• Published 25th Jan 2017
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Ain't That a Kick in the Head - cyberlord4444

Most of what Discord did dissapeared when he was resealed. One thing however, appeared. The Lucky 38 Casino, and it's inhabitants.

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Back in the Saddle

Twilight, her friends, and the Princesses stood in front of the tower that now stood on the outskirts of Ponyville, the so-called Lucky 38.

"Have you ever seen anything like this?" Twilight asked Celestia.

"No I haven't, I've seen many construction projects in my time, but nothing this large was ever conceived, let alone built," Celestia replied.

"Woah woah woah, time out," Rainbow Dash interjected, "what about the castle?"

"While it's difficult to tell, this tower is much taller than the castle," Celestia replied, "it's Mount Canter that gives it most of it's height."

"It looks way too thin to support it's own weight," Twilight said, a copy of 'Marvels of Architecture: Modern to Ancient' held open in front of her, "it shouldn't even be standing. The amount of magic you would need to make it light and sturdy enough is immense, and I don't sense any."

"I say we bust in there and find out how it got here," Dash said, punching one of her hooves into the other.

"I reckon that'll be easier said than done," Applejack replied, "I've raised my fair share of barns, and then some, and that there door looks like it'll hold up ta just 'bout anything."

"Then I'll just go in a window," Dash replied.

Before anypony could point out the problems with that idea, a buzzing sound caught their attention. They turned to see that Pinkie's mane was vibrating in 2-3 second bursts.

"Uh sugarcube," Applejack asked, "what's up with your mane?"

"Hmm?" Pinkie asked, before looking up. "Oh yippie! Uncle Mysty's coming to visit!!!"

"Uncle Mysty?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, he's my favorite uncle, he taught me everything I know about... oh no!"

"What's the matter darling," asked Rarity.

"Uncle Mysty doesn't stay in one spot for very long, so if I don't go now I might not be able to get his party ready before he leaves," Pinkie yelled in way of explination before looking at the Lucky 38, "but if I go, I might miss being here when whoever's in there comes out so I can throw them a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party."

"How do you know that whoever's in there is friendly," asked Twilight, "let alone if there even is anypony in there?"

"Just a hunch," Pinkie grinned.

Before the could discuss further, the large metal door of the Lucky 38 opened up, causing everypony gathered to turn to look. Behind the door was a couple of glass doors etched with the Lucky 38's emblem, which didn't surprise them. What did surprise them is the large figure that was also behind the door. It was large, boxy, made of metal, had a wheel instead of feet, and a screen in the middle of it's torso that displayed a smiling face.

As it rolled towards them, not a word was uttered by anyone, until Pinkie broke the silence. "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, what's your name?"

"Hello Pinkie Pie," the figure replied in a cheerful tone, "I am Yes Man, a modified mark 2 PDQ-88b Securitron. I am here on behalf of my boss, Jack Carson, governor of New Vegas."

[10 minutes prior]

Jack groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. His head was swimming and his stomach wanted to eject everything he'd eaten for the past month. All in all, he felt like the first time he had returned from Big Mountain, but worse.

"Everyone still breathing?" he asked.

An assortment of groans answered him, apparently he was the only one recovered enough to talk.

"Yes Man?"

"Here I am sir."

"What's the status of the 38?"

"I have managed to reassume control of the Lucky 38, mostly because when the teleportation device fired, Mr. House's lockout ended. Based on what I can tell from the external security cameras, the Lucky 38 has been relocated to a rural, somewhat wooded area. Due to turbulence caused by the transport, several display cases have been damaged, as have several other objects that were previously on a high shelf. The tower has taken some minor cosmetic damage, but the generator and solar panels are fully functional," Yes Man cheerfully replied. "Oh, and you have all turned into ponies."

Jack just stared at him, "...what?"

"You sir are now a dark grey pony with a black mane and tail and wings," Yes Man cheerfully replied, "also, you have the image of a bullet engraved with an envelope on your butt."

Jack raised his hand to smack Yes Man, obviously he was malfunctioning, but when it entered his field of view, he saw that instead of a hand, there was a dark grey, furry, handless limb. Reaching along his side, he felt a new limb coming from his body, and it had feathers.

"I need a drink."

"You and me both," said Rose. Jack turned to see that he wasn't the only one getting used to a new body. Rose was now a rose colored pony with a dirty blond mane and an image of a whisky bottle with a rose on the label crossed with a varmint rifle. Boone was a slate grey pony with wings, and his mane was the same color as his beret, he had the First Recon emblem on his rear. Veronica was mostly covered by her robe, but Jack could tell that she was pearl colored with a dark blue mane, although he was unable to tell weather or not she had an image on her rear as it was covered by her robe. Arcade had turned into a black pony with an orange mane, his rear bore a cross made of various plants.

"Pardon me sir," Yes Man cheerfully interjected, "but there are several ponies outside talking about the 38, how should we respond."

Jack attempted to stand up, but quickly lost his balance, "Go out there and explain the situation to them, and try to find out where we are, the rest of us need to learn how to walk."

[Outside the Lucky 38]

"So," asked Twilight, "who is this Mr. Carson?"

"And how the buck did you get here?" demanded Rainbow Dash.

"Mr. Carson was originally a courier for the Mojave express, before a series of incidents resulted in him becoming the hero of the second battle of Hoover Dam, and subsequently being made the governor of New Vegas and the surrounding area. As for how he arrived, one of the things he did was to kill the previous ruler of New Vegas, Mr. House, who had left a failsafe system that used a failed transporter system to transport the Lucky 38 as a form of revenge, luckily it looks like the transporter wasn't as much of a failure as he thought."

"Why would he do something like that?" asked Fluttershy.

"If you're talking about Mr. Carson, let's just say that he used to work for Mr. House, but he stopped liking him after Mr. House told him to blow up the Brotherhood of Steel base, with everyone still inside," Yes Man cheerfully replied, "as for why Mr. House used a transporter, I'm not really sure. If he just wanted to destroy the Lucky 38, explosives would have done the job don't you think?"

Celestia stepped forward, "Who exactly is the Brotherhood of Steel?"

"The Brotherhood of Steel is a group that has dedicated themselves to the recovery of advanced pre-war technology, although they can be a bit grabby at times," Yes Man cheerfully replied, "the only way to join is to be born into it, so there are quite a few children at their various bases, preparing for the roles they'll take when they're old enough."

Everypony blanched when they heard that. "Did Mr. House know there were young ones there?" asked Celestia.

"Probably," Yes Man cheerfully replied, "that fact is matter of public record, and Mr. House prided himself on planning ahead."

Everypony then decided, that while this Mr. Carson might have been wrong to kill Mr. House, Mr. House was far worse.

"Pardon the interruption," Yes Man cheerfully replied, "but Mr. Carson has figured out how to walk, and is ready to see you now."

They turned to the door to see a dark grey Pegasus wearing a business suit walking out the door.

"I suppose you're Mr. Carson," said Celestia, "the governor of New Vegas."

"Not anymore," Jack replied, "now, I'm just a simple courier."

Author's Note:

Forgive the exposision dump, but it was neccisary, action will ensue soon enough.

By the way, honest opinion, do I need a 'Human' tag?

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Comments ( 13 )

7901820 Not really, let's just say I have a very good reason to keep him here, and no you can't find out early.

Maybe use the tag just in case:applejackunsure:

I'm no expert on the subject....

But this should start getting very exciting, very soon:scootangel:

Yes human tag.

Hope to see more soon, this site is sorely lacking in good Fallout crossovers that aren't Fallout: Equestria-based.

Possibly, you did have him as a human for a while. Also, add this to more groups and keep going, I wanna see what happens!

I hope this will continue someday. I'm very intrigued on where this might lead to. That and I loved playing New Vegas and wish I could play it on my Xbox One X.

Ah, good 'ol Yes Man. What happened to Lily, Raul, Rex and ED-E?

Hate to be a bother but are you going to continue with this story?

When is there going to be a update on the story, I like to see where it go’s.

Yeah, but i can se why. it would be kinda hard to "start it" since there is not many ways some people from fallout can get to equestria y'know

Nah, I beg to differ. Aliens, pre-war experiment found in some ruin, insane doctors, deus-ex machina; there's plenty of ways, people jyst don't write them.

Not sure if you're aware, but your fic was added to The Mojave Express, It has been reviewed and approved for moving to the Fallout: New Vegas folder.

Plz consider continuing this awesome story

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