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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 27, Underdogs

"Twilight Sorcerer attack" Twilight ordered as her monster destroyed her opponents Insect Queen, dropping their life points to zero.

"ALRIGHT" Flash and Spike cheered seeing her victory.

After the Duel the three were in the park enjoying a rest.

"That's ten straight victories for you both," Spike said.

"Thanks Spike" Flash replied, "but it's only day four. There's still plenty of time for us to end up losing a Duel.

"Maybe" Spike said, "but right now your point totals are really high."

"I guess they are" Twilight said, as she and Flash looked down at their points.

Flash Sentry: 1050Ps
Twilight Sparkle: 1025Ps

"They'd probably be higher if you two would put up a few more points," Spike said.

"Slow and steady Spike" Twilight said, "we might not be getting many points, but we won't lose many points if we lose either."

"I guess" Spike replied.

"Why don't we get something to drink?" Twilight said, deciding to change the subject.

"Sure" Flash said, "I think there's some vending machines over that way." He pointed over to a dirt pathway, leading into a part of the park where the trees were thicker and close together.

"Great" Twilight cheered, "I'll go get them."

"I'll just have some water" Flash said.

"Whatever you get me," Spike began, "make sure it's packed with sugar."

Twilight just rolled her eyes and headed down the path in search of the vending machines. It took ten minutes but she finally found them outside the park's public restroom, and got two waters and a soda before heading back. The only problem was she couldn't seem to remember the way she had come, and couldn't find the boys.

"Okay I think I recognise the path" she said, looking around as she walked up the dirt track. "FLASH" she called, "SPIKE" but no one called back.

Suddenly a rustling coming from the bushes made her freeze, before screaming as whatever was in there shot out.

At that moment Flash and Spike were growing impatient at how long Twilight was taking.

"Where the heck is she?" Flash asked.

"Don't tell me she got lost" Spike replied.

"Come on" he said getting up, "we'd better go find her."

They followed the dirt track Twilight had taken and began their search.

"Twilight" Flash called out.

"You here?" Spike asked.

"Come on Twilight" Flash called, "we're getting worried here." Before he could call out again, a sound caught his hears. It was Twilight's voice, and she was...laughing, alongside another deeper voice. "Twilight" he said following the voices, stepping through the tree line, his heart suddenly went stiff at what he was seeing.

Twilight was sitting on a log with some guy he had never seen before. He was two or three years older then them, and had reddish brown skin and green hair. He was wearing a red shirt with an unfamiliar logo printed on and green combat shorts. At his feet was a large knapsack. The two were talking and looked to be getting very comfortable, which for some reason made Flash very uncomfortable.

"Twilight" he said, stepping out of the bushes.

"Oh Flash" Twilight said getting up with a start, "what are you doing here?"

"You didn't come back," Flash said, "we were getting worried." He and Spike walked up to them.

"Sorry" Twilight said, "me and Timber here were just have such a nice conversation."

"Timber?" Flash asked.

"Timber Spruce" the guy said, getting up and offering a hand.

"Flash" the blue haired teen replied, "Flash Sentry."

"So this is the famous Flash Sentry" Timber said, "Twilight was going on and on about your Pendulum deck."

"Well it is pretty impressive" Flash said feeling smug.

"All cards are impressive" Timber said, "with the right Duellist."

"What?" Flash asked a little confused.

"Hey guess what?" Twilight said, "Timber's in the Celestic Cup like us."

"Really?" Spike asked.

"Yeah" Timber said, "I've always loved Duelling and have wanted to go pro since I was a kid."

"So why didn't you?" Flash asked rudely.

"Flash" Twilight shot at him.

"It's fine" Timber replied, "I've been working at my families summer camp the last few years. Things have been so hectic there lately that I'd barely have time to just relax, let alone Duel. But I never gave up on my dream and practised every chance I got, and when I heard about this tournament I knew it was my one chance."

"What an inspiring tale" Twilight said.

"Yeah I guess it is" Timber replied, "but I'll never forget where I came from." He pointed at the T-shirt he wore, "this shirt is like the ones we wear at the camp. I wear it now as a way to spread the word about my home, and as a reminder of where I came from."

"Wow" Twilight said.

"Yeah" Flash said, "brimming."

Twilight glared at him, before looking back at Timber. "Could you excuse us for a second?"

"Sure" Timber replied.

With a node Twilight grabbed Flash by the back of his jacket, and pulled him out of hear shot.

"Hey" Flash said, "what's your problem?"

"What's your problem?" she shot back. "Why are you being so rude to Timber?"

"I just don't like the guy" Flash said, with crossed arms.


"I don't need a reason" Flash told her.

"That's just childish" Twilight said, before turning her back and returned to Spike and Timber.

"So how many points do you have right now?" they heard Spike ask him.

"Just over five hundred" Timber replied, "I haven't had the luck of meeting many competitors yet."

"Then how about you try me?" Flash said.

"Flash" Twilight said in a warning tone.

"What?" Flash asked, "we're both Duellists so why shouldn't we face off?"

"He's right" Timber said getting up, "I accept your challenge."

"Then lets do this" Flash said, pulling out his Duel Disk as Timber did the same with a red one.

"This is ridicules" Twilight said, "what's gotten into him?"

"Typical Twilight" Spike said, "can't see what's right in front of you."

"What are you taking about?" Twilight asked.

"Don't you get it. Flash is jealous."

"Of Timber...why?"

"I'll let you figure that out."

"So how many points you wanna put up?" Flash asked.

"How about just a hundred points" Timber said.

"Fine sure" Flash replied. Activating his Duel Disk as Timber's formed a green blade.


Flash: 4000
Timber: 4000

"I'll take the first move" Flash said drawing, "I summon Magna Fighter Arma in ATK mode." The teenager steam punk girl appeared, brandishing her signature bronze shield. (A1800/D0/L4) "I'll throw down two face downs and end my turn."

"My turn" Timber said, "I draw and play the Spell card Kishido Spirit. This Spell card prevents the destruction of my monster, when he battles one with the same points as him. Next I summon Dark Hunter in ATK mode," a large wolf with black fur appeared on the field with a growl." (A0/D0/L4)

"A level four monster with zero ATK points?" Spike asked.

"There has to be more to it then that" Twilight said.

"Now I attack your Magna Fighter" Timber said, as his wolf pounced at Arma.

"So what?" Flash asked, "she's got way more ATK points then your wolf has."

"Not after his special ability kicks in," Timber said with a smirk. "It raises Dark Hunters ATK points to become equal to your monsters ATK," the large black wolf glowed a dark glow as its power rose. (A1800/D0/L4)

"They'll both be destroyed" Spike said.

"No they won't" Twilight told him, "Timber has Kishido Spirit which'll protect his monster."

"I activate Brittle Shield" Flash said as his face down, flipped up. "This Trap card allows me to change Arma's battle mode from ATK to DEF, as long as her ATK power is greater the her DEF power." Arma held up her large shield, just as Dark Hunter claws were about to hit her, blocking the attack. "As long as Arma is in DEF mode she can't be destroyed by battle."

"Is that so" Timber said, "then I'll activate a Spell card. Different Dimension Capsule, which lets me remove a card from my deck" a card slotted out of his deck and he placed it in his back pocket. "But in two turns I can then add it to my hand."

"Whatever he took out" Twilight said, "you can bet it's something big."

"Then Flash needs to end this quick" Spike said.

"I end my turn with face down."

"My turn" Flash said, "I draw and then set the Pendulum Scale with Scale two Magna Fighter Lucidum and Scale eight Magna Caster Solaris." The pillars of light appeared on the field, as the warrior and wizard flew upwards into them. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a beam of light shot out and hit the ground.

"Arm your cannons Twin Lazor Dragon." (A2100/D1500/L5)

"So that was the famous Pendulum Summon," Timber said.

"Impressed?" Flash asked

"Depends on what you can do with it."

Flash growled, "I'll show you what I can do with it. Twin Lazor Dragon attack," his robotic dinosaur fired one of its cannons at Dark Hunter.

"I activate Defensive Hunting" Timber said, as his face down flipped up showing it was a trap. "This Trap card switches my monster to DEF mode and saves it from destruction," the wolf sat down as the blast bounced off.

"Well Twin Lazor Dragon has his own ability, one which will allow him to attack again." The second cannon fired, hitting Dark Hunter and destroying it. "I end my turn."

"Flash should have switched Arma to ATK mode" Twilight said, "he would have dealt actual damage if he had."

"But then Flash would have been left defenceless" Spike said, surprised his sister would suggest such a tactic. "If Timber summons something big this turn he's still safe."


"What's up with you?" Spike asked. "Why're you being so judgemental of Flash?"

"None of your business" Twilight said, crossing her arms.

"My turn" Timber said, "I draw and summon Forest Spirit Gaia Everfree in ATK mode." A woman with blue hair wearing plant style clothing appeared on the field, sitting on a chair made of vines which shot out the earth. (A1200/D1000/L3) "I activate Gaia's ability, to tribute a Plant type monster and add a banished card to my hand. Since Gaia is the only Plant type monster on the field, I'll sacrifice her." The monster was consumed by her own vines which dragged her down, before another vine shot out holding a card which Timber took."

"So he didn't need to wait till next turn to get the card Different Dimension Capsule was storing," Twilight said."

"But he's defenceless now?" Spike said.

"I now activate the Spell I just retrieved, it's called Lumber Fusion. This card lets me Fusion Summon a Plant type monster, by removing its materials from the graveyard." From the ground came vines, holding Gaia and Dark Hunter who were crushed and their essences drained into the vines. The energy flowed through them into the ground, as a large seed grew. "Watch as the might of the forest grants new life, new strength, new fury." The seed exploded, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a new monster. I looked like a wolf, but its entire body was made out of sticks and leafs. Size wise it was slightly bigger then a lion, by about half. "Say hello to Dark Timber Wolf." (A2400/D2000/L7)

"Wow" Spike said, looking over the creature Timber had just summoned.

"An impressive monster" Twilight said.

"Now Dark Timber Wolf, attack Twin Lazor Dragon." The living wood pail let out a howl, which released its toxic gas like breath which struck Twin Lazor Dragon melting it."

Flash: 3700
Timber: 4000

"I end my turn with a face down."

"My draw" Flash said doing so. Nothing in his hand could take on Dark Timber Wolf, so for now he had to play defence until he got one of his stronger cards. "I summon Shine Crest Magna Wolf, in DEF mode" his white wolf appeared on the field. (A1200/D1100/L3)

"You call that a puppy a wolf?" Timber asked, "compared to mine it couldn't hold up a candle."

Flash growled again. "Don't bad mouth my monster" Flash said. Flash Heart may have been his favourite card, but Magna Wolf had always had a special place in his heart.

"Look kid" Timber said, "this world is filled with alphas and omegas. The alphas get the best of everything, the best food, the best homes...the best girls." Flash noticed Timber's eyes zip to Twilight for a second. "Then there are the omegas, the underdogs who get the the scraps. That's just how the world works."

"Well these underdogs are gonna show you what we're capable of," Flash said.

"Sure you will" Timber said, as he drew his card and smiled. "I activate the Spell card Replanting, which lets me draw five cards then discard until I only have five. He did so and quickly refilled his hand, "now I equip Timber Wolf with Raregold Armor. This Spell means you can only target Timber Wolf for an attack."

"So Flash can't target any other monster Timber summons," Twilight realised.

"Now I activate Pack Regroup" Timber said, "this Continues Spell activates whenever a Beast type is sent from my field to the graveyard. It'll let me pay five hundred life points to revive that monster, except it won't be able to attack."

"So why have it?" Flash asked.

"Because now I summon Silver Fang to the field," a large silver wolf appeared on his side growling. (A1200/D800/L3) "And now I activate Dark Timber Wolf's ability," he turned to Silver Fang. "The weak fall in service to the strong, as I sacrifice Silver Fang." Dark Timber Wolf turned to the smaller wolf and with one bite destroyed it. "Now until my next turn any monsters you summon whose level is higher then the sacrificed monster, can't attack."

"So I can't attack with anything higher then a level three?" Flash asked.

"Exactly" Timber said, "and don't forget my Pack Regroup. I pay five hundred life points to revive Silver Fang."

Flash: 3700
Timber: 3500

The silver wolf reappeared, though it didn't look to good.

"So next turn he can just sacrifice it again," Spike realised.

"That's awful" Twilight said in shock.

"You'd put your monster through so much pain" Flash said, "just to prevent my attacks."

"Like I said" Timber said, "the weak fall so the strong my survive."

"Your wrong" Flash said, "the weak and the strong need to work together. That's how everyone grows stronger."

"Whatever" Timber said, "I activate the Spell card Stop Defence. This card lets me switch the battle position of your monsters."

"Oh nuts" Flash said as both his monsters stood up.

"Now Dark Timber Wolf attack Magna Fighter Arma," Timber said, as his monster released the toxic howl which melted Arma away.

Flash: 3100
Timber: 3500

"Arma" Flash flinched seeing her be destroyed.

"I think I'll let your mutt stick around, just to let it see what a real wolf can do."

Flash looked over at Magna Wolf, who was looking at the ground with its ears down in sadness. "Don't listen to him boy" Flash told his wolf, "you are a real wolf and your one of my best cards."

"Whatever" Timber said, "I end my turn."

"My turn" Flash said, "I draw and summon Starbreak Dragon in DEF mode" his ace wielding dragon appeared. (A1500/D1200/L4) "I'll switch Magna Wolf to DEF mode and end my turn."

"It's my draw and I once again sacrifice Silver Fang to activate Timber Wolf's ability," he said as his bigger wolf destroyed the smaller one. "And then Pack Regroup will activate.

Flash: 3100
Timber: 3000

Silver Fang reappeared on the field, looking worse then ever. "Now Dark Timber Wolf attack Starbreak Dragon," once again the toxic howl was unleashed and Flash's dragon was melted away. "Turn end."

"My draw" Flash said, "I activate Pot of Greed to draw two new cards." He smiled seeing what he had drawn, "I summon Magna Fighter Crossbolt in DEF mode." (A1400/D1400/L4) "I set a face down and end my turn."

"My draw" Timber said, "and once again Dark Timber Wolf will destroy Silver Fang to activate his ability." Once again the poor wolf was destroyed, "and Pack Regroup will now activate."

Flash: 3100
Timber: 2500

"And now I'll activate a card you probably remember...Replanting. I draw five cards and then ditch the some until only five remain, before activating my own Pot of Greed to draw two new cards."

"He's refilling his hand" Spike said.

Twilight didn't know what to say. Timber seemed so nice, but the way he was treating his monsters was so...heartless.

"I activate Stop Defence. You remember this card, it forces your monsters into ATK mode."

Flash frowned seeing his monster stand up.

"Next I activate the Spell card Lost Pride. By paying three hundred life points, I can cut your monsters ATK points in half for this turn."

Flash: 3100
Timber: 2200

Magna Wolf and Crossbolt became shaky as their power was drained. (A600/D1100/L3), (A700/D1400/L4).

"No" Flash called out.

"I think its time your little puppy felt the full power of my Timber Wolf, ATTACK!" The wooden wolf let out if toxic howl, which flew towards Magna Wolf. Only just as it was about to hit, Crossbolt flew in front of the attack and was destroyed instead.

Flash: 1400
Timber: 2200

"What happened?" Timber asked.

"Remember during my first turn, when I laid two face down. One of them was Brittle Shield and the other was a card named Interception. It activates when you attack an ATK position monster, while I have a monster with more ATK points. It let Crossbolt intercept the attack."

"Why would you waste a stronger monster to protect a weaker one?" Timber asked.

"Because that's how my monsters and I Duel. We work together to cover each others weaknesses, because no matter what we can find a way to win."

Twilight couldn't help but smile hearing Flash say that. He really was an amazing person.

"Now since Crossbolt was destroyed, I can activate my other face down, Starburst Draw. This card lets me draw one card for every Level star Crossbolt had, meaning I draw four."

Timber growled setting a card face down and ending his turn.

"It's my draw" Flash said smiling. "It's time for you to shine boy," he looked at his wolf. "With the Pendulum Scale set, I can once again cut through space time and carve the arc of victory." The portal formed above his head, as he grabbed three cards from his hand. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three beams of light flew out, hitting the ground.

"Sky high, Brass Wing Magna Hawk." (A1400/D800/L4)

"Snap to it, Lumino Jaw Dragon." (A2300/D1600/L5/P5)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"So what?" Timber said, "my Dark Timber Wolf's ability makes it so none of them can attack."

"I don't need them to attack," Flash said, "I need their abilities."

"What abilities?" Timber asked.

Flash smiled and held up a finger. "One, when Flash Heart Dragon is Special Summoned I can send your weakest monster to the bottom of your deck."

Timber looked over at Silver Fang as it fell through a worm hole, he swore he saw it smiling.

Flash then held up a second finger. "Two, when Lumino Jaw Dragon is Special Summoned every card in your Spell and Trap card zone is sent to the bottom of your deck."

Timber watched as the alligator dragon flapped its wings and blew away, his face down, Raregold Armor, Kishido Spirit and Pack Regrouping.

Flash held up a third finger. "Three, when Brass Wing Magna Hawk is Special Summoned three cards from your hand are returned to the deck. It is then shuffled and you draw three new ones."

Timber was confused as he returned them to his deck. "What's the point in all this?"

"The point" Flash said with a smile, "is that when a card is returned to the deck the skill of Magna Wolf grants him three hundred attack points for each one and if my math is correct then I just sent twenty four hundred points worth of cards to your deck."

Magna Wolf's chest crystal shined brighter then ever before, as its power rose. (A3600/D1100/L3)

"Not good" Timber said.

"Next I activate Lightspeed," Flash said. "This card increases a Light monsters ATK by one thousand." (A4600/D1100/L3)

"But that's"

"Enough power to turn your Timber Wolf to toothpicks" Flash said, "sick them boy." Magna Wolf growled as it ran at Timber Wolf so fast, it turned into nothing but a blur. Said blur cut straight through the massive wooden wolf and then flew towards Timber, slowing down just enough for everyone to see Magna Wolf use its claws to slash him across the chest.

Flash: 1400 (Winner)
Timber: 0

As the holograms began to fade, Magna Wolf looked back at Flash and smiled. "Good boy" he said, before Magna Wolf vanished.

"Flash did it" Spike cheered with a smile.

"He sure did" Twilight replied with a smile.

Flash headed over to Timber who was picking himself up. "Guess the underdogs won this time" Timber said.

"The only underdog is the one who can't see the value in something weak" Flash said, "you said yourself that every card is impressive with the right Duellist?"

"I did didn't I?" Timber said.

After Timber had transferred his points to Flash he was set to head back out.

"So what now?" Twilight asked him.

"I still intend to make it to the Celestic Cup" Timber said, "so I've just got to keep Duelling."

"Well when you do get there" Flash said, "expect to meet me again."

"Indeed I will" Timber said, "and next time I won't underestimate you or your monsters."

"Well good luck" Twilight said giving him a smile.

"To you to" Timber said, taking her hand. "And maybe after the tournament you could come visit me at camp?" Before she could answer Timber kissed her hand, making her blush and Flash growl.

"Come on get out of here" he said stepping in front of her, "your never gonna make it to the finals like that."

"Indeed" Timber said, letting go of her and grabbing his knapsack. "Until we meet again." And with that he ran off into the bushes, in hunt of his next opponent.

"Really" Twilight said when he was gone.

"I was just stopping him from getting distracted," Flash told her.

"That wasn't it and you know" she replied.

"Oh Cadance is gonna love this" Spike said, having been recording the whole thing on his phone. Intending to send it to Cadance, who made him swear to send her any footage of Flash and Twilight's relationship. She would watch it later and find Flash's jealousy oh so cute.

Author's Note:

To anyone who likes the Twilight/Timber ship, I apologises but I hate this ship. It is the only reason The Legend of Everfree is my least favourite of the films. If it was removed then it would be my favourite, but it's there so...yeah.

Hope you liked how Flash beat Timber. Magna Wolf is one of my favourite cards from Flash's deck, which one is yours?

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