It was more like how that one guy kept clicking the normal launcher switch in the first episode, but nothing actually happened.

And I have an idea of how he'll use it to bring Jack to this messed-up corner of the Equestria-verse.

You might want to fix the link to my name...


It was linked to your page when you were still "Hive Warrior" Sebaste. I've fixed that...

Pfft, that ending! And holy throne, I was honestly surprised that Caldoric managed to actually fight Ahriman to a standstill, not even my guys could do that!


Um... He didn't fight him to a standstill. He's still nothing compared to a Void Dweller at this point, though he may get closer at some point in time. Like, Caldoric was merely (and rather crudely,) mimicking things he'd seen in video games whilst under the rage influence, but barely survived a direct hit from Ahriman himself. Obelisk would've given Caldoric a bit (a lot, actually,) of trouble, but the other guys... not so much.

Ahriman was gracious enough to let Caldoric go, probably to further his own plans down the road. Or out of curiosity, I mean, who really knows with that guy? I do know this, however; things would've gotten a bit... drastic, shall we say, if Ahriman had accepted the offer of the hammer.

7876273 Good point.... Still, it was a surprise to see him stand toe to toe with Ahriman, but you can never really tell with Ahriman if he's toying with you or not

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