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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 1, Flash Sentry

Author's Note:

Welcome to Yugioh Equestria Girls, my first long story.

This story takes place instead of the Arc V series so Pendulum Summoning will be the main summoning style for the main character with the rest of the characters using other types.


For many years it has been the game everyone played, if you didn't own a deck you were nothing. Monsters, Spells and Trap Cards where the greatest weapon.


In the city of Canterlot we find a teenage boy walking the streets. He had blue hair and wore a black leather jacket over a white shirt, which had a blue shield and lightning bolt emblazoned on it. His name was Flash Sentry.

He was walking through the park on his way to school when he heard a loud crashing sound, which caught his attention but relaxed when he saw a couple of kids in a Duel. "I'm using my Super Conductor Tyrano to attack your Fire Princess!" a young boy said, as his robotic dinosaur charged at a woman in red carrying a staff.

"I use my Trap," the girl he was Duelling against said as a card flipped up, "Negate Attack"

Flash looked away from the Duel and once again walked off, he had no interest in Dueling. He had once when he was younger, but he turned out to be terrible at the game and lost so many times that he just gave up and had even thrown his deck away.

Flash arrived at his school, Canterlot High, and walked inside. He reached his locker and opened it up to grab his books, but something was sitting on top of them...a deck. "What the" he said taking the deck and looking it over, "this isn't mine."

Later on in class Flash sat at the back of the room half-heartedly listening to the teacher speak. "Write me an essay about your future goals before the end of class, three pages for now" the scribbling of pen to paper filled the classroom as the students wrote.

Flash sighed and began writing.

An hour later the bell rang signalling the end of class. Flash began to collect his things, when he suddenly felt someone standing beside him. Looking around he saw a violet skinned girl with purple hair, wearing a blue blouse and purple skirt. "Hey." she said smiling. "The teacher asked me to collect the essays." To emphasise her point, she held up the stack of papers she was carrying.

Flash just looked back down at his desk as he picked up his essay and placed it on top of the pile, before walking to the door. "Thanks" the girl said.

"Yeah sure, whatever" Flash replied leaving.

The girl, whose name was Twilight, glanced down at his essay wondering what he had written and had to take a second look when she saw the title.


During lunch Flash sat in a shady area eating the last of his lunch when he suddenly heard something above him. "Don't do it." He looked up just in time to see something falling towards him, and threw his hands up in defense until the thing landed on him. Opening his eyes, he found he was covered in Duel Monster cards.

"These things again." he said taking a card off his head and looking at it, the card's name was Gilford the Legend. He quickly gathered them all up into a deck, and when he was finished he heard.

"You found them." Flash turned around and saw two guys, possibly his age, standing not too far off. Behind them was a younger boy looking worried. "Our cards seem to have slipped out the window." one of the older boys said with a smirk.

"And they're special to us," the other guy said, "why don't you give them back."

"No!" the younger boy said trying to step forward. "Their-" he stopped as one of the older boys turned around and let out and angry growl at him.

Flash frowned seeing this, "I see what's going on." He said as he stood up and walked forwards a few feet, doing so brought him into the light revealing his face.

The two older boys suddenly lost all their confidence, as they saw who it was. "Flash Sentry." One of them whispered in fright as the stepped back.

Flash walked towards them, his face hardened. As he got closer the two held up their arms as if preparing for a beating, but no blows came. "Here you go." They opened their eyes and Flash wasn't in sight, so they turned and saw Flash had walked passed them and handed the younger boy the deck.

The boy held out his shaky hands as Flash placed the cards in his grasp. The older guys frowned at this, but they returned to being scared when Flash looked around at them.

"You guys got a problem?" he asked viciously.

"Er, no sir." They both said shakily, obviously scared at what might happen to them.

Flash just turned and walked away, unaware that he was being watched. Up in one of the buildings Twilight, along with her close friends Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, had seen the whole thing.

"What's that boys name?" Twilight asked. She was new to Canterlot High and didn't know a lot of people’s names.

"That's Flash Sentry." the blonde haired girl named Applejack replied as she looked out the window.

"He doesn't really hang around anybody." Rainbow Dash, the rainbow haired girl, continued. "He's always been a loner."

"I heard a rumour," a girl with light pink hair said "that even some of the teachers are scared of him."

"Don't be silly Fluttershy." Rarity, the purple haired girl in designer clothes, replied. "I'm sure he just likes his space."

Pinkie Pie, a girl with dark pink hair, nodded, "I bet all he needs is a party to turn that frown upside down."

"So he doesn't hang out with anyone?" Twilight asked.

"Not that we've seen." Rainbow replied.

Twilight continued to watch the boy walk away, feeling sad that someone was content at being so lonely.

Later after school had let out Flash was once again walking through the park. He looked down at the deck he had found earlier, wondering what he should do with it. Should he take it to the lost and found or something?

Suddenly he heard something, a loud cry of pain coming from not too far off. Moving before he could think, he ran towards the area but stopped in his tracks when he saw a trio of teens, one of them wearing a backpack with the emblem of Draco High. Below them laying on the ground was a younger boy of fourteen, with purple skin and green hair, his backpack showed the Canterlot Junior High emblem.

"Looks like you lost loser." the supposed leader said. He had red skin, orange hair and wore a dark red hoodie.

"You were an idiot to challenge the Great Garble." one of the teens said.

"I didn't challenge him," the boy said, "you guys made me."

"Whatever," Garble said "you lost so hand over your deck."

"I didn't agree to that." the kid said.

"Well too bad." Garble said as he grabbed him by his purple jacket and lifted him up. "Weaklings don't get a say." He grabbed the boy's left arm, and pulled off a purple device, before throwing him to the floor.

"Knock it off!" They all turned to see Flash walk out. "Just because you’re bigger that doesn't give you right to pick on someone."

"This doesn't concern you." Garble said.

"It does when your ganging up on a defenceless kid." Flash replied. "Grow a backbone and pick on someone your own size."

"Like say...you?" Garble said.

"You wanna go?" Flash asked.

Garble would have said yes, but then he noticed Flash was holding a deck of cards and smiled. "Tell you what," he said "why don't we settle this like Duellists?"

Flash wondered what he meant until he noticed Garble had a crimson Duel Disk on his arm, which he activated forming an orange energy blade. "You win and I'll hand back the deck, but if I win I get his deck and yours. Deal?"

Flash looked down at the deck in his hand and then back up at Garble. He didn't feel right betting something that wasn't even his.

"What's the matter?" Garble asked. "Chicken?" He and his buddies suddenly laughed and began making clucking noises.

"Fine then." Flash said before realising what it was he was saying. "You’re on."

"Great." Garble said tossing him the purple Duel Disk. "Let's get this started."

Flash affixed the device to his arm and placed the deck in the slot, a green energy blade forming. "Hey," he turned back to see the kid standing near him, "you don't have to do this for me."

"It's fine." Flash replied. "Bullies like him need to be put in his place."

"Okay." the boy said. "I'm Spike by the way."

"Flash." the teen said back.

Meanwhile Twilight and her friends were walking through the park. Suddenly Rainbow Dash's phone began beeping. “What's that Rainbow?" Twilight asked.

"My Duel app." Rainbow replied. "It goes off whenever it detects an active Duel Disk."

"Cool." Applejack said looking around. "Might be a good one, let's check it out." They followed the app and looked around for any signs of a Duel until they heard.

"Twilight!" They spun around and saw Twilight's little brother Spike standing not too far off, behind some trees.

"Spike," Twilight said, "what are you doing here?" But she soon realised why, when she saw Flash and Garble facing off.

"Looks like we found our Duel." Applejack said.

"Weird." Rainbow Dash said. "I don't think I've ever seen him Duel."

Flash and Garble's Duel Disks connected and showed their life points, as they drew their cards.

"DUEL!" they both yelled.

Flash: 4000
Garble: 4000

"I'll start off," Garble said drawing his card, "and summon Razor Scale Dragon." A green four-legged dragon appeared, it had spikes coming from its elbows, spine and tail. (A1300/D1100/L3) "I'll also throw down two face downs and end there."

"There must be something more to that dragon then he's letting on." Twilight said.

"Let's see what Flash does against it." Rarity said.

Flash drew his card and for the first time he looked at the actual cards he'd drawn and gasped seeing two of the cards in his hand were blank. They were the same colour as effect monster cards but had no picture, name, attribute, level or attack and defense points. Flash panic as his mind wondered what to do, he'd just have to work with the other cards he had.

"I'll summon...Starbreak Dragon." A humanoid dragon appeared, it was about Flash's height and wore yellow armour with jet plane wings while carrying a pair of long handled axes with star shaped blades. (A1500/D1200/L4)

"And I'll attack." Starbreak Dragon launched itself at Razor Scale Dragon, swinging its star shaped axes and slicing the monster in half destroying it.

Flash: 4000
Garble: 3800

"How'd you like that?" Flash said.

"Idiot," Garble said as he pressed a button on his Duel Disk and one of his face downs flipped up, "you activated my Trap Card. It's called Dragon's Call and it activates when you destroy one of my dragons, by removing the destroyed monster from play I can summon two new dragons with a thousand or less attack points."

"So what?" Flash said. "My Starbreak Dragon will have five hundred or more attack points than anything you summon."

"But who says they'll be attacking?" Garble said as two new monsters appeared. "They'll be defending! Rise, Golem Dragons!" A pair of rock skinned dragons appeared. (A200/D2000/L4)

"Two thousand defense points." Flash said before realising something, "Wait but you've placed them in attack mode, how are they gonna defend?"

"Simple," Garble said, "while Golem Dragon is face up he's the only dragon you can attack."

"So with two Golem Dragons," Fluttershy realised.

"Flash can't attack any of Garble's dragons." Twilight realised.

"And I'm betting every card in his deck is a dragon." Rainbow Dash said.

Flash thought this to, "I'm trapped."

"To right" Garble said, "and now I'll activate my other Trap, Dragon's Gate, which lets me add a dragon that was removed from play into my hand." He took Razor Scale Dragon and placed it in his hand.

Flash sighed, "I end my turn."

"My go," Garble drew his card, "and I'll activate Cost Down. By ditching one card I can reduce the level of a monster in my hand by two."

"He must be bringing out something big." Twilight said.

"Now I only need to sacrifice one of my Golem Dragons," Garble said as one of the stone dragons disappeared, "to summon this." A giant dark red dragon appeared. It was vicious looking with large clawed hands and razor sharp teeth, "Dark Rogue Dragon." (A?/D?/L8)

Flash had never faced anything like this before.

"If you think he looks scary just wait till his special ability kicks in." Garble explained. "My Dark Rogue Dragon’s original attack and defense increases by a thousand for every other dragon on my field and in my graveyard." (A3000/D3000/L8)

"Not good." Flash said. He must have discarded a dragon when he used Cost Down.

"Now I activate Monster Reborn to revive my Golem Dragon." the second rock dragon appeared in attack mode. "Now, Dark Rogue Dragon take down his puny Starbreak Dragon."

The Dark Rouge Dragon lifted its massive claw and with a single swipe it destroyed Starbreak Dragon, the force causing Flash to be knocked back.

Flash: 2500
Garble: 3800

"Then my two Golem Dragons will strike" the two rock dragons swiped and slashed Flash across the chest.

Flash: 2100
Garble: 3800

"Come on Flash," Spike said, "you gotta do something."

"I'm trying." Flash said as he drew his card. "I'll summon Magna Fighter Crossbolt in defence mode." A man in steampunk clothing that carried a large crossbow appeared. (A1400/D1400/L4) "And I'll end my turn."

"My draw." Garble said. "Too bad my Dark Rogue Dragon won't let me normal summon, but it can still flatten your silly cosplayer." Once again the massive dragon destroyed Flash's monster. "And now my Golem Dragons will attack."

Flash: 1700
Garble: 3800

"My draw." Flash said and smiled when he read what the card he'd drawn can do, "I summon Magna Fighter Arma in defense mode." A woman in steampunk carrying a large bronze shield appeared. (A1800/D0/L4) "Check this," Flash said, "while in defense mode Arma can't be destroyed by battle."

"That means Flash is safe for a little while." Pinkie said.

"Maybe," Twilight said, "it depends on what cards Garble has in his deck."

"My draw." Garble said before smiling. "Look what I got." He placed the card in his Duel Disk as a Spell Card appeared on the field. "Dragon's Wing Beat, which will change the position of one of you monsters at the cost of five hundred points" a huge gust of wind blew causing Arma to stand up into attack mode.

"Oh no." Flash said.

"Now Dark Rogue Dragon destroy her!" The dark dragon once again crushed Flash's monster.

Flash: 500
Garble: 3300

"Now Golem Dragons." Once again Flash was slashed which sent him flying onto his back with a cry of pain.

Flash: 100
Garble: 3300

"Is he okay?" Fluttershy asked in worry.

"I think so." Applejack said.

"Get up!" Spike yelled.

"I'll end with two face downs and pass to you." Garble said. "Come on loser, show me another lame card for my dragon to crush."

But Flash just laid there. How was he gonna win now? He looked at his hand and besides the blank cards he also had two monsters which weren't strong enough to beat Dark Rogue Dragon.

"This is why I hate Duelling," Flash said, "no matter what I always end up on my back and humiliated." He should just quit now since he had already lost.

"Don't give up."

Flash turned to see the girl he had talked to in class earlier.

"You still have one turn, one draw that could change everything." she told him.

"But what can one card do?" Flash asked as he sat up.

"If you believe in your deck then one card can do anything." she replied.

"Believe." Flash said looking down at the deck he had found. Could it be that the reason he was losing right now was because he didn't believe in it, because he thought of them as someone else's cards? But maybe that wasn't right. Maybe he hadn't found them, but had been given them. "One draw." He shakily got up and placed his hand on the deck and closed his eyes. "I believe that one draw is all I need." If his eyes were open he'd have seen his deck was glowing, "I...DRAW!" He drew his card and opened his eyes, seeing the glow he looked at the card and saw it was another blank card...but then.

The card's glow intensified and in a single second the card changed. The card was now an actual Duel Monster card, complete with text, numbers and an image. The only difference was the bottom half of the card was now blue like a Spell Card. "What the?" Flash said only for his attention to drift to the Monster's name, "Flash Heart." Suddenly his eyes caught another glow coming from the other two blank cards. Like the last card, they soon changed to two Monster cards with blue bottoms.

"What's going on" he asked himself but his body was suddenly moving on its own, as if by instinct he grabbed the two new cards and said "I'm using Scale eight Magna Caster Solaris and Scale one Magna Caster Lunara to set the Pendulum Scale." He placed the two cards on the far ends of his Duel Disk.

On each side of him two pillars of light appeared as two monsters floated upwards, hovering once they were ten feet high as the image of a one and eight appeared below them.

To Flash's left was a man in flame patterned wizards clothing, carrying a staff with a sun shaped head. To his right was a woman in silver and blue wizards clothing carrying a staff with a crescent moon head.

Everyone was in shock at what they were seeing. They had never seen something like this in a Duel before.

"Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory!" Flash chanted as the two wizards pointed their staffs up, and each shot a beam of light which connected and opened a portal above him. "I can summon monsters levelled two through seven all at the same time!" Flash explained. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

Three lights shot out of the portal, and as they hit the ground they took shape.

The first became a white wolf wearing bronze armour around it's legs and chest, the chest having a crystal embedded inside. "Howl to the Moon, Shine Crest Magna Wolf." (A1200/D1100/L3)

The second became a woman in steampunk carrying a bazooka. "Target sighted, Magna Fighter Radium." (A1600/D1400/L4)

The final became a twenty foot high silver robotic humanoid creature, with light blue armour and orange trim on its arms, legs, chest and shoulders. From its shoulders were a pair of square jet booster like wings, and it wore a red scarf which was emblazoned with the same symbol as the one on Flash's shirt. "Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Everyone was catatonic at what they had just seen. Flash had somehow preformed an all new summoning technique that none of them had ever heard of.

Before they could say anything Flash continued. "Since I special summoned Flash Heart Dragon I can use his special ability, which allows me to send the Monster on your field with the lowest attack points to the bottom of your deck."

"Wait what?" Garble finally spoke as he watched a wormhole appear under one of his Golem Dragons, which it fell through.

"That means Flash can attack." Spike said

"And since a card was sent from the field to your deck my Magna Wolf get an extra three hundred points for this turn.” Magna Wolf's crystal began to glow. (A1500/D1100/L3)

"And don't forget that with Golem Dragon gone your Dark Rogue Dragon loses some points." (A2000/D2000/L8) "Magna Wolf," Flash ordered "destroy Golem Dragon." The wolf pounced on the dragon, and with a mighty bite destroyed it.

Flash: 100
Garble: 2100

"Flash Heart Dragon, attack Dark Rogue Dragon." Flash Heart Dragon's booster wings ignited and launched him at Dark Rogue Dragon.

"I can't let Dark Rogue be destroyed." Garble said, but then realised he had two cards face down. He had only placed them down to scare Flash but now. "I activate my Trap, Dragon's Fury, which will increase my dragons attack by one thousand."

"I don't think so," Flash said, "because I activate Solaris's Pendulum Effect, which prevents the activation of Traps when a Pendulum monster attacks." The flame clothed wizard waved his staff and fired a burst of fire which surrounded the Trap card causing it to flip face down.

"Then I'll activate the quick play Spell Shrink," Garble said, "this'll cut your dragon's attack power in half."

"Too bad I'm using Lunara's Pendulum Effect to prevent the activation of Spells." Like Solaris the female wizard waved her staff and sprinkled snow which frozen when it touched the Spell.

"There's nothing I can do!" Garble said as he watched Flash Heart Dragon sucker punch his dragon, destroying it.

Flash: 100
Garble: 1600

"Finish him Radium" Flash said as the woman knelt down and aimed her Bazooka at Garble, before firing a blast which hit Garble in the gut sending him flying onto his back.

Flash: 100 (Winner)
Garble: 0

As the Monsters vanished everyone was in shock. In just one turn Flash had come from behind and defeated Garble.

"That was…" Rarity was lost for words, but luckily Spike had the right one.


"I've never seen someone come from behind like that." Applejack said.

"Me neither." Rainbow Dash agreed.

Flash removed his deck from the Duel Disk and looked at the cards he had used, but the one he couldn't look away from was the one that shared his name. He was so focused on it that he didn't notice Garble had gotten up and was now charging at him, fists raised, ready to attack. Luckily Twilight did notice "LOOK OUT!"

Flash looked around and then moved in an instant, spinning away from the punch while grabbing his opponent's shirt and flinging him around and into the air. Garble flew several feet before crashing into the ground and rolling to a stop.

"As agreed," Garble looked up and saw Flash holding up a deck of cards, "I'll be taking these." Garble check the pocket he had put the cards in and found it empty. Somehow Flash had gotten the deck back while flipping him over.

Quickly getting up he stared at Flash with hate in his eyes, before running off. "You haven't heard the last of me." And with that he and his cronies were gone.

Flash turned back to the group and walked over, standing in front of Spike. For an instant, the girls wondered what was going on, before they saw Flash hold the Duel Disk and deck to him. "Here kid."

"Thanks." Spike said taking the them and holding them close.

"Wait," Twilight said, "what was that guy doing with your deck?"

"He forced me into a Duel," Spike explained, "and when he won he took them."

"Wait, so Flash was Duelling to get them back?" Twilight asked.

"And he put his own cards on the line." Spike said.

Everyone looked at Flash, who was now walking off, and felt very confused. He seemed like such a loner yet he helped someone he didn't even know with cards no one had ever seen before, just what was up with him?

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