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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


Things were good in New Vegas. The Courier had secured New Vegas as it's own territory under the NCR, Raider activity had plummeted, and Cesare's Legion was on the run. However, Mr House had left 1 last trick, a teleportation device to send the Lucky 38, and everyone within it, somewhere that they would be unable to enjoy their rewards.

A little place called Equestria.

Inspired by Wasteland to Wonderland by Dragonman461, give it a read.

Chapters (2)
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You should link to Wasteland to Wonderland, or at least Dragonman461's profile. Can I get a link to that story?

you are writing this wrong...

Cesare's Legion

It should be "Caesar's Legion"

And you also wrote this wrong..

While Cesare himself did concern himself with his people,

That should "Caesar"

hope this helps:twilightsmile:

7897098 I'll mention what happened to them
7897266 Sure, give me a minute
7898198 It's how the auto-correct spelled it, give me a minute

7898677 autocorrect is the bane of us all, am i right?:facehoof:

7898743 Tell me about it, one time I tried to spell sachenfreud, and it replaced it with 'Add to dictionary', multiple times. I wish I was making that up.:ajbemused:

Oh boy here we go again.
Are the Courier and his friends going to turn into ponys? If so I want to Applejack shipped with Rose! :ajsmug:

7898803 how the hell did it even think that:rainbowhuh:

It ain't anywhere close to sachenfreud:twilightoops:

and i got no idea what sachenfreud even means:twilightblush:

Loveing it so far, keep it up.

I favorited this but it's not showing up in my favorites? I'm confused.

7901701 Technically this was unpublished by the admins because there's not enough pony, I'm currently working on a second chapter with much more so it'll be allowed(it's almost done).

Honestly I'm a bit confused as to why you can access this page.

7901820 Not really, let's just say I have a very good reason to keep him here, and no you can't find out early.

Maybe use the tag just in case:applejackunsure:

I'm no expert on the subject....

But this should start getting very exciting, very soon:scootangel:

Hope to see more soon, this site is sorely lacking in good Fallout crossovers that aren't Fallout: Equestria-based.

Possibly, you did have him as a human for a while. Also, add this to more groups and keep going, I wanna see what happens!

I hope this will continue someday. I'm very intrigued on where this might lead to. That and I loved playing New Vegas and wish I could play it on my Xbox One X.

Ah, good 'ol Yes Man. What happened to Lily, Raul, Rex and ED-E?

Hate to be a bother but are you going to continue with this story?

When is there going to be a update on the story, I like to see where it go’s.

Cool story, Ive never seen a fallout fic like this one before

Yeah, but i can se why. it would be kinda hard to "start it" since there is not many ways some people from fallout can get to equestria y'know

Nah, I beg to differ. Aliens, pre-war experiment found in some ruin, insane doctors, deus-ex machina; there's plenty of ways, people jyst don't write them.

Not sure if you're aware, but your fic was added to The Mojave Express, It has been reviewed and approved for moving to the Fallout: New Vegas folder.

Plz consider continuing this awesome story

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