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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 20, Might of the Sea pt2

In the third round of the Shooting Star Micro Tournament, Flash faced off against Tidal Wave. Despite Flash being ahead in life points Tidal had summoned his ace, Commander of the Raging Storm Soveruin, along with his trap Tsunami Surge had him trapped.

"Flash is in major trouble" Rainbow said.

"Tidal's stratagy has Flash totally trapped" Twilight said. "First he uses Tsunami Surge to negate Flash's monster effects and change them to DEF mode, before using Soveruin's ability to return his cards to his hand and deal damage to Flash."

"How is he going to beat him then?" Scootaloo asked.

"It's not going to be easy" Twilight replied, "he needs to overcome Tidal's Trap and whatever else he puts down."

Celestia: Can Flash find a way to beat the stratagy that won Tidal his last two Duels?

"I gotta find a way around his stratagy" Flash said as he drew his card but nothing he had could get around it. "I'm using Scale eight Magna Caster Solaris, and Scale one Magna Caster Lunara to set the Pendulum Scale. It's time for the Pendulum Scale." The monsters returned to the pillars of light, "it's time to carve the arc of victory once again." The portal formed once again, "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a beam of light shot out.

"Shine your light of victory once again, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Sorry amigo" Tidal said, "but I activate my face down Tsunami Surge." The face down flipped up showing the trap again, before it unleashed the powerful current that forced Flash Heart and Soveruin to join the rest of Flash's monster in DEF mode.

"What was Flash thinking?" Rainbow asked. "He knew Tidal had Tsunami Surge but he still triggered it anyway."

"He's looking for a way around Tidal's stratagy" Twilight explained.

"I end my turn" Flash said.

"It's my draw" Tidal said drawing "and once again Commander of the Raging Storm, Soveruin will use his special ability." Soveruin raised his sword and created the tornado, which once again sucked the Pendulum cards and Tsunami Surge inside. He then fired the cards at Flash, slashing him again.

Flash: 2800
Tidal: 3000

"Now I switch Soveruin to ATK mode" Tidal said, "and now I attack Flash Heart Dragon." Soveruin rode his armoured sea horse towards the robotic dragon and slashed him through, destroying him. "And now I'll set two cards face down and end my turn."

"Two cards" Flash thought, "I have to find a way to stop him. It's my draw" Flash drew and smiled seeing what he had drawn. "This card is just what I need," he took two cards from his hand. "I'm using Magna Caster Solaris and Magna Caster Lunara to set the Pendulum Scale," he once again placed his cards in the pillars of light. "Now I will cut through space time and carve the arc victory," the portal formed above his head. "I Pendulum Summon!"

The portal opened and two beams of light shot out, hitting the ground.

"Shine your light of victory once again, Flash Heart Dragon. (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Snap to it, Lumino Jaw Dragon." (A2300/D1600/L5/P5)

"Alright" the girls cheered, "that card is just what he needed" Applebloom said.

"I'm activating Flash Heart and Lumino Jaw's ability" Flash said.

"And I'll activate Tsunami Surge" Tidal said.

"Well now you'll need to pick which ability your negating" Flash said while smiling. This would get rid of his combo, because if he negated Flash Heart's ability Lumino Jaw Dragon's ability would send Tsunami Surge to the bottom of Tidal's deck. But If he negated Lumino Jaw Dragon's ability Flash Heart's ability would send Soveruin to the bottom of the deck.

Everything looked to be going his way, until Tidal chuckled. "You seem to be under some misconception about my Traps effect amigo."

"Wait" Flash said nervously, "you mean?"

"Si" Tidal said, "Tsunami Surge can nullify every active ability when it's activated."

"So he's stopping both Flash Heart and Lumino Jaw Dragon's abilities?" Scootaloo asked.

"It looks like it" Twilight said.

Celestia: No matter what Flash tries, he just can't seem to get a handle on Tidal's stratagy.

"I end my turn" Flash said knowing what was coming next.

"It's my draw" Tidal said, "and once again the ability of Commander of the Raging Storm will activate." Soveruin held his cutlass high and created the tornado which blew the four cards inside, before slashing Flash with them again.

Flash: 2000
Tidal: 3000

"Now I attack Flash Heart Dragon."

Flash couldn't let Flash Heart be destroyed. If he could save him then maybe he could use him to break through Tidal's stratagy. He then remembered the Action Card he had tried to get before, and spun around to grab it. When his hand touched the card he suddenly had a very bad feeling, and as he picked it up his feeling was confirmed when it revealed an Action Trap. "Whirlpool" he said in shock.

"Sorry amigo" Tidal said, "but that card forces you to discard three cards." As he said that a whirlpool appeared around Flash, pulling three cards from his deck which included a Spell, and two Magna Fighters, Lucidum and Crossbolt. Seconds later Commander of the Raging Storm Soveruin slashed through Flash Heart Dragon, destroying it. "And now I'll set two cards face down and end my turn."

As Flash recovered from the effects of the Action Trap, he looked over his situation. Right now Tidal had Tsunami Surge face down along with another mystery card, which would no doubt be something that would stop whatever Flash decided to try against Tidal. What's more the only card that had a chance at stopping Tsunami Surge, had just been sent to his graveyard.

"Come on deck" Flash said as he drew, he saw he had gotten Twin Lazor Dragon. This card couldn't stop Tsunami Surge...wait. Flash had been trying to find a way around Tidal's trap, but maybe there was a way around it that he now couldn't believe he had thought of. "With Solaris and Lunara, I'll now set the Pendulum Scale" for the fourth time his magicians appeared in the pillars of light. "Now I'll be able to summon monsters levelled two through seven," the portal formed. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a beam of light shot down.

"Shine your light of victory once again, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"I think Tidal's stratagy is driving Flash insane" Rarity said, "he's trying the same thing over and over again and is expecting a different result."

"I activate my Trap Tsunami Surge" Tidal said, as once again his trap activated and forced all the monsters into DEF mode.

Flash smiled seeing this. Everything was set, "I tribute Starbreak Dragon to summon Twin Lazor Dragon" the axe wielding dragonoid disappeared, replaced by the robotic dinosaur. (A2100/D1500/L5)

"Flash got a monster into ATK mode" Pinkie cheered.

"But Twin Lazor won't be enough to destroy Soveruin" Rainbow reminded her.

"It will once he plays that" Applejack pointed to the card Flash placed in his Duel Disk.

"I activate the Spell card Reverse Polarity" Flash said. "This card will increase the ATK of my Twin Lazor Dragon by the difference between his and Soveruin." (A2400/D1500/L5) "While it decreases your monsters by the same amount." (A2100/D2200/L7) "Now I attack with Twin Lazor Dragon" one of the dragon's two lazor blasters began to charge, as it aimed at Soveruin. "Also Twin Lazor Dragon gets two attacks in one battle" Flash explained as he looked down at his hand, which also contained Double Strike.

"Very nice amigo" Tidal said, "but unfortunately I have a way to stop that. I activate the my face down Trap card, Spellbinding Circle." Suddenly Twin Lazor Dragon froze, as the magic seal encircled it. "Any monster caught in this mystical stigmata is paralysed."

"So he can't attack" Flash realised.

"Si" Tidal replied.

Flash growled, he thought he had had it. "I end my turn.

Celestia: Once again Flash is trumped. I think he's been truly beaten.

"It's my draw" Tidal said drawing as he walked up a staircase, to a statue of a merman with a trident and pulled an Action Card out of his hand. "Arr my favourite Action Card, though I don't condone the act I activate Piracy. Now by discarding a card I can look at your hand and take any Spell card I want."

"Any of them?" Flash asked looking nervous.

"Si" Tidal said, "now show my your hand."

Flash sighed and revealed his hand. Tidal looked through it and smiled, "I chose Double Strike."

Flash said nothing as he took his card and threw it at Tidal, who caught it with ease. "Next I activate Soveruin's ability once again," the tornado was formed and every Spell and Trap was pulled inside before slashing Flash.

Flash: 1200
Tidal: 3000

"Now I activate this equipped Spell, named Permanent Rank. This card prevents my monsters ATK from changing" Tidal explained, "so I'll now attack Flash Heart with Soveruin." Once again Soveruin flew through the water, and slashed through the dragon destroying it. "Next I'll activate the Spell I stole from you, Double Strike. Usually I'd have to half my monsters ATK to use this, but with Permanent Rank I'm safe." Soveruin turned to Twin Lazor Dragon and slashed it through.

Flash: 900
Tidal: 3000

"I'll end my turn with two face downs" Tidal said, as he set the two cards everyone knew were.

Flash stood there unable to even move as he looked over his situation. Right now Tidal had three cards he could return to his hand to damage Flash, and if Flash set his Pendulum Scale he would give Tidal enough cards to finish him off. "I can't do it" he said quite enough so only he could hear, "I can't see anyway out of this situation. I used to think my deck could handle anything but it can't, and it's my fault. Way didn't I ever try and upgrade my deck?" He went to his deck and drew his card, only to have a small heart attack when he saw what it was. The colourless card he had received that morning, which he had stupidly placed in his deck. "What am I suppose to do with this?" he asked himself as he fell to his knees.

"What's wrong with him?" Scootaloo asked.

"I think" Twilight said, "he's given up."

Flash had given up. Nothing in his deck could get passed Tidal's card combo. Suddenly something caught his eye, making him look at his hand to see the card he had drawn begin to glow. "What the?" he asked but then noticed another glow, coming from Flash Heart and Lunara. Without even thinking he brought the cards together, before they burst with light causing Flash to shut his eyes or risk losing a retina.

When Flash opened his eyes the first thing he realised was he wasn't in the Sunken City anymore. Now he appeared to be in some kind of ancient ruin you'd see in a Daring Do movie. It was a dilapidated area that was overgrown with plants and vines, along with crumpling statues.

"Where am I?" he asked, but when he turned around his question was forgotten when he saw them. Flash Heart Dragon and Magna Caster Lunara stood a hundred foot away, side by side staring at him. "Flash Heart...Lunara" he said in confusion, "what's going on?" he never got an answer since something else caught his attention. "OW" he yelled as something slammed into the top of his head, bounced off and crashed into the ground in front of him. As Flash rubbed his head he looked down at what had hit him and found it was alive. It was around the size of an overweight house cat, and appeared to have its head stuck in the ground as its body flailed around trying to free itself.

"Hold on" Flash kneeled down and took hold of it, before pulling and with on good tug he freed it. The creature purred as it was freed and flew up to Flash, revealing it was the same small dragon on the blank card he had. Now it was pure white and wore a Victorian baby hat. The dragon flew close and affectionately rubbed its head on his chest, "okay your welcome" Flash said. "But what are you doing here?"

The dragon stopped and flew away from Flash, towards his monsters. It took Flash Heart's finger in its small paw and then the same with Lunara, before pulling the two hands up and then together. The second the two hands touched a great light appeared forcing Flash to close his eyes. Flash tried to open them but all could see was a bright light along with something else. A figure of a monster he couldn't make out, as the light forced his eyes closed.

"Amigo" Flash opened his eyes hearing the voice, only to find he was back on the Duel Field. "Are you okay?" Tidal asked, "you zoned out for a second."

"I'm fine" Flash said as he looked down at his cards, only to do a double take. The previously blank card was now glowing bright white, before the light exploded revealing a new colourful Pendulum card with the little dragon he had just met. Suddenly everything clicked in his head, as he realised what he needed to do. "Okay" he said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "this is it. The outcome of this Duel...WILL BE DECIDED ON THIS TURN."

Celestia: It seems Flash is making a final turn declaration.

Tidal smiled hearing this. "Do it Flash."

"Alright" Flash replied, "first I'll place Solaris into the Pendulum Scale." A pillar of light appeared to his left, as the magician appeared inside.

"Let me guess" Tidal said, "Lunara is going in the other one."

"Not this time" Flash said, "I'm gonna rock the boat and place a new Pendulum Monster there. Making her Duelling debut it's Alchemy Dracokid," he placed his new card on the Duel Disk as the pillar of light to his right appeared and the little dragon flew up. She was now holding a round science beaker and as she reached the top, a three appeared bellow her.

"It's so cute" Sweetie Bell cheered.

"Let's just hope it's stronger then it looks" Rainbow said.

"With they two monster I can now cut through space time and carve the arc of victory one last time," Flash said as the portal formed above him. "I can summon monsters levelled four through seven all at the same time, I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two beams of light shot out.

"Shine your light of victory once again Flash Heart Dragon. (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Invoke your moonlight magic, Magna Caster Lunara." (A2400/D1200/L6/P1)

"I activate my Tsunami Surge Trap card" Tidal said, as his face down flipped up and created the current that pushed the monsters into DEF mode. "Sorry amigo, but it looks like your final turn couldn't come to pass."

"Who says?" Flash asked coyly, "my monsters maybe in DEF mode but my turns not done."

"Is that so?" Tidal asked.

"That's right" Flash said, "your Trap may have negated my monsters abilities but it didn't stop my Pendulum cards abilities." He looked up at his new monster, "you ready Dracokid?" seeing the small dragon node he looked back at Tidal. "Alchemy Dracokid's Pendulum Ability allows me to use the effects of a certain Spell card, even if it isn't in my deck."

The girls became confused, especially since it felt like they had heard someone say that before.

"I think you've heard of it" Flash continued, "it's called POLYMERISATION."

Everyone in the audience gasped hearing this.

"Flash is Fusion Summoning?" Pinkie asked.

"But how?" Rarity asked.

Everyone watched as Alchemy Dracokid used its mouth to pull the cork out of its beaker releasing a white smoke from inside, which flew out and consumed Flash Heart and Lunara. The two clouds of smoke changed from white to blue and silver, before being pulled back into the beaker which was corked again. As the two types of smoke mixed together Flash spoke. "Now watch as I combined the unequalled might of a Dragon, with the mystic proprieties of a Spellcaster." Alchemy Dracokid uncorked the bottle again and unleashed the now pure white smoke.

Flash's Extra Deck opened, and he pulled out one of the previously blank cards. Now it shined as he held it up and then slapped it down on the Duel Disk, as the glow faded revealing a new monster. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The large cloud of smoke began to fade, revealing a new monster. It was the largest most dragonic monster Flash had ever summoned, as it was a giant bipedal lizard with purple scales, though it was hard to tell since the only part of its body you could see were its head, hands, upper arms, feet and tail. The rest was hidden beneath bronze armour with silver trim, along with bronze robotic wings with five silver blades in place of a membrane. In each hand it carried a large silver lazor cannon. "SPECTRAL NOVA DRAGON." (A3000/D2000/L8)

Everyone was speechless seeing this.

Celestia: Well this came out of left field. I don't think anyone was expecting that.

"An impressive feet Flash" Tidal said, "but it means nothing since I'm activating my Spellbinding Circle." His Trap flipped up and fired a beam of light at the new monster, forming the magic circle around it. But then Spectral Nova Dragon flailed its body around, smashing the circle to bits. "Que pasó?"

"Sorry Tidal" Flash said, "but on the turn Spectral Nova Dragon is Fusion Summoned using a Spellcaster, he's unaffected by any of his opponents Spells, Traps or Monster Effects."

"I see" Tidal said. He looked down at his hand and saw Monster Reborn, so even if Flash destroyed Soveruin he could revive him next turn and use his ability to win.

"I can see you think you'll survive my turn and be able to win" Flash said, "but that all depends."

"Depends on what?" Tidal asked.

"On my monsters abilities" Flash replied as he looked at his other monsters. "Magna Fighter Radium, lend Spectral Nova Dragon your strength. The bazooka carrying woman leaped onto the Fusion Monsters back, and looked through its sight. "By sacrificing herself, Radium can grant a monster on my field Piercing Damage."

"So your monster will deal me damage even though my monsters in DEF mode?" Tidal asked.

"That's right" Flash said.

It was still okay. The attack would only deal him eight hundred points of damage he would be fine.

"And then there's Spectral Nova's ability" Flash explained, as he leaped off the building onto his dragon's back and looked down at Tidal. "When Spectral Nova Dragon attacks, I draw a card and what happens depends on that card. If I draw a Spell card, I can destroy one card in your Spell and Trap card zone. If I draw a Trap my Battle Phase automatically ends. But if I draw a monster card, I can reduce your monsters ATK and DEF by that of the drawn cards ATK and DEF."

Everyone realised what that meant. If Flash drew a strong enough monster, he could reduce Soveruin's DEF power enough to win.

"Spectral Nova Dragon has three thousand ATK points" Twilight did the math, "the same amount as Tidal's life points. In order to win he needs Soveruin's DEF points to be zero."

"So he needs to draw a monster with at least twenty two hundred DEF points" Rainbow said.

"What are the chances of that?" Scootaloo asked.

"I'm not sure" Twilight replied.

Celestia: What a gamble. How will it pay off for Flash.

Tidal meanwhile was looking over his situation and began shaking. "My heart overflows...WITH JOY" he yelled getting everyone's attention. "This is what a true Duel is all about. Okay Flash, it's time we let fate decide."

Flash nodded and ordered his monster, "attack with Mystery Flare Cannon." The two lazor cannons it held powered up, and from them shot a thin lazor at Soveruin to target him. "Now activating Spectral Nova Dragon's ability" Flash placed his hand on his deck, he closed his eyes as he let what was about to happen run through his mind. "I...DRAW" he drew his card and held it up for all to see.

Everyone looked up at the screen as the camera zoomed in on the card, and Celestia announced.

Celestia: Magna Fighter Gladio. It's DEF points are twenty two hundred, the same as Soveruin's

"YOUR KIDDING" everyone in the audience screamed.

Soveruin flinched as it felt its power drain. (A300/D0/L7)

"That's just what I needed to win" Flash said, "fire now." The Fusion Monster fired its cannons at the Ritual Monster.

"I can still win with an Action Card" Tidal said as he ran further up the staircase in search of a card, and found one on an alter. He leaped for it but just as his fingers touched it, Spectral Nova Dragon's attack struck Soveruin destroying him with a force that sent Tidal flying. As his life points dropped to zero he looked at the Action Card and found it was another Life Jacket card, which would have saved his monster but he would have still lost. "Sorry Papá."

Flash: 900 (Winner)
Tidal: 0

Celestia: HE DID IT. Flash Sentry has defeated Tidal Wave in another amazing come from behind victory. He is now the A Block Champion.

"I can't believe it" Fluttershy cheered.

"I never would have seen that one coming" Rainbow said.

As the Action Field dissolved, Flash fell to his knees in exhaustion. "That was intense."

"It sure was" Tidal said walking up and offering a hand. "Thanks for the great match amigo."

Flash smiled and took the hand, getting pulled up. "Same to you, amigo."

Tidal smiled and turned to leave. "Now that you've beat me, you'll need to go all the way" and he walked off.

"I will" Flash replied, "that's a promise."

Back in his office Cold turned away from the TV. Though he didn't show it, he was happy.

"A person holds a strong connection to the place they're born" he said. "It appears your connection is now strong enough for you to call them."

As Flash returned to the foyer, he suddenly found himself surrounded by his friends.

"YOU DID IT" they all screamed.

"I can't believe you managed to beat Tidal, after being behind the whole Duel" Scootaloo said.

"Thanks" Flash said.

"And that Fusion Summon" Rarity said, "I'm amazed you were able to pull it off so flawlessly."

"Thanks Rarity" Flash replied, "I just sort of...did it."

"Well it sure was amazing" Twilight said. "Using a Pendulum Ability in place of a Fusion card is incredible."

"PENDULUM FUSION" Pinkie screamed.

Everyone agreed with that, and continued on until Applejack realised. "Hey the B Block might still be on, we can see your next opponent.

Everyone agreed and ran to Duel Hall Two. But as they arrived they heard Luna's voice over.

Luna: And with that our B Block Champion has been decided.

"I don't believe it" Flash said, seeing who his opponent was.

Luna: Let's give it up for the winner of the B Block, SPIKE.

Spike waved at the crowd before his sight landed on Flash and the rest of his friends. The two stared at each other, one staring in shock and the other in joy. One thing was for sure. The finals would be interesting for sure.

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