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Shadow Stormblade

I love MLP and am a brony and Rainbow Dash is best pony


A mysterious Alicorn arrives in Ponyville from the depths of the Everfree Forest. Who is this strange pony that no one has seen before? Where did he come from? This story tells the true story about what really should have happened.

This is my first story on here so be nice!

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This... is something special.

7884882 Thanks! I worked super hard on this and am, like, so proud of it!

I think you've got a lot of interesting ideas here! While you are only starting your writing journey and will continue to learn and grow as an author, I'm excited to see what you'll have for us next! :twilightsmile:

Best story I ever read

20/10 "would let the trash flow to the top again"

I'll admit, you had me at, "for it was raining fucking fire."

Is this is a joke? Should I be laughing?

7884886 I don't think that was a compliment.

Prince, Mayor and sex god in less than five minutes.

Legit didn't see that twist coming.

What a :twistnerd:.

7884995 just let them have their moment

7884890 Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope to keep on producing quality fan fiction!

7884894 Uhhhh... Thanks? I guess?

7884930 I'm pleased that you enjoyed that line! I try to hook you right from the start!

7884961 Thank you so much for your kind words!

7884972 I wasn't trying to be funny. But, maybe I'll do a comedy story next time!

7884995 It sounded like one to me!

7885068 I tried to make it entertaining!

7885291 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

7885573 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Awwww... Poor Cadance. I'll take you into my harem. It's only got 1 ponies, assuming you agree to join it, but I'll treat you better Danny Cann.

All the tropes...

7885668 you seem very optimistic about this.

No... Just no.

I can't.... I just.....


This feels like this whole story is based on some kid playing with toys in the backyard.
Like some brother borrow sister toys to play and remade one of the alicorn figure into his OC.

Too shitty to be either authentic or a trollfic.
Go read Windlife and learn, you failtroll.

What... the actual what?

Look out. We have a bad*** here.


This... thing... has no continuity at ALL.

That ending is too hot to handle.

A captivating start. But then it goes into "Mary Su" territory, instant friendship, Mayor-hood, and possible sexing. I can't tell if this is a trollfic or not, but I'm going to continue. :\

Mother... WHAT?! But... waah? Now we need the name of the sex god Alicorn child of Celestia. :\
Edit: I misread, it would be son of Luna, or did I misinterpret... again?

Self-insert character I guess. Prince Shadow Stormblade ultimate power galore. I still can't tell if this is a trollfic. ;\

I'm slightly lost... defeats all the villains, takes the "crown" for himself. Alright, I need to ask at this point. Are you trolling everyone? Or does it just seem like that?~^^

Alright... I'll be doing a review on this... I can send you the link once it is up. Sex god Shadow Stormblade I will look for your next story. ^^

Here's the review...

7884882 Wing What are you doing here?

Oh lord.... What sort of madness have I stumbled upon this time! *Reads it*

Well ladies and gentlemen, this recording form the SCP Foundation Training Seminar on Reality Benders Maybe our salvation!

8044704 Clearly this coming of age tale drew me in.... :rainbowlaugh:

8044727 I think that it was the same phenomenon that causes the watching of a live train wreck. :rainbowderp:

My entire body hurts.

General rule of thumb: chapters for a story should at least be a thousand words or more.

Also your protagonist is a downright Gary Stu. At least your writing skills aren't bad.

8092450 What about groups? I was thinking of adding this to some groups to help get it out there.

8092922 My recommendation would be to keep working on your story as best as you can, especially in the "fattening up your chapters" department before worrying about putting your story in groups. But if you really want to, try putting your story in groups that align with your story tags and themes.

8092922 dun listen 2 the h8ers shadow u r a good writr an i like ur oc :heart:

8094088 the hell? I was offering up constructive criticism.

I luve your story!!!!!! so much!!!!!

8112121 OMG! Thank you!!!!!!111!!!!!11!

I lost all my brain cells reading this, it's bad.

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