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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 9, The Phantom Disguise

It was a dark night in an area of the city that almost no one went to, but tonight someone was there. A young man watched in horror as his monster was destroyed and his life points reduced to zero, while his opponent laughed. Said opponent was a figure in dark clothing, wearing a black hooded cape with lighting bolts on the trim. His face was covered by a theatre mask with stars and a lightning bolt painted on.

"No" he said before he saw his opponent begin to walk up to him.

"I win" the figure said, his voice distorted so it sounded robotic, "hand it over just like we agreed. Your identity."

The boy sighed as he took out a card and held it out for the figure to take. As the figure took the card he began to laugh once again, louder than before and almost psychotic.

"Did you hear" Scootaloo said to her friends the next day, "the Phantom struck again last night."

"Your kidding right?" Applebloom replied.

"I thought he was just a myth" Sweetie Bell said.

"No way, he's real" Scootaloo said before putting on a creepy impersonation of the Phantom. "I'm going to steal your identity."

"knock it off" Sweetie Bell said obviously freaked out.

"What's this about a phantom?" the girls looked around to see Rainbow Dash.

"Oh hay Rainbow Dash" Scootaloo said, "how could you not have heard of the Phantom? He's this freaky masked Duellist who goes around at night time, challenging others to Duels."

"They say he's so scary that he can literally paralyse the monsters he Duels against" Applebloom said.

"And if you lose to him, than he makes you hand over your best card" Sweetie Bell finished. "Or as he likes to call it, your identity."

"Sounds like something that Trixie girl would try and pull off" Rainbow said, "why do people do this sort of thing? Duelling is suppose to be about having fun."

Later on Rainbow was walking home when a very familiar voice caught her attention.

"Rainbow Dash" she spun around and her eyes went wide seeing who it was.

"Lightning Dust" she said to the girl with light blue skin and orange and yellow hair.

"I thought it was you" Lightning said, "been to long."

The two had found a bench to sit on and began to catch up.

"So how have you been?" Lightning asked, "I haven't seen you since Soccer Camp."

"I've been good" Rainbow replied, "but what about you? Still the fasted thing on two feet."

"You know it" she replied, "once I get the ball nothing gets in my way."

"I seem to remember I got in your way quite a though times" Rainbow replied.

"That was then" Lightning said, "you should try me now."

"Is that a challenge?" Rainbow asked.

"You know it."

They soon found themselves a pitch and a ball and prepared to play. The ball sat in the centre of the field with the two an equal distance away, with the objective being to run to it and score a goal before the other.

"Ready?" Lightning asked.

"Set" Rainbow replied.

"GO" they both shot towards the ball, but Lightning got there a fraction of a second sooner and began dribbling it. Rainbow attempted to intercept but Lightning did something truly unexpected. She kicked the ball causing it to fly through Rainbow's legs, as Lightning did a side step before zooming forward under her arm.

All that happened in a fraction of a second. To Rainbow it was as if Lightning had walked straight through her at blinding speed, Lightning shot the ball at the goal and scored.

"Looks like you've improved your game since our last spare" Rainbow said, as they cleaned themselves up at a public sink.

"You to" Lightning said "just not as much as me".

"It's almost as if you were a ghost" Rainbow said.

"Just lots of practice" Lightning said.

"You may be better at Soccer then me" Rainbow said, "but there's one game I know I can beat you at."

"You talking about Duelling" Lightning said, "I'd probably wipe you at that to."

"Why don't we find out?" Rainbow said.

"As much as I'd like to," Lightning said, "I don't have my deck with me. Besides I've got other places to be, so I gotta get going."

"Alright" Rainbow said before watching her friend leave.

It was getting late as Rainbow made her way home she got a phone call.

"Oh" she said looking at who was calling, "it's Scootaloo" she answered. "Hey, what's up."

"Hey Rainbow" the teen heard, "I just got word on a blog that the Phantom's just struck again in our neighbourhood."

"What?" Rainbow said in surprise.

"I got the address of where he was last seen."

Rainbow frowned hearing this. "Where?"

Rainbow arrived at the area Scootaloo had told her, but so far nothing seemed out of the ordinary...until.

A loud cry was heard. Kicking into gear Rainbow rushed towards the sound of the voice, arriving in a damp and dark alleyway. "Hello" she called out, but nothing called back. Running down the alley and around the corner Rainbow froze at what she saw.

A figure in dark clothing with a lightning bolt stitched black cape and theatre mask, was stood not to far off. At his feet stood a beaten and unconscious Duellist.

"Hey" Rainbow called out running towards the figure, catching his attention.

The figure quickly took off down the alley with Rainbow in hot pursuit. They rushed around down several routes until they came to a dead end, as the Phantom found himself trapped.

"End of the line" Rainbow said.

The Phantom spun around to faced off against Rainbow.

"Just come quietly" Rainbow told her.

"I don't think so" the Phantom said, before rushing towards Rainbow and suddenly he was gone.

"What the?" Rainbow asked.

"I'm right here" she spun around and saw the Phantom had somehow gotten passed her, and than ran back down the alley.

"STOP" she yelled chasing after him, and he did. He stood at the end of the alley right where it opened out to the main street. This was Rainbow's chance, as she reached out for him the Phantom spun around and threw his cape at her. Instincts taking over Rainbow stopped and covered her face to protect from attack, but none came. Opening her eyes Rainbow found the Phantom nowhere in sight.

She rushed out into the street, but saw no one that even looked like the Phantom. "How did?" was all she could ask.

"WHAT" Scootaloo said the next day, "you let the Phantom get away"

"Sorry" Rainbow said the next day. She and the others were all at the park going over the situation, "I tried to the remove his mask but he was to quick."

"This is serious" Twilight said, "we need to find this Phantom guy and stop him."

"Agreed" Flash said before turning to the youngest of the group, "but you three are going home."

"WHAT" the three screamed, "You can't do that." Scootaloo said.

"I agree with him" Rarity said.

"Same ear" Applejack continued, "our house is closest so you can go there."

"That's not fair" Scootaloo said.

"That's final" Flash said.

The three looked unhappy at this but followed the order and left. "The rest of us should split up and call if you find anything" Flash finished.

The seven of them scowled the city for any sign of the Phantom.

Pinkie and Fluttershy searched the parks, why Applejack and Rarity were asking around for info at the mall. Flash and Twilight were searching each of the sights the Phantom had appeared at for clues. "Anything?" Twilight asked looking around.

"Nothing out of the ordinary" Flash replied opening a trash can to see if there was anything inside, but it was empty.

"So let's look over what we know" Twilight said. "The Phantom appears out of nowhere, challenges and Duels unsuspecting opponents and than vanishes back into thin air."

"He also manages to snag the opponents best card" Flash said, "we need to find this guy before he hits closer to home." Before Twilight could reply they were interrupted by the sound of a high pitched buzzing, which Flash instantly recognised making his eyes go wide.

"What is that?" Twilight asked as she watched him take out his phone.

"That's Scootaloo's distress signal."

"WHAT?" Twilight almost yelled hearing that, "why does she have a distress signal?"

"My Gramps might seem like a pretty laid back guy" Flash replied, "but he takes safety real seriously. So he had me and Scootaloo have danger apps in our phones, so that if we were in trouble we just press it and it sends the signal to me and Gramps."

"So she might be in trouble" Twilight said, "then we need to find her."

"The app also has GPS" Flash explained looking it up "Galloping Avenue."

"That's between the park and Applejack's" Twilight explained.

"Let's go" Flash said rushing.

Meanwhile Rainbow was searching around the alley from the previous night. She still couldn't believe how the Phantom had managed to get passed her last night. "It's almost as if he was a....ghost" before she could process that thought, her phone went off signalling a text. Reading it quickly her eyes went wide seeing what Twilight had sent her, and rushed off down the street.

"AAARRRR" the three girls screamed as their monsters where destroyed, and they were all sent flying. Applebloom, Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo had been on their way to Applebloom's house when they had run into the very being none of them wanted to meet.

"I win" the Phantom said walking up to them, "and now your identities are mine."

"We didn't...agree to that" Scootaloo said, trying to get back up.

"You have no choice" the Phantom said before, faster than they could blink, he moved up to them and grabbed their best cards before moving back to a safe distance. "Thanks for the Wild Rush Raptor, Floral Melodious Saint and Maiden of Great Bloom."

"NO" they all yelled.

"SCOOT" they all turned to see Flash and his friends rushing towards them.



The three siblings raced to the young girls and helped them up. "Are you okay?" Flash asked but his heart broke seeing her about to cry.

"I'm sorry" Scootaloo whimpered, "we couldn't stop her."

Flash carefully handed his sister to Twilight before turning to the Phantom. "Give my sister and her friends back their cards."

"Or what" the Phantom said, he soon got his answer as Flash rushed forwards to grab him. The Phantom quickly moved out of reach before leaping onto a nearby trashcan and up onto a fire escape of the building.

"You won't get away" Flash said following the Phantom's route, leaping onto trashcan and then the fire escape.

"Well well aren't we nimble" the Phantom said.

"Just give it up" Flash said.

"Never" the Phantom as he leaped over the fire escape and back onto the ground, before rushing away. With Flash trying to make his way down the Phantom would have gotten away, had it not been for her.

Rainbow had arrived and now blocked the Phantom's last exit. "Oh it's you" he said, "we played tag last night."

"That's enough Lightning" Rainbow said, her statement shocking the Phantom.

"Er who?"

"Don't play games" Rainbow said, "I know it's you."

The Phantom stood still for a moment before he chuckled "well well" he than went up and removed his mask and hood, revealing Lightning "this is a surprise. What tipped you off?"

"That move you pulled last night" Rainbow said, "you used it on me when we played."

"I should have known using that move on you twice was a bad idea" Lightning said.

"That was your first mistake" Rainbow said, "the second was hunting my friends little sisters" Rainbow pulled out her Duel Disk and threw it on her arm. "Duel me, and if I win you return every card you stole."

"Fine" Lightning said taking out a light blue Duel Disk, "but when I win you hand over your best card."

"That won't happen" Rainbow said.


Rainbow: 4000
Lightning: 4000

"Good luck" Scootaloo said as she and her friends watched in worry.

"I'll take the first move" Rainbow said as she drew, "I summon Rainbow Wing Red Kestrel in ATK mode" her red bird appeared beside her. (A1500/D1200/L4) "now I can summon another Rainbow Wing to the field, descend Rainbow Wing Green Hawk" a green hawk appeared hovering next to Red Kestrel. (A1400/D800/L3) "his level also increase by one for this turn." (A1400/D800/L4)

"Here it comes" Pinkie said.

"I now use level four Rainbow Wing Red Kestrel and Green Hawk to build the Overlay Network" her two monsters glowed before shooting into the ground, as a black hole appeared. "When birds of a feather flock together an awesome power is unleashed." The black hole exploded in a burst of light. "I XYZ SUMMON."

The light faded revealing Rainbow's best monster soaring through the sky, before taking a battle stance infront of her. "Rainbow Assault Wing Gold." (A2300/D1700/R4) "now I activate Assault Wing's ability" the monster pulled out its katanna and slashed through one of its Overlay Units, "now I can add a Wind attributed Winged-Beast from my deck to my hand." Rainbow's Deck slotted out a card, "I'll throw down a face down and end my turn."

"My draw" Lightning said as she did. "I summon Lightning Wing Soar in ATK mode" a jet appeared before her that was silver in colour with yellow trim. (A500/D500/L2)

"Such a weak monster" Applejack said.

"Don't underestimate it" Applebloom said in fear, "she started with that card when she Duelled us."

"I activate Soar's ability to add a Spell card to my hand" Lightning took a card from her deck, "now I'll activate it. Disassembly, this Spell forces me to ditch a machine type monster." She discarded a card from her hand, "but in its place I can summon monsters from my deck whose combined levels are equal to its." Four rays of light appeared before her, "I now summon four new Lightning Wings"

The first light changed into a silver jet with red trim, "Lightning Wing Thrust." (A500/D500/L2)

The second was a silver jet with blue trim, "Lightning Wing Boost." (A500/D500/L2)

The third a silver jet with green trim, "Lightning Wing Jet." (A500/D500/L2)

The last was a silver jet with pink trim, "and Lightning Wing Glide." (A500/D500/L2)

"Five level two monsters" Flash said in amazement, "she may be a bully but she's got skills."

"You haven't seen nothing yet" Lightning said, "now I use my five monsters to build the Overlay Network." Her five jets shot into the sky before zooming into the ground as the black hole appeared, "now watch as a storm of power begins to take shape." the black hole exploded in a burst of light, as a new monster appeared. "I XYZ SUMMON."

The new monster was a large mechanical bird with was light blue, with yellow lightning bolts painted on it's wings and tail. It wore a blue mask over its face and had a lightning bolt shaped tail. It's beak was red along with its feet, which had talons in the shape of lightning bolts. A lightning bolt shaped horn pointed out of it's forehead, and five green lights floated around it. "Jetstream Thunderbird." (A500/D500/R2)

"An Xyz monster with five Overlay Units" Flash said in horror.

"It only had three when she summoned it against us" Scootaloo said.

"It must be able be summoned with more Overlay Units then needed" Twilight explain.

"Now attack" Lightning ordered, as her monster took flight.

"But my Assault Wing is way stronger" Rainbow said.

"Not once I activate Thunderbird's ability" Lighting said, "by removing an Overlay Unit I get to zap your monster's ATK and DEF points to zero." One of the Overlay Units flew into Thunderbird's horn before it shot a lighting bolt out which struck Assault Wing. (A0/D0/R4) "now go," Jetstream Thunderbird's body discharged electricity which zapped Assault Wing, the static hitting Rainbow as well.

Rainbow: 3500
Lightning: 4000

"Lucky for you on the turn Thunderbird uses its ability it can't destroy monsters" Lighting said as she ended her turn, "but you monsters points won't return to normal until next turn."

"My draw" Rainbow said, "and I summon Rainbow Wing Yellow Eagle" a yellow bird appeared. (A1700/D1300/L4) "now attack" Yellow Eagle flew up and then dive bombed the Thunderbird.

"I activate Thunderbird's ability" Lighting said, as once again an Overlay Unit hit it's horn and shot out a lighting bolt that struck Yellow Eagle. (A0/D0/L4)

"You can activate it on your turn to" Rainbow realised with horror. Her monster struck the Xyz monster but all that did was injure the bird as it bounced right off.

Rainbow: 3000
Lighting: 4000

"This is bad" Twilight said, "all of Rainbow's monsters are getting paralysed."

"There has to be a way to stop it?" Flash asked.

"Well if anyone can find it" Applejack said, "then Rainbow can."

"I'll throw down two face downs and end my turn" Rainbow said, as her monsters ATK and DEF points returned to normal.

"My draw" Lightning said, "and I'll attack Rainbow Assault Wing Gold" Thunderbird to off yet again, "but not before activating his ability" another Overlay Unit struck its horn as a lighting bolt shot out hitting Assault Wing. (A0/D0/R4) "GO" once again Thunderbird discharged striking Assault Wing and zapping Rainbow.

Rainbow: 2500
Lightning: 4000

As the electrocution stopped Rainbow fell to her knees.

"RAINBOW" her friends yelled in concern.

"Poor Rainbow Dash" Lightning said, "completely helpless against me" she placed a card face down before activating a Spell. "Say hello to Access Denied, this spell will prevent you from Normal Summoning a monster next turn."

"Man she's good" Flash said.

"Well Rainbow's better" Scootaloo told her brother, "go Rainbow."

"Don't be nieve girl" Lightning said, "she's lost and she knows it" Lighting looked down at her face down which was Overlay Charger. During her next turn she could activate that Spell if her Thunderbird was out Overlay Units, it would allow her to add as many level two monsters to her Xyz monster as Thunderbird's maximum Overlays would allow. That meant five new Overlay Units to use against her. "This is my favourite part of the game" Lightning said, "when I crush any hope my opponent has of victory."

"That's despicable" Rainbow said, trying to get up.

"Don't be such a wet blanket" Lightning said, "I'm just enjoying myself as I prove to all the weaklings out there who the best is."

"The best...you."

"Of course" Lightning said, "didn't you wonder why I took the best cards away from the loser" she pulled the cards she had taken form her pocket. "It was to prove a point, that certain advantages in life are only meant for those with the skill to properly use them. I punish the ants who think themselves as giants, I crush them under my boot."

"That's insane" Rainbow said, "and stealing from little kids just for fun" Rainbow finally got back to her feet and looked Lightning right in the eye. "How you treat people says a lot about you, and one day your actions will come back to haunt you. Fitting that you name yourself after a ghost, because you don't know what it truly means to live." She went to her deck, "I...DRAW" she looked at her card a seeing what it was a plan formed as she activated her face down Trap. "Go Overlay Out, with this card I can return Assault Wing to my Extra Deck and summon any Overlay Units still attached to it." Rainbow Assault Wing Gold glowed as its Overlay Unit flew away from it, he became a stream of light that flew into Rainbow's deck. the Overlay Unit hit the floor and transformed back into Red Kestrel. (A1500/D1200/L4)

"Now Rainbow has two monsters that can attack" Scootaloo said.

"Now I attack with Yellow Eagle" the bird once again dive bombed Thunderbird.

"I activate Jetstream Thunderbird's ability" one of the two remaining Overlay Units struck it's horn as it shot a lightning bolt at the eagle, sending its ATK and DEF to zero, making the bird bounce off the Thunderbird.

Rainbow: 2000
Lightning: 4000

"Now I attack with Red Kestrel" like the yellow bird the red one dive bombed.

"And I activate my monsters ability" the last Overlay Unit hit the horn, making a repeat of Yellow Eagle's efforts.

Rainbow: 1500
Lightning: 4000

"Sorry Dashie" Lightning said with a smirk, "but it looks like your out of attacks."

"Think again" Rainbow said as she activated the Spell she had drawn, "I activate Instant Overlay. This card will allow me to use my two Rainbow Wings to build the Overlay Network once again, and Xyz Summon..." Her two monsters flew inside the black hole that had just formed, which blew up a second later release a very familiar monster. "Rainbow Assault Wing Gold." (A2300/D1700/R4)

"WHAT" Lightning screamed.

"Now I'll activate my other face down" Rainbow said, as her face down flipped up showing a Spell. "Overlay Booster lets me remove very Overlay Unit on my Assault Wing, and in return he gets a power boost equal to their combined attack power."

"So Red Kestrel has fifteen hundred points" Sweetie said.

"A Yellow Eagle has seventeen hundred" Applebloom said.

"So that's" Scootaloo tried to do the math.

"Thirty two hundred" Twilight finished.

Assault Wing drew his katanna and slashed both his Overlay Units. (A5500/D1700/R4) "Now attack!" The bird man took to the sky and raised his sword, before diving down and slashing towards Jetstream Thunderbird.

"NO...WAIT" Lightning tried to say, but Rainbow didn't listen as her monster destroyed the mechanical bird.

Rainbow: 1500 (Winner)
Lightning: 0

"SHE DID IT" everyone cheered.

"How could I lose?" Lightning asked herself, falling to the floor, "no I won't accept it."

"Lighting" Rainbow said, "return the cards you stole, or I'll have no choice but to tell everyone who you are."

Lightning growled before dropping the cards and running away as fast as she could. "You haven't heard the last of me."

An hour later after returning the stolen cards to their rightful owners, Rainbow and her friends were returning home.

"That was awesome how you managed to beat her" Scootaloo said, "even though the odds were stacked against you."

"It was nothing" Rainbow said, "I just hope Lightning's learned her lesson."

"Well if she hasn't" Flash said, "you'll have us to help you teach it to her again" everyone nodded at this

"Thanks guys" Rainbow replied.

Author's Note:

Had to have Rainbow playing the hero at least once.
I know it was probably an easy mystery but what will you do, also tell me what you think of Lightning's deck.
Next chapter will have something a little different.

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