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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 8, Shining Armor

"A what?" Flash asked when Twilight showed him the flyer. They were in homeroom waiting for their teacher to arrive.

"Duel Festival," Twilight explained, "it's this weekend. They’re going to have booths open along with snacks and trade stations."

"Sounds fun," Flash said taking the poster and reading it through, but then he read a name that sounded familiar. "Shining Armor," Flash murmured, "I think I've heard that name before."

"You don't know who Shining Armor is?!" Twilight asked sounding offended.

"No wait I know him," Flash told her, "I saw him on the news before. Something about...The Celestic Cup, whatever that is."

"The Celestic Cup is only the biggest event this side of the Country," Twilight explained, "it's held once every three years. And Shining Armor won the last Celestic Cup, becoming its youngest champion and earning the title Duelling Paladin."

"A guy that strong's going to be at this thing?!" Flash asked in surprise.

"Of course," Twilight told him. "Shining Armor loves community events, and even sometimes teaches new players the rules."

"That's pretty awesome." Flash said.

"So you gonna come?" Twilight asked, "The girls and I are running a booth there."

"And you want me to help?" Flash said.

"No we're good," Twilight replied, "I just thought this would be something you'd enjoy. Maybe you and Scootaloo could spend the day there."

Ever since their reconnection he and his sister had been hanging out more to make up for lost time. "Scootaloo actually has plans that day," Flash said, "but I might stop by on my own to look around."

"Great," Twilight said, "if you decide to go look for us at the food section" they couldn't talk anymore as at that moment the teacher walked in.

Over the rest of the week all anyone was talking about was the Duel Festival and the chance to meet THE Shining Armor.

"Do you think he'll be willing to Duel me?" Rainbow asked at lunch, the day before the event.

"He might," Twilight said, "he has a take on all challengers policy."

"Awesome!" Rainbow cheered.

"How do you know so much about this guy anyway?" Flash asked.

"Er, well, er..." Twilight stuttered.

"Oh I get it," Rarity said smiling, "she's a fan girl."

"WHAT?!" Twilight yelled.

"Bet she is," Applejack said, "I bet ya'h room's wall is papered with his posters."

The rest of them laughed seeing her blush. "I only have one poster." she said.

"BUSTED!" They all yelled, laughing harder.

That weekend Flash was in his apartment getting ready.

His deck was scattered out on the table as he scanned it, to think of the multiple combos he could use in a Duel. The only problem was every one he could think of had Flash Heart Dragon as a key component, and as much as he liked that card he couldn't keep relying on it to win. One day he would come across someone who would be able to get around his Pendulum Summon, and when that happened he wanted to be ready.

"What's up?" He looked around and saw Scootaloo standing by him.

"Just trying to see what else my deck can do." Flash explained.

"What else do you need?" Scootaloo asked. "That Pendulum Summon of yours was awesome."

"But it's not enough," Flash said, picking up Flash Heart and his Magna Casters. "I want to get better, but to do that I need more options for my deck."

"Than get more cards," Scootaloo said.

"I thought about that," Flash said, "but I can't just throw random cards into my deck. That could ruin it."

"True," Scootaloo said before turning to the door, "I gotta get going."

"Right," Flash said, "see you later." Flash himself knew he had to leave soon since the festival was set to begin at noon. Picking up his deck and returning them to his Duel Disk, he was out the door on route to the park.

He arrived at the park at ten past twelve, and already the festival was in full swing.

Deciding to head over to the food court to find the girls, he noticed lots of cosplayers along the way who were dressed as monsters like the Dark Magician and Neos.

"COME ONE COME ALL!" An ever familiar voice caught his ear when he arrived, as Pinkie Pie was spinning around twirling a sign. "Come try our amazing Kuriboh Dumplings."

"Hay Pinkie," Flash said getting her attention.

"FLASH!" She cheered seeing him, "You came."

"Yeah I did," he replied, "so where's the stall?"

"Right there silly," Pinkie pointed at a booth were Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy were standing. Rainbow and Applejack were at a grill cooking something while Rarity and Fluttershy were at the front boxing whatever they were making.

"Hey Flash," Rarity said as he and Pinkie approached, "glad you could make it."

"Sure," Flash said looking down at the boxes. "So what are Kuriboh Dumplings?"

"It's Takoyaki," Rarity explained "I wanted to sell the real thing, but these penny pinchers refused."

"Do you know how expensive octopus is?" Applejack said from the grill, "It's just as good with apples."

"Than why haven't we had a single customer?" Rarity said.

"It's still early," they all turned to an unfamiliar voice and saw Twilight had arrived along with a woman with pink skin and pink, yellow and purple hair. She wore a dark green suit and dress skirt, with the only non-formal thing she wore being the trainers on her feet. "I'm sure you'll get more customers soon."

"Hey everyone," Twilight said, "I'd like you all to meet Cadance. She's the one organising this festival."

"Pleasure," Cadance replied.

"Hey," they all said.

"I'm Applejack." Applejack said.

"Rainbow Dash."




"I'm Flash," he waved.

"The Pendulum Duellist," Cadance said in interest, "Twilight's told me all about you."

"Not that much," Twilight said with a slight blush.

"So how do you know each other?" Rarity asked.

"Cadance is an old family friend, and my babysitter back when I was younger," Twilight explained.

"That's right," Cadance said, "I'm also the manager of Shining Armor."

"YOU ARE?!" Everyone but Twilight yelled.

"I know I know," Cadance said, "but it's not that big a deal."

"But you manage one of the best Duellist in the country," Rainbow said.

"I know," Cadance said "but he's still just a normal guy, that's why I married him."

"You're married to Shining Armor?" Rarity asked.

"Yeap," Cadance said, "aren't I a lucky girl?" Before they could continue her cell phone went off, forcing her attention from them. "Hello," she said before sighing, "I'll be right there." She closed her phone and turned back to them. "Sorry to cut this short, but a situation has come up with one of the attractions. I'm needed to fix it."

"That's fine," Twilight said, "we need to get back to work anyway."

"Right," Cadance said before leaving.

"Okay," Twilight said once she was gone, "let's get cooking."

"You guys sure you don't need any help?" Flash asked.

"Ya'd probably just get in the way," Applejack said pointing to the little space remaining, even with Pinkie out advertising. "Go have some fun, enjoy ya first festival."

"Why don't you head over to the main stage?" Twilight told him, "Cadance said Shining Armor are supposed to show up there soon."

"Okay," Flash said, "but call if you need some help."

"Will do." Twilight said.

Flash snacked down on his last Kuriboh Dumpling as he arrived at the main stage, where a bunch of other people were gathered.

He saw Cadance on the stage with a microphone in hand. "Welcome Duellists young and old, professional and amateur alike. I'm proud to welcome you all to the Duel Festival," she said smiling, "through events like this, Duellists can come together and share in the joy of the game we all love." She turned and pointed to the back of the stage, where a spotlight appeared on the curtain showing the silhouette of a man. "And now let me introduce the man, who came all this way to meet you all. He's known as the Duelling Paladin, the winner of the last Celestial Cup...Shining Armor."

The curtain was pulled back to reveal a man with white skin, blue hair and wearing a silver overcoat. As he walked forwards he smiled and waved to the crowd. "Hello," he said once he was at the microphone, "I hope you all have a good time here today and get to meet Duellists you wouldn't usually get to meet. And if anyone here wishes to try their luck against me...then I say bring it on." The crowd cheered at that and the festival was in full swing.

Flash traversed the many booths that were available, seeing what was going on. There were multiple trade stations, where collectors showed off portfolios filled with cards they were willing to trade. T-shirt stands with famous Duel Monsters printed on top, and tons of different games.

After winning an Ancient Gear Golem figurine at a target shoot game, Flash took pictures for people wanting photos with cosplayers and swung by the Duel Table, where little kids were playing sit down matches. "Here we go," he heard a familiar voice and turned to see Shining Armor was about to play against a young boy, he also saw Shining Armor had only three cards in his hand as they started. Flash smiled realising why Shining Armor had a take on all challengers policy. Even though he accepted the Duel, he gave himself a handicap to even the odds.

"Impressive, isn't he?" Flash turned to see Cadance had arrived and stood next to him.

"Yeah I guess," Flash replied, "I just wonder how much work I'd have to do to get as good as him?"

"You don't really need to work hard to improve," Cadance told him, "as long as you enjoy the game than you'll get better with each match you play."

"Yeah I guess," Flash said before turning to her. "I hope everything's going okay," Flash said, "with whatever problem you had to deal with."

"It's nothing," Cadance said, "problems like that are common at events like this. As long as you don't panic it doesn't really cause much trouble."

"That's good," Flash said, "I'd hate for the festival to be ruined."

"No way I'm letting that happen," Cadance told him, it was at that moment that Flash realised they had started walking around again. "Look around you, you think I'd let all these people down?"

"I guess not," Flash replied seeing all the happy faces.

"You see," Cadance said, "even if you’re not a Duellist, you can still connect over the love of the game. It's that love that makes me do what I do."

"But aren't you just Shining Armor's manager?" Flash asked.

"That might be my main job," Cadance said, "but I also get involved with all kinds of Duel related events. I do this in order to help the game flourish."

"How so?"

"Without getting connected to different Duellists," Cadance explained, "the gamers will never get to experience new sensations, new challenges, new memories. I work as hard as I do because if I didn't the game I love might die out."

"Wow," Flash said, "I never thought of it like that."

"We all have our roles to play," Cadance said, "it's just a matter of finding it."

"Well if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know." Flash said.

"Well there is something," Cadance said, "something only you can help me with."

Cadance took Flash to a secluded area of the park.

"So what do you need me for all the way out here?" Flash asked.

"I need you to help with something very important," Cadance said, before spinning around revealing a light pink Dual Disk strapped to her arm.

"You want to Duel me?" Flash asked.

"Of course," Cadance replied, "Twilight's gone on and on about your Pendulum deck and I want to see it for myself. I haven't had a good Duel in ages, so you think you can entertain me."

Flash smiled taking out his Duel Disk and affixing it to his arm, "I can promise you have never seen anything like this before."

"I look forward to it." Cadance said as a light pink energy blade formed.


Flash: 4000
Cadance: 4000

"I'll go first," Cadance said drawing her card, "and I'll start by playing my Crystal Butterfly in ATK mode." A silver butterfly with pink wings made out of crystal appeared in front of her. (A1200/D1000/L3) "When Crystal Butterfly is summoned I can add one random Crystal monster to my hand," Cadance's deck shuffled before it slotted a card out. "I'll end my turn there."

"My turn," Flash said drawing. "I summon Magna Fighter Deck Striker," the teen in steampunk appeared, brandishing his metal gauntlet. (A1300/D500/L3) "Now I attack." Deck Striker launched himself at the insect and true to his name he decked it with his metal fist destroying it.

Flash: 4000
Cadance: 3900

"I'll end my turn," Flash said.

"My turn," Cadance drew her card, "and once again I'll summon Crystal Butterfly in ATK mode." Another butterfly appeared, "And like last time I can randomly add a Crystal monster to my hand." Her deck shuffled out another card, as she looked at it she smiled "I'll now set one card face down and end my turn."

As Flash drew his card he wondered what she was up to. Why summon a monster that she knew he could beat? Unless she was looking for something. "I need to mix up her strategy," Flash said, only to realise his draw had given him just what he needed "I'm setting Magna Fighter Lucidum and Lumino Jaw Dragon into the Pendulum Scale." The two monsters entered the pillars of light that had appeared, a two and five appearing beneath them. "I can now summon monsters levelled three and four all at once," Flash said, "cut through space time and carve the arc of victory." The portal formed above him. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened as a beam of light shot out.

As the light hit the floor it took the form of a robotic bird made entirely out of clockwork. "Take flight Brass-Wing Magna Hawk." (A1400/D800/L4)

"So this is Pendulum Summoning," Cadance said in amazement, "but why would he go to the trouble of summoning a monster that he could easily summon?"

"Because Magna Hawk's ability only activates when he's special summoned," Flash explained, "now I can pick three cards in your hand and return them to the deck." Cadance had five cards, which meant he had a three in five shot of taking the cards she needed. "The middle card and the two end cards," Cadance took those cards and returned them to the deck as it shuffled. "Now you can draw the same number of cards back into you hand," and Cadance did. "Now I'll attack Crystal Butterfly with Deck Striker." Once again Deck Striker launched at the insect, only this time a force field appeared between the two protecting Cadance's monster.

"Sorry Flash," Cadance said, "but my Refraction Guard has nullified your attack." Her face down flipped up revealing a Trap. "By discard a Light Monster I take no damage and my monster is protected."

"I'll throw down a face down and end it there." Flash said.

"My turn," Cadance said, "smart move last turn. You realised I was looking for a particular card and tried to return it, before I could use it," she took a card from her hand and placed it in her Duel Disk. "Too bad for you the cards I needed...are the ones you hadn't picked, for now I activate Crystal Fragment. This spell revives one of my Crystals, but it's ATK and DEF points become zero." Her Crystal Butterfly reappeared alongside it's twin, but it's wings were cracked and even had chunks missing. (A0/D0/L3)

"Why would she summon a monster if it can't attack or defend?" Flash asked.

"Now I summon to the field," Cadance said, "the Tuner Monster Crystal Rosebud." A rose made entirely from pink crystal sprouted out of the ground. (A800/D600/L2)

"A Tuner monster," Flash said as everything made sense, "she's bringing out something big."

"Now," Cadance said, "I tune level two Crystal Rosebud with my two level three Crystal Butterflies." The flower glowed as it shot into the air and transformed into two rings, which the butterflies flew into as they became transparent. "Crystals are seen as little pieces of the earths heart," Cadance said, "and when they shine it feels as if that heart is beating." Her monsters exploded in a burst of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

From the light came a new monster. It was a woman with pure pink skin. She wore a pink and white gown with pink crystals sowed into the fabric, and knee high high heeled boots that were also made of pink crystal. Atop her head was a crystal tiara and large pink crystals floated around her. "Crystal Princess." (A2000/D2000/L8)

"Wow," Flash said in awe, "your Synchro Summoning is as good as Twilight's, maybe even better?"

"Why thank you," Cadance replied, "where do you think Twilight got it from?"

"So you taught Twilight how to Duel?"

"I taught her everything she knows," Cadance told him, before smiling a sinister smile, "but not everything I know." She took a card from her hand and placed it in her Duel Disk, "I activate the Continuous Spell Crystal Heartbeat. Now I can banish as many Crystal Monsters is my Graveyard as possible, and for each one I get a Crystal Heart Token. I banish my two Crystal Butterflies, Crystal Rosebud and Crystal Maiden in order to create four Crystal Heart Tokens." On her field four heart shaped crystals appeared beside her Princess. (A0/D0/L1)

"I should really thank you and your Magna Hawk for helping me draw this card," Cadance said, "as thanks I'll send Magna Hawk on a trip...to the Graveyard, Crystal Princess attack Magna Hawk." Crystal Princess raised her hands as the crystals that floated around her came together above her and began to glow, just as the four Crystal Heart Tokens did the same. "A princess draws power from her subjects, and my Princess gains five hundred ATK points for every other Crystal Monster on my field." The glowing changed into an aura that flooded into the crystals, as Crystal Princess let them go flying towards Magna Hawk. (A4000/D2000/L8)

"Not good," Flash said as he activated his Trap card, before his monster was destroyed at the hands of Cadance's knocking him backwards.

Flash: 1400
Cadance: 3900

"I activate Starburst Draw," Flash said getting up. "Since a monster with less than fifteen thousand ATK was destroyed, I get to draw one card for each of his level points" he drew four cards and smiled seeing his best card.

"With this face down I'll end my turn," Cadance said, as her Princess's attack points returned to normal.

"My draw" Flash said doing so, "man it's no wonder Twilight's so good with you teaching her."

"I only taught her the basics of Duelling and Synchro Summoning," Cadance explained, "everything else she figured out herself."

"Well I beat her," Flash said, "and now I'll beat you."

"Well to do that you'll need to defeat my Crystal Princess," Cadance said, "and as long as I have a Crystal monster on my field she can't be targeted for an attack."

"If that's the case," Flash said, "I'll need to get rid of those Tokens." He looked at the card he drew and smiled realising it was just what he needed. "Once again my Pendulum monsters will carve the arc of victory, allowing me to summon multiple level three and four monsters." The portal formed again, "I PENDULUM SUMMON."

The portal opened and two beams of light shot out.

"Howl to moon Shine Crest Magna Wolf." (A1200/D1100/L3)

The second beam became a new Pendulum Monster. It was a large red fox with nine tails, yellow armour on its legs and tail tips. "Get to work Glow Craft Magna Fox." (A1600/D1300/L4/P7)

"Impressive," Cadance said, "but unless you can Xyz Summon those monsters won't be much use to you."

"No, I can't Xyz Summon," Flash said, "but I can summon the regular way. I sacrifice Magna Wolf and Deck Striker, to summon," his monsters disappeared replaced with a robotic humanoid. "Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"So this is the famous Flash Heart Dragon." Cadance said.

"Lucidum's Pendulum ability will raise his attack power by five hundred. (A3000/D2000/L7/P4)

"I now attack your Crystal Heart Token with Flash Heart," the dragons' boosters kicked in and launched him at the heart, as he smashed it to pieces. "Now I activate the effect of Glow Craft Magna Fox, which allows a single monster to attack multiple monsters while increasing its ATK by two hundred."

Magna Fox's tail tips glowed, before shooting off spheres of light that spun around forming into a glowing ring. Flash Heart leaped through the ring as his power increased. (A3200/D2000/L7/P4)

Cadance realised what that meant, as Flash Heart destroyed the second Heart Token. (A3400/D2000/L7/P4)

Than he jumped through the ring again and attack the third. (A3600/D2000/L7/P4)

Then the fourth. (A3800/D2000/L7/P4)

"And now I attack Crystal Princess" Flash ordered, as his dragon flew towards the Princess.

Cadance smiled at the skill he used, but that didn't mean she would lose. But as she went to activate her face down.


The monsters stopped as Cadance pulled out her phone. "Hello," she said answering it, "what...how did that happen? Fine I'll be right there." she hung up and then pulled her deck out of her Disk, causing it to deactivate and the monsters to disappear. "I'm sorry Flash," Cadance said, "I thought we'd have more time but...something's come up."

"It's fine," Flash said, "too bad we have to cut the Duel short."

"Indeed," Cadance said.

Later on, when the festival was winding down, Flash was helping the girls pack up.

"Despite the slow start," Applejack said, "this was a really great day."

Everyone agreed as they finished packing up the last box, only to hear. "I'm glad to hear that," they turned to see Cadance walking up to them. "Having fun was my goal for this entire event."

"And you did marvellously." They all turned and gasped seeing who had arrived.

"It's Shining Armor." Rarity called in glee.

"Hey there," he said with a wave.

"You looked like you were having fun today," Cadance said.

"Can you blame me?" he replied, before turning to see Flash and smiling. "You must be Flash Sentry." He stepped over to him.

"You've heard of me?" Flash asked.

"Of course," Shining said, "your Pendulum cards are the talk of the town. Plus, my little sister's been talking about you nonstop since you Duelled her."

"Duelled her?" Flash thought back on the girls he had Duelled, and suddenly realised only one fit the bill. Spinning around he looked at Twilight and called out, "YOUR HIS SISTER!"

Twilight blushed hearing this and nodded, "Surprise."

"No way," Rainbow Dash said, "why didn't you tell us?"

"If people found out I was a pro Duellist's sister, they'd start treating me differently."

"We wouldn't do that Sugarcub." Applejack said.

"I know," Twilight replied, "but if it got out somehow...I just thought it would be better this way. Until someone blabbed." She shot her brother a sour look.

"My bad," Shining said before turning back to Flash, "so what you say to a Duel kid? I'd love to see your Pendulum Summoning in action." At the sight of Flash's unsure face, he went on, "if you're worried about being overpowered I can start with a three card handicap."

"That's a good offer," Rainbow told him, "go for it man."

Flash thought for a moment and then said, "Thanks but no thanks, I'd rather we play on even ground." This shocked everyone. "Here's my deal, I'll challenge you but only when I'm ready to face you as an equal. Until then you'll just have to wait I guess." He held out his hand.

Shining smiled and took the hand to shake. "Now that sounds like a Duel I can look forward to."

Later on when Shining Armor and Cadance were giving Twilight a lift home in their car. Cadance wouldn't stop talking about Flash.

"You were right about him," she said back to her, "his skills are quite impressive. I find it hard to believe he only started a few weeks ago."

"He might be good," Shining said, "but he won't stand a chance against me."

"Don't underestimate him Shinning." Twilight said.

"Ignore him Twilly," Cadance said, "he's just annoyed because I got to face the Pendulum Duellist and he didn't."

"This has nothing to do with that," Shining argued, "it's just he has a long way to go before he can be my equal."

"Alright than," Cadance said, "how about a bet? If he beats you when you Duel, then you can't go into overprotective big brother mode when he and Twilight start dating."

"WHAT!?" The other two occupants of the car screamed.

"I saw the way you were looking at him Twilly." Cadance said smugly.

This lead to a very interesting argument for the remainder of the journey.

Author's Note:

FOOLED YA :rainbowderp:. You all thought Flash would be facing Shinning Armor didn't you? What do you think about Cadance's deck?

Next chapter a character will face off against an old rival from the show.

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